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Title:Get Backers
GetBackers *Dakkanya*
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Notables: Animation - Studio DEEN
CANNA Nobutoshi
KOYASU Takehito
OGATA Megumi
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
The show's heroes are Midou Ban and Amano Ginji, a pair of 21 year olds making their living running a Recovery Service called "Get Backers" -- at clients' requests they steal back anything from mysterious boxes to run-away teens to a person's happiness.

They boast a 100% success rate, which is a difficult record to maintain. But then again, neither Ginji nor Ban are precisely normal. Ginji is often likened to an electric eel, having the ability to manipulate and discharge thousands if not millions of electric currents. Ginji could generate electromagnetism, high frequency microwaves which can be turned into brute electrifying power. Ban's powers are more subtle, but just as legendary as Ginji's. The first is his "Evil Eye", the Jagan. With it, Ban has only to make eye-contact with a person to trap them in an impeccable, long hallucination which only lasts 1 minute in reality. Ban is also equipped with a physically devastating ability. His hand grip is equivalent to a 200kg force, and he could summon by vocal incantation, the snake guardian housed in his body, which provides him with even more insane strength.

Together, they get into all sorts of dangerous but adventurous jobs requiring them to retrieve goods requested by their clients. Along the way, the met a truckful load of other interesting and powerful characters.
[TV Series, 2002-2003, 49 episodes, 24 min]

R1 - 9 Discs Released
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Watch 7 6 7 6 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:496#1552]
Getbackers is a bit hit-or-miss in the execution of its "retrieval business" premise focused on Ginji and Ban dealing with the retrieval of different items within Tokyo's crime-infested areas. Many of the prominent characters in the series have some sort of unique superpower such as Ginji's ability to manipulate electricity; Shido's ability to call animals and gain their attributes; and Himiko's ability to manipulate a number of poisons. The prominent characters quite often find themselves either allying or going against one another on missions depending on either their personal interests or whoever hires their services. Most of these characters do get their backgrounds fleshed out and we come to learn that many of them have some sort of tragic past they experienced. The Infinity Fortress arcs of the series does prove to have the best plotting for this anime adaptation of the series as it reveals some interesting mysteries involving the local residents of the area, is connected to Ginji's past and reveals some underhanded methods from those who created the Fortress.

However with the series being a shounen action anime, the typical cliches of the genre quite often rear their ugly heads and they tend to degrade the quality of the plot for me at points such as tossing in random comedy moments in a serious situation, characters keep up fighting even when heavily battered, some characters obsessed with wanting to prove their strength to another character and moments where characters can get by in fights by the skin of their teeth. Also beyond the two Infinity Fortress arcs, the quality of the episodic/ arc plot storylines tend to be hit or miss at points with some episodes used as pointless comedy filler and adding nothing new to explore the characters or develop the plot. The series also suffers from having a good number of character and plot developments left dangling as there are a number of hints dropped on elements such as the nature of those manipulating events in the Infinity Fortress and the events surrounding Ban and Himiko's brother. However with the title's manga source material ongoing during the anime's run, these elements were never properly explored or resolved.

Overall, Getbackers does have its moments where I was interested in seeing Ban and Ginji's adventures, especially during episodes within the Infinity Fortress arcs. However with the typical cliches of shounen rearing their head and the anime leaving enough mysteries unresolved, Getbackers proved to be a fairly average watch for me.

Last updated Wednesday, January 18 2012. Created Wednesday, January 18 2012.
Buy 9 10 10 9 9 7 Ileenka [series:496#669]
I really love this series. It mostly stays pretty true to the original manga, but the art in the anime is prettier, although it is rather generic. In the beginning, the first ten episodes got me entirely hooked.

Some major story arcs are pretty good, some are so-so. I'm now up until episode 43, and there are 49 episodes in total, but I want to review this already. The graphics are not too bad, the opening and ending themes are nice, my favourite being the 1st ending theme named Ichibyo no Refrain. Of course, I like the others, too. ^_^ Episode stories wise, there is the original plot following the manga, and there are also some relaxing fillers. There are a handful of funny moments, some touching scenes, and intelligent dialogues which made this a very enjoyable series.

Sidetracking a bit, I've heard a lot of people saying these duo are gay, but it's definitely not like that. From the manga, they're both women-loving men. It may seem to others their friendship is going over the line of normal guy-guy friendship, but the truth is far from gay. This is a story about a beautiful friendship between two guys, based on their complete trust and loyalty to each other. The anime did not explain how and why they became so close, other than a vague revelation that they used to be enemies but ended up as best friends. It is clear, however, that both of them go nuts over women. In the manga, Ban is a the women-groping pervert, while Ginji shows more interest in Natsumi. In one anime episode, Ban encouraged Ginji to peek at the women's bath at the hot springs. And in another, they were supposed to meet a client at the beach for their job, but because of all the bikini-clad women there, both of them joined the women having fun and in the end forgot about meeting their client.

In addition, the fights are also cool, and there are many interesting characters that will keep you to the screen, like Akabane, who provides lots of tense and breath-taking battle skills. Akabane also has hilarious scenes when paired with Ginji in a fight (it's hilarious when Ginji doesn't want to fight him). Lots of action, and although sometimes the short stories can become predictable, nevertheless it has its surprising moments.

Although some things are cut from the manga in the anime, this is still a very entertaining series. I highly recommend it. A definite buy. ^_^

Edit: Somewhat disappointed at the length of the series, because obviously 49 episodes is not enough to explain in depth the epitome of the story. spoiler there is a story in the manga that explains how did Akabane become a cold-blooded killer, he was previously a gentle doctor who saves lives! (That explains a lot why he has such polished manners when he talks, even after he converted to being a baddie) more spoilers the manga also explains more about Himiko's cursed blood that's flowing inside her, and explains that it was not Ban's will to kill Yamato, but because Yamato asked him to. Something big is going to happen when Himiko turn 17, but until then, Ban's job is to keep her from harm. -end of ranting-

Last updated Sunday, October 30 2005. Created Sunday, October 23 2005.
Buy 10 10 10 10 Violet D [series:496#1393]
This anime is great to watch and you will want to get more episodes so you can watch them. this is about two guys who claim anything lost or stolen they will get back no matter what or by what means. Episode one starts out with this young girl who has lost a kitty keychain and she can't find it. She goes to the get backers to see if they can retrieve it for her. In the mean time she was taking pictures with her camera and caught this policeman in the act of doing something illegal. So he gets all paranoid and kidnaps her. They show up at this warehouse and the guy with the glasses tells him to look in his eyes and he hypnotizes him to think something else is going on. This is a great anime I love it.

Last updated Thursday, June 23 2005. Created Thursday, June 23 2005.
Buy 8 10 9 5 10 adiree [series:496#1804]
ah yeah!!!! i've only gotten up to episode 19 so far, but this series is awesome! and i can't wait to get the rest! it's funny, exciting, and definitely, definitely one that sucks you in and keeps you there....
the characters are truly fantastic creatures - ginji and ban are near polar opposites as far as attitude go, but they make perfect foils for each other's antics... and jackal... ohmigosh, what an excellent villain... to me the weakest character thus far is lady poison, but even her weakness is not so much to draw away from the series, you just get a feeling that she'll get pepped up as the series grows...
the first two episodes were more or less episodic, and in truth, i didn't mind the episodic nature of them as it gives you time to understand the nature of these characters, but by the third episode, the episodic nature wains and you are travelling deeper and deeper into the pasts of the main characters and this awesome mystery lying ahead of them....
ban and ginji are never boring to watch whether by themselves or together... and the rest of the cast is just as interesting to watch - from shido to kazuki, to even overly endowed hevn (sp?), you don't tire of them and their interactions...
i really liked animation and the design of things... the honky tonk is a place you've been to at some point in your life - it's comfortable, a little dark, a little messy, but it's nice, and it's a great place for the series to 'jump' from... the infinite fortress is just as superbly designed from the outside and when the characters eventually venture into the depths... and then there's the chibi animations which, even though they should disrupt the story they don't - by any means...
and jackal... whoa, what a character....
music... well... come or go, i don't care... it's there - it's not bad, but it's not the best either.... but, music isn't why you watch the series...
as i've said, i'm only up to epsidoe twenty, waiting for the rest to be dispersed, but, it's soooo worth watching even if it's only up to episode twenty....

Last updated Sunday, February 20 2005. Created Sunday, February 20 2005.
Buy Forbin [series:496#1573]
Drama : Med
Comedy : High
Action : High
SciFi : High
Ecchi : Low(Take out Hevn and there isn't any)

Watched Up to Episode 45

Very nice. 2 Guys who's job is to recover things. And they are always poor..../hehe. They are actually a pair of super powered dudes who just like helping people out. It's a good watch and I saw it as R1 release and I liked the American VA's. Not as good as Cowboy Bebop but it's mostly there. The only problem is the 1st and 2nd episodes. Those are just filler just to introduce them, then you get Episode 3 and are totally hooked.
Now I'm in the middle of a 10 episode arc where Ban and Ginji have to team up with Jackal and Himiko! OMG! I might have to watch it in Japanese just so I can get my fix. I'm NOT waiting 3 months for the next 5.
I'm not sure if the Voices are a proper fit, but they done well, watching the extras at the end makes me laugh that these VA's actually are the voices. They stutter and have really bad accents :).

Edit : I loved the Infinite Fortress Arc, especially the ending as they are walking away and the doctor's daughter runs after Kazuki. But I did find out that if Jackal isn't in an episode, I don't enjoy it too much. Owells. He comes back at the end of the 6th disc so while it isn't one of my favorites, it was well worth getting.

2nd Infinite Fortress Arc started. And the damn disc ends with a preview of Jackal....damn!!!! Hurry up disk 10!

Last updated Tuesday, October 11 2005. Created Monday, October 04 2004.
Buy 8 8 8 9 REDMUSEBLUE [series:496#1541]
I'm halfway through the series and yet I want to review this series [And trying not to use spoilers]. ^^;;
Art: It's pretty okay, average doesn't do much justice since most of the time the whole thing is well drawn.
Animation: Pretty okay too. Very fast paced during some action scenes, which is a good thing in my opinion [it's not fun to watch slow punches and kicks when it's meant to be fast/superfast/whatever] The anime is pretty fluid.
Character designs: Not too bad, and once again average doesn't do this anime justice since Kazuki is well drawn [I'm a sucker for Kazuki] along with the others. What really stands out somehow [in my opinion at least] are the guys' hips and legs [too slim @_@... errr... yeah, just wanted to add that] Other than that the characters are very pretty... either cute or creepy, doesn't matter to me.
Music: I've no rating for it yet since I've just heard 3 songs. My favorite is perhaps the samba-like ED song. But nope, I'm not going to rate that yet.
Series Story: At first GB has held little interest in me while watching episode 1, I think that's because I've been into Prince of Tennis that time. Anyways, when I continued watching the rest of the series, I find myself hooked.
It's pretty addictive on my part *laughs* It's probably because towards the few episodes 4 or 5 the whole thing gets interesting and a plot is under way. (New characters are introduced here and there while some stay like supporting characters; I like The art-thief [what's her name?] best, followed by Madoka-chan and then cute Natsumi-chan.) As the story continues the viewer gets involved with a lot of things related to the main characters Mido Ban and Amano Ginji [their past]; in a way we find ourselves fascinated by their pair because they hold some sort of mutual agreement.
CAST: I'm not familiar with the main voice actors, though I'm pretty impressed by their acting. Especially cute-sounding characters like Ginji [even my sis likes his voice -_-;; sadly she doesn't much care about GB] Most of the cast is unknown to me, that is. Except Kazuki's seiyuu Hoshi Souichirou, Juubei's seiyuu Koyasu Takehito... and maybe some more I've missed. But overall the cast do their jobs pretty well. Oh and by the way, I'm currently fancying the guy who plays the smooth, creep Akabane-san [*laughs* for once, not Kazuki]
Other themes: *laughs* I hadn't really noticed that most people SEE the implied shounen-ai thing, hehehe. Since I'm practically into the shounen-ai factor and all. I'm pretty surprised my friend hasn't picked it up how this serie play around with potentional relationships [she's against shounen-ai/yaoi sadly... and she doesn't know I fancy these sorts of relationships].
Of course the anime just gives out hints here and there that you just ARE [kind of] sure there must be something deeper going on there [i.e. Kazuki and Juubei: *laughs* Told you I'm a sucker for Kazuki] Hmmm... prehaps because of the fact that there aren't really a lot of females in the series that can be either of the male characters' girlfriends [not counting the Madoka and Shido relationship] or because the guys are just oozing with possible same-sex attractions. lol. Who knows. Anyone into lots of hot [anime] guy characters slashed with some potential fellow guy characrer can watch this without twitching, I believe. But in actuality I guess everyone [assuming the viewers are 13 and above] can watch it if you just ignore the (lovey-dovery)little signs =) and enjoy the cases, enjoy their constant bad luck [Am I the only one who's enjoying that?] and the very well done, fluid action. {The anime is fun to watch although I heard the manga is better *shrugs* every manga which has an anime based on them are great.)
Overall this is a serie worth to watch once again, especially for those who wants a taste of every anime they can find like me.

Last updated Sunday, August 15 2004. Created Sunday, August 15 2004.
Buy 8 9 9 9 9 9 Ambriel [series:496#1357]
Koyasu Takehito!! Hoshi Souichirou!!Saiga Mitsuki!! Miki Shinichirou!!! 4 of the greatest seiyuus!!! Love them!!! Ok, it's not why i picked up getbackers to watch. Actually, I took it accidentally coz I was bored. But no regrets!!!
This anime is so lovable!!! Being surrounded by all the bishonens! And of course with soooo many bishonens in the story there's bound to be yaoi lurking around the corner somewhere. The girls are all total hot babes!! And they ain't the bimbotic type.. at all.
Although some of the episodes where a total waste of space, the rest of it was pretty ok. It's funny, cute, sweet, cool. Some of fighting scenes were really pretty cool, especially the one Akabane takes part in. The guy's so cool!! One of my favourite villains!! The show has over 10 characters and each character has his/her own special powers/technics, whatever you wanna call it but it's what makes the anime different from other animes. Every character is totally different from the rest.
Although there are times in the anime when some of the characters looked a bit distorted (I noticed that especially with Kazuki) most of the time the the art pretty ok. Love it most when Ginji turns chibi!!
I recommand it. It's fun and those who like a little yaoi, bishonens, you'll love it.

Last updated Friday, April 23 2004. Created Friday, April 23 2004.
Buy 10 10 9 9 9 9 Azusa [series:496#718]
Man this is one of the coolest animes i've seen. I like Ban , he's really cool but i think he got emotionally abused by his mother by his evil stare move.... Midou Ban and Amano Ginji try and get things back for a sum of money . Ginji Amano use to be the leader of a lower town and he was a part of the VOLTS but left becuz they were so violence he thought it was barberic. Ginji is very powerful and uses electricity and can heal himself quickly . Well i like Fuyuki Shido. It's funny to watch Ban and Shido fight the way they mock each other . Shido and Ban used to never like each other until one day Shido met Otowa Madoka . Akubane Kurudo is one of the creepiest looking characters . He also hides 180 weapons in his body that is creepy plus he has the whole black trench coat thing happening >< . Ya it's an action packed show with lots of fights but it's not really about the fighting i guess , but i haven't really seen all of the series , but it seems good =D . I liked it and i'd like to download it , if my comp wasn't a screwed up piece of junk (lol) o well i'll fix it somehow .... anyway it's a cool series and i hope i get to watch it again some time soon .

Last updated Sunday, May 25 2003. Created Friday, May 23 2003.
Buy 10 10 10 8 9 D-chan [series:496#547]
Upon first glance, Get Backers seems to be a same-old-boring-and-trite story, in which the heros have a business, virtually unsucessful. Of course, they're high in debt.
Oh. And they're definite bishounen.
An anime made after the manga, Get Backers shows itself as a shounen series. Fighting, kick-ass powers, hot women, sexy manager, the works.
Either they're targeting the less hard-core and more open-minded male audience, or this is simple fangirl service. Because nearly 90% of the guy characters -- and there are a LOT of guy characters here -- are gay. It's not obvious, but the hints are far from subtle. Typical male viewers have been known to admit that there is undeniable shounen ai and yaoi lurking beneath.
Don't be turned off by that is you dislike the sort of thing. While overtones are definitely there, so is plot and character developement.
Each new character that comes in is refreshingly new. First we have Midou Ban (or "Ban-chan", as Ginji tends to call him), who is undeniably one of the, if not *the*, strongest characters. He possesses the Jagan, or Evil Eye, which allows him to give people a dream or nightmare for exactly one minute, depending on his intent. This way he can extract certain information if he needs to. However, he's also physically strong, fast, and has another ability called Snake Bite, which basically means he has the grip power of 200KG. Over the course of the story I've seen (20 episodes) he's one of the most fleshed-out and interesting characters.
And, of course, so is his partner Amano Ginji. he has the power to generate electicity in his body, like an electric eel. He was the Thunder Emporer back in his old gang, VOLTS. His past seems dark, but presently he's normally an easy-going, very friendly guy. (And played by one of my favourite seiyuu, Morikubo Shoutarou.)
Many other characters are introduced over the course of several episodes. We have Kazuki of the String, Shido the Beast Master, Juubei of the Needles, and several others. The most memorable will definitely be Akubane, otherwise known as Dr. Jackal, who hides his weapons in his *body*.
The fight scenes are enjoyable to watch, as they're nicely paced and don't draw themselves out with boring power-ups and have plenty of plot advancement even during fights. New tricks are constantly used, and no character has a single "special attack" that they use at least once every episode.
Having read two volumes of manga and seen 20 episodes of the anime, I can definitely say this is reccomendable. The manga is more for adults (what with Ban groping their "Middleman", torrents of blood, sexual overtones, etc) but the anime, from what I've seen, stays mostly true to the manga.
I reccommend it. It's fun, and the style is unusual but enjoyable. It's not for everyone, and it'd be best to atleast be able to tolerate homosexual overtones, but for those that can, please enjoy.

Last updated Sunday, August 31 2003. Created Sunday, April 06 2003.

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