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Aa! Megami-sama - Tatakau Tsubasa
Buy An attack in the heavens takes out several of the Shinzoku (heavenly beings) and forces the valkyrie (combat squad) goddess Lind down to Earth to look for a powerful creature that has been stolen -- an Angel Eater. Despite Lind's efforts to protect Belldandy, Urd, Peorth, Skuld, and Keiichi, the creature still manages to do its thing and Lind suspects the Mazoku (demonic beings) are behind the attack. Can the goddesses defeat this creature before it takes all of their angels?
Agent Aika Rent See Aika
Ah! My Goddess Fighting Wings Buy See Aa! Megami-sama - Tatakau Tsubasa
Ah! My Goddess Tatakau Tsubasa Buy See Aa! Megami-sama - Tatakau Tsubasa

Rent In a Waterworld-like 21th century Japan, Aika and Rion are members of the KK Corporation (aka Salvagers). Is their job only a pathetic excuse to show their panties to the audience, or is there something more to Aika?
Bastard! Destroyer of Darkness Rent See Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakai Kami

Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakai Kami
Rent Dark Schneider was the most powerful sorcerer of all time. Now he lies dormant in a young boy, waiting to be awakened by the kiss of a virgin.
BASTARD!! 暗黒の破壊神 Rent See Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakai Kami

Dragon Half
Rent A dragon-half girl (she's half-dragon, that is) named Mink seeks to become human and love her hero, Dick Saucer! - ehhh, who happens to be a dragon-slayer. Meanwhile she comes into opposition with Saucer's other fan, a ... slime-half??
Gunbuster Buy See Top wo Nerae!
Gunbuster: Aim For The Top! Buy See Top wo Nerae!
Gundam 0083 Rent See Kidou Senshi Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory

Kidou Senshi Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory
Rent In another saga of the eternal fight between the Zion and the Earth Federation, Ensign Uraki founds himself as the pilot of the prototype of the Gundam 01. But of course, Zion doesn't fall back and Gotto manages to steal Gundam 02, the one who will become critical for Zion's mastermind Operation. The Stardust Operation.
Kiki's Delivery Service Buy See Majo no Takkyuubin
Magic User's Club Buy See Mahou Tsukai Tai!
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