Majo no Takkyuubin

Title:Majo no Takkyuubin
Kiki's Delivery Service
魔女の宅急便 (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - Studio Ghibli
INOUE Kikuko
KATO Haruko
R1 License - GKIDS
SEKI Hiroko
TODA Keiko
At 13, Kiki must follow the ancient tradition of all witches to leave on the night of a full moon and start a period of training to learn her craft. With her black cat Jiji, Kiki embarks on the journey of growing up, learning that things can get bumpy along the way.
[Movie, 1989, 103 min]
1989 Mainichi Award - Grand Award
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Buy 9 9 8 9 10 Ggultra2764 [series:49#1552]
A fun, charming coming-of-age movie. Kiki's Delivery Service is a film that looks into the journey of a young witch girl entering adolescence as she goes through the trials of living on her own.

Throughout this film, Kiki undergoes the challenges of independence and responsibility. As events in the movie transpire, the girl learns to cope with her new life as she is no longer dependent on her family, has her first romantic interest, and her first job. Her powers as a witch by talking to her cat, Jiji and flying on her broom also provide symbolism to her passing childhood.

There are a few things that make Kiki's Delivery Service notable as a Studio Ghibli title. There are no villians at all to hamper development with the character. Plus, the characters have believable personalities. Kiki is a precocious girl who feels increasingly arkward as she notices the changes going on around her. The local boy interested in flying took interest in Kiki's power to fly as he tries being friends with her. It's possible to relate to the characters of this movie as many of us have gone through the arkwardness of growing up. We even get some humor off of the antics of Jiji.

The settings to this movie were vast and had a good amount of detail and color to them. The flying scenes on Kiki's broom were the animation highlight for me here, especially during the finale to the movie. The character designs were decent, though facial designs looked typical of what I already seen from past Ghibli titles.

Kiki's Delivery Service is a movie that gave me a personal connection to Kiki's arkwardness of growing up from childhood. It's a clean, family-friendly film that will be enjoyed by anyone struggling with growing up.

Last updated Friday, May 16 2008. Created Friday, May 16 2008.
Buy 10 10 10 Violet D [series:49#1393]
Kiki turns 13 and then like witch tradition she is on her own. Along with being on her own there are also lessons to learn. She also learns along the way this is a time of growing up and responsibility. I liked the way it was written and done. Lets face facts at thirteen you are starting your teen years and have to leave some of your childhood behind.

Last updated Tuesday, June 21 2005. Created Tuesday, June 21 2005.
Buy 9 10 9 8 10 Devil Doll [series:49#752]
[Score: 92% = "Buy+", my favourite anime movie]
  • Drama: Med (growing up can be difficult at times)
  • Comedy: Low (well, Kiki isn't perfect)
  • Action: Low (but an ending full of suspense nonetheless)
  • SciFi: Med (Kiki being a witch flying on a broom isn't essential for the message of this movie)
  • Ecchi: None (100% clean, recommended for children)
Watching more and more Ghibli films it somehow starts to bother me how absolutely identical their lead characters are looking. The character designers appear to have decided on the look of a "friendly father", a "nice girl" and a "nice boy" 15 years ago and draw them over and over again, telling ever new stories. This isn't the fault of this old movie - it might rather be "the fault" of the later ones, if any.
Of the Ghibly stories I know so far, this one is less obviously targeted on kids than Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi or Tonari no Totoro, that's why I like it better even than my previous Ghibli favourite Mimi wo Sumaseba. The story itself is wonderful (although drawing too nice a picture of the world - everyone is helpful, and the only problems Kiki has to face are caused by her own process of growing up), providing lots of charming, cute, heartwarming scenes, details and moments - including the trailer showing how Kiki's life will go on.

Last updated Thursday, July 08 2010. Created Sunday, January 02 2005.
Buy Stretch [series:49#628]
What is there left to say about this movie? I'm glad I watched the Disney dub version, since that left my eyes free to enjoy all the spectacular scenery. I was kind of surprised that the movie was around halfway over before Kiki even performed her first delivery. I expected something to come from that plot thread involving the snobbish girl who didn't appreciate the food her grandmother sent her, and turned out to be a friend of what's-his-name, but, oh well... When the dirigible stood on it's nose, I said "hey, I know where they got the idea for that!". In fact, that really happened to the US Navy dirigible Los Angeles back in the 'thirties (but it wound up without any serious damage). The climax didn't seem quite as awesome and moving as I'd been led to believe it would be, but no matter, this was a fun film to watch. the plot worked well enough, the animation was awesome, and it left me feeling good--and all without any significant fanservice! I was beginning to wonder if that was possible...

Last updated Friday, December 17 2004. Created Thursday, December 16 2004.
Buy 8 9 9 8 10 AstroNerdBoy [series:49#436]
Kiki's Delivery Service is another great movie by the great anime director Hayao Miyazaki. Kiki is a 13-year old girl who's also a witch. Following tradition, she must set out on the night of a full moon to a town (with no witches I gather) and begin her training away from home -- to learn her skills.

This movie is unique in that there are no bad guys. It is simply a story of a young girl, her cat Jiji, and her coming to the threshold of womanhood. So she has her first "romance" with one of the local boys who's into flying and really digs Kiki because she can fly on a broom. The romance is sweetly done and is nothing more than the romances many of us had at 12-13 -- totally innocent.

I've not yet seen the Japanese version (though I plan to as soon as the DVD comes out), so I don't know how well of a job at translation Disney did. I hear it is pretty good though. Certainly, the English dub is very good -- maybe some of the best for anime. Phil Hartman is perfect in the role of Jiji the black cat. There are a few areas where I suspect things didn't translate as well, but that's to be expected since there are things in the Japanese language that don't translate well into English.

My only problem with the movie is that it really feels rushed at the end. So the ending wasn't very satisfying. However, seeing scenes through the credits (especially of Jiji) helped ease my pain (if you will).

Bottom line: This is a great kid's movie and one that adults will enjoy as well.

A note on the Disney DVD. I have to say that I hated how they did the subtitles. This is the 2nd DVD I've owned where the timing on the subtitles are off. Not only that, but Disney hasn't translated the Japanese so much as written an English subtitle script which sort of goes along with the story. As such, Disney makes sure to add stuff to the subtitles because American's are stupid by nature and wouldn't understand. "And besides, why aren't you watching the dub?" So the subtitles REALLY piss me off. Disney should be ashamed, but the words of an annoyed fan aren't likely to impress them.

Last updated Sunday, February 15 2015. Created Friday, February 28 2003.

Buy 8 8 9 9 9 Sesen Kelader [series:49#471]
It's very warming, telling the training of a trying-to-be-a-witch young girl. It's exciting, telling how the young boy pursues his dream of flying. Kiki's delivery service is suitable for every age and is worth of re-watching. The images and scenes of working hard to grow up and approach one's dream is fond.
What stirkes me most is the unfinished painting of starry sky and constellation Kiki's friend has in her wook hut. It implies something that I could't exactly figure out. Nevertheless it's a mind-striking, refresing painting, which seems to tell a story of maturing.

Last updated Saturday, January 04 2003. Created Saturday, January 04 2003.
Buy 10 10 9 9 10 suikoden 100 [series:49#422]
Kiki's Delivery Service is another classic Miyazaki film, superbly written with stunning visuals.
Like a few of the other Ghibli films (My Neighbor Totoro, Whisper of the Heart, and Spirited Away) the story focuses on the development of innocent children to strong adolescents. Although one may think that the Ghibli style of this change may get tiring, it is always suprisingly refreshing and different from anything that has already been done.
The background art is amazing. The character design is excellent as well. The music is applied to the movie in a way as to strengthen the emotion of the scene.
The story at its core tells the development everyone experiences at Kiki's age. Her change, instead of being physical, is metal as it manifests itself into a doubt of her own abilities.
The movie is perfect for all ages. Kids would love the light tone and slow pace of the story. Adolescents would be able to identify with Kiki's struggles. Adults would be able to flashback to their own childhood.
This is a masterpiece.

Last updated Monday, November 04 2002. Created Monday, November 04 2002.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 Kaitou Juliet [series:49#137]

This movie is adorable. There's simply no other word for it. I think you would have to be a thorough and incurable cynic not to be charmed by it.

The artwork is simply luscious. The city where Kiki settles is full of detail without looking cluttered, and it feels like a real place. The flying sequences are spectacular too. But the characters and story are the best part of the movie. There are no villains here; the closest thing is one girl who's kind of snooty, but she doesn't take any major part in the story. Otherwise, pretty much all the characters are decent and likable, but still individuals.

I watched the widescreen subtitled edition. I have heard that the subtitles are not 100% accurate (coffee changed to cocoa in one scene), but from what I understand, nothing major was changed. The movie does benefit from the widescreen presentation.

Bottom line: Good clean fun for just about anybody.

Last updated Thursday, September 19 2002. Created Monday, March 11 2002.
Rent Atsumi_Yamaki [series:49#259]
Though it lokks like some disney movie I really liked it(i say that in most of my reviews) but It was kind of cool. I recomend renting it before buying it though.

Last updated Friday, January 11 2002. Created Friday, January 11 2002.
Buy 8 8 9 9 10 Anonymous #130 [series:49#130]
I had to review this movie because it's just one of the many gems (like not all of them are gems..) that Ghibli pumps out.
In short, this is one of those movies that you can just see yourself watching over and over again in the course of time. It has such an amazing story, short and sweet, with characters that enrich the whole movie. You are thrown into the feelings of Kiki and her universal problems that I'm sure everyone has had once in their life times.
Definitely go out and buy this.

Last updated Monday, December 03 2001. Created Monday, December 03 2001.
Buy 8 8 8 8 10 Lord Folken [series:49#202]
This is a very good movie. It has quite a good dub, like the voice actors actually care. The story is charming, and the characters are likeable. It is well paced, and has a good mix of excitement, humor, and character focus. This is a movie where no matter who you are, and what your age is, you can enjoy it. Its a sure thing, so go buy it.

Last updated Thursday, October 11 2001. Created Thursday, October 11 2001.
Buy 8 9 7 7 10 Midnighter [series:49#94]
An anime that truly everyone can enjoy, and even the dub is great! As usual, Miyazaki has crafted an absolute work of art, further cementing his reputation as the master of Japanese anime.
Kiki was a nice change of pace from the usual giant robots and ninjas so common in mainstream anime. The sweet, simple story and loveable characters make this delightful film enjoyable for all.
The animation is quite good, particularly the flight sequences, and Miyazaki makes the broom move in a logical way (or as logical as a flying broom can be)
The backgrounds are richly detailed and lush, with obvious care put into them all, and the character designs, while not my favorite, were still good in that wonderful Miyazaki way.
If only there were more anime of this calibre, I would be so very happy. There is enough drama and smarts for adults, and nothing offensive for the kiddies. So what are you waiting for? Go get this and enjoy another Miyazaki masterpiece!

Last updated Monday, July 23 2001. Created Monday, July 23 2001.
Buy Jenn-chan [series:49#31]
I saw the dubbed version of this movie, and you can't even tell that it was dubbed! The timing and voice acting were superbly done, and for once I feel no need to see the subtitled version as I usually do with dubbed anime. This title is something all ages can enjoy, with it's charming plot and characters your really care about. Being a Miyazaki creation, the artwork and animation is nothing short of astounding. When Kiki is flying on her broom you actually feel like you're flying with her. Disney only wishes they could make a movie like this :)

Last updated Thursday, April 27 2000. Created Thursday, April 27 2000.
Buy 8 8 8 8 9 o [series:49#15]
I'm leaning between rent/buy simply because I have the Disney collector's subbed version, and I'm dubious of the translation quality. Still, this is an anime well worth watching, about the perils and triumphs of a young girl growing up. It doesn't preach, there's no cheesy singing, but rather shows. (Import available.)

Last updated Monday, September 13 1999. Created Monday, September 13 1999.

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