Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto

Title:Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto
Someday's Dreamer
Things Precious to A Mage
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Notables: IIDA Hiroshi
R1 License - Sentai Filmworks (ADV)
SUWABE Junichi
UEDA Yuuji
In a society very much like the one we have today, there are certain people born with the ability to apply magic, and a world-wide administration limiting and organizing the use of magic. During her summer holidays 17 years old Kikuchi Yume travels to Tokyo as to complete her apprenticeship to become an official mage, for which she'll live as a guest in the house of her instructor, a very handsome but lonely man. Together with her fellow apprentice Angela she'll find out what it means to be a mage, and what magic can and can't do to the life of those who apply it or ask for its application.

Also see sequel - Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Taiyou to Kaze no Sakamichi

[TV series, 2002, 12 episodes, 23 min]
1:29min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Rent 9 8 8 7 8 7 Dreamer [series:541#2279]
Here's a refreshingly different anime. It's not your typical "magic" anime series. That's what makes it interesting and enjoyable.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The artwork was well done and above the average anime. It was rich in color and vibrant with plenty of details. Animation was on par as well. Character designs were really good. Our protagonist was cute.

The OP was a nice soft piece with female vocals. It had pianos and violins to name a few of the instruments. It wasn't too bad. Throughout the series are some light piano pieces that makes the series seem easy-going and light.

Series and Episode Story
One of the things that makes this anime stand out... and good, is that it makes the viewer "think" about things. This series is not simply about a girl with magical powers, but rather, it's more a psychological view on the use of magic and how it effects themselves and their surroundings. Normally, i'm not into magic series, but this one I was able to get into easily. Although it displays these aspects, it didn't enthrawl me.

Overall, I thought it was a good anime, but I felt something lacking. I couldn't put my finger on it. As mentioned, it's not your typical magical series so if you're into magic, this one might not cut it for you.

Last updated Sunday, May 10 2009. Created Sunday, May 10 2009.
Buy 9 8 8 8 9 8 Ggultra2764 [series:541#1552]
Someday's Dreamer is an anime where the mention of magic isn't as it seems. It explores the mindsets of the characters in regards to their thoughts regarding its use and the ramifications faced by those who don't properly use it. Compared to mahou shoujo titles, seeing someone with magic is a part of everyday life in this show and the use of it is regulated by the Japanese government. But before you start thinking there will be complex talks on mixing magic and politics, everything in Someday's Dreamer is light stuff. There's no craziness or fan service. Just some serious character chemistry and a look into their thoughts on how magic is used.

The main focus of this series is on Yume Kikuichi and her one month stay in Tokyo as she goes through her apprenticeship to become a certified Mage. Throughout the show, Yume meets different people who show her different lessons that she takes in concerning the use of her magic. Yume often has thoughts of wanting to operate "outside the rules" to help others and has to reminded of the moral ramifications surrounding such use. Such a person comes in the form of English foreign apprentice Angela as she quite often acts against the rules set up by the government regarding the use of her power. The lessons learned by Yume contribute to the growth of her character throughout the series. The plotting of the series excels during the first and final thirds of the series as Yume adjusts to her surroundings in the first section and then deals with some uncertainty in the third section. The second one tends to drag a bit and was not as engaging as the other two.

Someday's Dreamers is a feel-good anime title that does well at depicting a coming-of-age story mixed with magic through Yume's trials as a Mage apprentice.

Last updated Sunday, December 14 2008. Created Sunday, December 14 2008.
Rent 7 8 7 7 7 7 Anonymous #1969 [series:541#1969]
A good series intended, and succeeding, as a comforting series for viewers. It manages to not sound preachy about obvious subjects and gives you something to imagine about. Some details and stories, like what is the typical work and training the mage-in-training do, is omitted for sake of the overall plot, but the series was good enough for me to wish that more was given and the pace little slower. Some more character developement, especially concerning the wide range of feeling towards each other, would have been very nice.

Last updated Wednesday, June 08 2005. Created Wednesday, June 08 2005.
Buy 0 0 0 0 0 Violet D [series:541#1393]
Has wonderful art and animation.The character design is nice to look at. The music is the right selection for the story line. The episode 12 ends on a happy note. It ends but it gives you a craving to see more. As far as I know Pioneer hasn't come out with any more episodes.

Last updated Tuesday, June 07 2005. Created Tuesday, June 07 2005.
Buy Forbin [series:541#1573]
Drama : Med
Comedy : Low
Action : Low
SciFi : None
Ecchi : None

All Episodes Watched

Hmm...Well the first few episodes were incredible. Then after 1/3 way through it just peters out of energy. Then the last episode, it comes back with a vengeance.

This was such a great potential Anime. You meet all kinds of people, and after their 20 mins of fame, they are TAKEN OUT! Out of the 10 major characters, we get the resolution of 3 of them /bleh. So many good sidestories introduced, so many sidestories wasted.

Owell, it was a nice watch, it's a low rent.

Edit : I just rewatched this after reading a detailed analysis. Once I changed my focus back to Yume, and away from Angela and the rest of the cast. I realized this whole anime is dedicated to her, and the others are just peripheral characters. She learns a small lesson from each of them and does not have to solve all the worlds problems. So for now I'll upgrade this to a buy as it is very good.

Last updated Friday, June 03 2005. Created Wednesday, April 13 2005.
Rent 9 8 8 8 9 7 Devil Doll [series:541#752]
[Score: 82% = Rent+. Other recommended Silent Drama animes: Haibane Renmei, Uta Kata, Asatte no Houkou, Aishiteru Ze Baby, Binbou Shimai Monogatari, Piano]
  • Drama: Med
  • Comedy: Low
  • Action: None
  • SciFi: Med (the ethical aspects of applying magic and handle the consequences play a major role)
  • Ecchi: None
Save for the bishounen elements, the setting of this anime resembles the one of my favorite anime movie Majo no Takkyuubin a lot, so I couldn't miss it. It is not exactly Ghibli style, more like standard anime (but beautiful as well as nicely animated) - and the storyline is going into a slightly different direction.
I have to disagree with Forbin: This series isn't about the side characters. It is more about the lead characters and the trials they have to face, and their attitude towards magic. Those who really like this series shouldn't miss Haibane Renmei at any cost.
This series provides a different approach to the subject of 'magic' than I have seen so far in anime. This isn't about taking magic for granted, or about using it for battles - it is about ethical and psychological aspects. For example, one of the underlying issues is How can anyone reasonably limit the use of magic if magicians are that powerful? A rule system alone might not be obeyed (why should they? And maybe the bad guys even pay the higher wages), thus it would rather be an ethics system. All the apprentices we see in this story possess a lot of power but lack fundamental ethics as well as experience for using them "properly"; compare this situation to, say, Ged's from Ursula K. LeGuin's Earth Sea trilogy (now even an anime as Gedo Senki) starting with a similar yet different setting.
Someday's Dreamer is a deep story, and fortunately presented without any silly or ecchi stuff. It somehow failed to actually touch my heart as much as other stories did, but I can recommend it to anyone who is willing to put themselves into the shoes of Yume and think about the consequences of their own actions. Thus it is a mature story, probably too difficult for kids. (I removed "Mahou Shoujo" from the category list as this isn't about transforming and keeping magic abilities a secret, like Sailor Moon; I also replaced "Spiritual" by "Supernatural", and removed "Kawaii" as well as "All Ages".)

Last updated Friday, June 25 2010. Created Tuesday, April 12 2005.
Buy 10 10 9 10 10 8 Pingy [series:541#1323]
I think this anime is a good escape from life. but as much as I hate to say, it is all this anime is, escape and enjoyment. Not that it's a bad thing but I wish I could give more creidit to it since i love it so much.
The visuals of this anime are just gorgeous, I havn't found anything prettier so far. The music is great and... well... pretty as well. Heck, the best word to describe this anime is prettiness. This anime is really heartwarming and it is something perfect to turn to when you want to put a smile on your face and brighten things up.
The series are tied together loosely. Im not too sure about this (because I didn't try) but maybe you can probably skip a few episodes and get away with it. The series as a whole don't say too much other than tieing the episodes together. But yeah, nothings wrong with that and I am convinced that this is done on purpose.
To put things together, this is an anime of prettiness in not just the visuals but all aspects. it is something that will probably brighten things up for you, but it's intended slow pace may appear boring to some.

Last updated Thursday, April 08 2004. Created Thursday, April 08 2004.
Watch 8 8 7 6 7 7 Ileenka [series:541#669]
i was very enthusiastic about this anime because of the good reviews i read about it. however,after watching it, the only good this anime ever did was make me cry without reason. and that's on certain episodes. most of the other episodes are boring with a capital B. yume's mage trainee uniform -- ugh. looks like a uniform worn by department stores' clerks. i have a complaint for each character. but i'd rather not talk about them. in a nutshell, everything just moves too slowly.

Last updated Thursday, August 28 2003. Created Thursday, August 28 2003.
Buy 10 10 9 9 9 9 The saint [series:541#815]
A very heart felt anime. A very creative one I should add that too in the growing industry that seems to have forgotten its creative touch. The plot itself was enough to move me and watch this.
Yes I do love shoujo much more then shonen(no thanks to dragonball Z) but it wouldn't be fair to say that only females would enjoy this. I did . But I just think that plot is a lot more important then mindless action. A must watch for any fan. Though its not out it in western hemisphere one could just download.

Last updated Wednesday, July 02 2003. Created Wednesday, July 02 2003.
Buy 10 10 9 10 8 9 chewy_baka [series:541#685]
Not only is this series visually beautiful with the CG animation but the storyline is very touching and definetly addictive once the first episode is seen. I have yet to read the manga so I can't really comment on that. For the anime music, the intro theme, 'Kaze no Hana', is not your typical Jpop -happy- theme that has nothing to do with the anime. In fact, the lyrics are well suited to the series. But the song all together is very beautifully sung, to say the least(I hope to buy the soundtrack!). Though 'Kaze no Hana' is more mellow, the ending theme 'Under the Blue sky' is a lot more upbeat and catchy; a very nice song as well (in my opinion it is not as good as the opening ^_^)
If you love shoujo, then I can almost guarantee that you will love this series! But of course, anyone loving all anime will love this! Really!
After I watched all 12 episodes (*sigh* yes, all in one sitting ^_^;;) I felt there was still a little more left out, espcially on other side characters that remained mysterious. Although the fate of the heroine, Yume, is obvious, there are still many things to be put in question. You'll understand if you're a romantic like me *blushes* ^____^;;
Now stop reading this review, and go watch it!! Where do I get you say? Fansubs!! I don't know if this title has been bought by US, but it is still fairly easy to find. I got mine on ebay, but if you do a little Google search, I'm sure you can find a good distributor.
I hope you enjoy this series as much as I have! ^__^

Last updated Thursday, May 08 2003. Created Thursday, May 08 2003.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 9 Kyou Nao Neko [series:541#550]
This anime is so great.. i myself have seen the first episode... This show im addicted to.

Last updated Wednesday, March 12 2003. Created Wednesday, March 12 2003.

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