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Title:Mahou Tsukai Tai! TV
Magic User's Club (TV)
Magic Users Club (TV)
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Notables: IIZUKA Mayumi
IWAO Junko
KOYASU Takehito

Deciding to cleanup from their victory over Bell, the group causes the giant cherry tree to walk out of the city. The story proceeds from there with early episodes showing a mysterious character who seems to have emerged from the giant cherry tree. Who is this character? Why is he so powerful in magic?

[13 TV episodes. This is the sequel to Mahou Tsukai Tai!.]

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Watch Stretch [series:557#628]
I thought the Magic Users Club OVAs were one of the best anime series ever, but the TV episodes seem to be somewhat disappointing. The first three episodes kinda bored me, and I shelved the DVDs for several weeks whereas I had watched the OVAs steadily to the end. Episode four, described elsewhere as "where it starts to get wierd", was just that, intriguing and amusing. But I couldn't help feeling that one or more of the elements that had made the OVAs so good was missing here. This series starts up where the OVAs left off, but somehow the self-confidence the club members--especially Sae--developed has evaporated. Maybe self-confident people who have overcome their problems just aren't amusing enough, so they have reverted to their "old" selves. Perhaps what's missing is the plot. Each episode seems to have only a tiny fragment of the long-term plot and too many jokes that have already been done to death--like Takakura having perverted daydreams, the leader of the Aburatsubo admiration club getting pissed at junior members for describing him in the same terms she does, Aburatsubo himself making advances on Takakura, etc, etc. I tend to find homosexuality in anime to be amusing, but this is getting just plain annoying! The episodes sometimes don't have a well defined ending point--after watching number 7 I found myself feeling frustrated and exclaiming "that went nowhere!". Not only do I sense little long-term plot, but often times not much plot even to individual episodes! Okay, I just watched number 11 (I think), and for once I did get a feeling that maybe the various elements of the plot are finally coming together. To my relief, the final episode did a fairly good job of making sense of the series as a whole--but I still feel as if this story could easily have been told as another 6-episode OVA rather than a 13-episode TV series.


Last updated Saturday, March 01 2008. Created Thursday, April 29 2004.
Buy 9 9 9 10 10 Ileenka [series:557#669]
1st episode of the OVA picked up slow, i got bored in 10 mins. 2nd episode of OVA pushed me to watch episode 3 and all the way till i was done with the entire series and i am oh-so-satisfied and had a lot of good laughs. terribly hilarious and ridiculously funny, i laughed myself totally senseless. i strongly recommend this series.

Last updated Monday, October 03 2005. Created Thursday, August 28 2003.
Buy 8 8 8 9 kakyuu_prince [series:557#404]
I was delighted when I found out that there was even more Mahou Tsukai Tai! besides the excellent OVA series. Fortunately, this proved to be a very entertaining sequel to the hysterical OVA. The animation was a little different but still good and the TV series presents a very interesting story about magic and still retains fantastic perverted humor thanks to mainly Takeo as well as his fantastic voice actor Onosaka Masaya (it's a tragedy he hasn't done more anime roles). Character development that wasn't given time to be dealt out in the OVA is very present in the Tv series and the series ends very nicely and keeps you interested until the end. The ending theme song is very good and so is the BGM. The only real downside to Mahou Tsukai Tai! TV is the opening song which is very grating on the nerves and really was a disappointment considering how good the OVA's opening and endings were as well as TV's ending. On the whole though, Mahou Tsukai Tai! Tv was a wonderful continuation of the wonderful OVA series.

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Rent 8 8 7 8 8 8 AstroNerdBoy [series:557#436]
One nice thing about this sequel to the popular Magic User's Club is that it immediately picks up where the previous one left off. The humor level drops somewhat in this series but the character developement picks up. It was nice learning more about these five characters. And while the series tends to be episodic (especially at first), all of the episodes are linked and continuity between episodes is there. That's a BIG plus!

What I didn't like what the homosexual character of Aburatsubo. I hated that the writers constantly had him trying to have sex with the heterosexual Takakura-kun. In the OAV, Aburatsubo didn't seem as agressive and the object of his affections, Takakura, was much stronger in his objections. In the TV series, Aburatsubo is much more agressive and Takakura at times seems like he *could* give in. Ugh! It's supposed be funny but I didn't laugh at the constant, "Oh please Takakura-kun! You don't need women! Just let me play jackhammer on your sweet rear-end for an hour. You'll never look at Sae again; I swear!"

Having said this, the character is redeemd somewhat in my eyes by the end of the series. It seems he has feelings for a girl but doesn't know what to do about it. Not only does he grow, but all five club members grow in character before the series ends. This is the big strength of this title. However, the final scene of the series was annoying as it *seemed* like all the characters had mostly reverted to their old selves. Oh well.

Bottom line: If you enjoyed the OAV series, you will most likely enjoy this well-done TV sequel. Just remember that it isn't as humorous nor does it have the action of the first series but rather has much more character driven stories.

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