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.hack Rent See .hack//SIGN

Rent It's the near future, and there is only one video game, called "The World." In the virtual reality of "The World", all sorts of people play. However, once a character named Tsukasa is unable to log out, and weird events start happening, "The World" starts to seem much more mysterious than anyone ever thought.

Blue Gender

It is the year 2031 and an insectoid race known as the Blue have taken over Earth. Yuji Kaido has been awakened from hibernation after being put there some 22 years earlier due to a disease he had. After overcoming his "future shock" at the horrors of Earth, Yuji joins the Sleeper Recovery Team to try to take the planet back. Can Marlene, the female soldier who was charged with bringing him to 2nd Earth, keep Yuji from losing himself in the fight?


Rent Meet Dee Latener and his half-Japanese partner Randy (call me Ryo) McLane, a couple of detectives in New York's 27th Precinct. Not only does this pair of crime-fighting crusaders chase down criminals, but Dee can't stop chasing Ryo either. Is it just his dark hair and dark eyes that attract him so, or is it something more? Tired of the daily city grind, our heroes set off for a vacation in England, to relax, enjoy themselves, and if our gay cop Dee has his way with Ryo... But when Japanese-Americans start turning up dead outside Dee and Ryo's hotel, the ever vigilant mismatched investigators become embroiled in the local crime scene.
G Gundam Rent See Kidou Butoden G-Gundam

Genso Maden Saiyuki
Rent Based on a Japanese Folk-tale which evidently enough is based on the Chinese folk-tale of "↗Journey to the West" Genso Maden Saiyuki is placed in a universe where Humans and Youkai(Demons) once lived togather in peace and harmony. Now that the peace is disturbed and the Youkai are on an unknown bloodlusted killing spree. The Gods have decided to send Genjo Sanzo a high priest to the east to find out the cause of the "disturbance". In the begining of his Journey, he picks up 3 companions; Gokuu, a whiny and highly annoying youkai, Sha-Gojyo, a half youkai/human who wields a badass scythe thingy and Cho-Hakkai, a human turned youkai, who seems to be very tolerant of his uncommon travelling companions. But their leader, Sanzo isn't what you call the most holy of the holy priesthood, (for example: he drinks, he smokes and kills without a second thought).
GensoMaden Saiyuki Rent See Genso Maden Saiyuki
Gensoumaden Saiyuki Rent See Genso Maden Saiyuki

Get Backers
Buy The show's heroes are Midou Ban and Amano Ginji, a pair of 21 year olds making their living running a Recovery Service called "Get Backers" -- at clients' requests they steal back anything from mysterious boxes to run-away teens to a person's happiness.
GetBackers Buy See Get Backers
GetBackers *Dakkanya* Buy See Get Backers

Buy For Brandon Heat, death doesn't matter. Driven by his need for revenge, he returns from beyond the grave to cripple Millennion, the huge mafia organization that uses undead monsters as its enforcers. His ultimate goal will be to destroy Harry MacDowel, the leader of Millennion and, at one time, Brandon's best friend.
Hack Sign Rent See .hack//SIGN

Kidou Butoden G-Gundam
Rent 60 years ago, the nations of Earth fled the deteriorating planet to form colonies in space. To settle disputes, they created a war based on the principles of good sportsmanship! Known as the Gundam Fight Tournament, each nation sends a representative and their Gundam to Earth for a Tournament, with the winners nation granted the privlege of ruling space for four years! Now, as the 13th Gundam Fight Tournament commences, Neo Japan's Domon Kasshu has come down with his Shining Gundam and an ulterior motive: find his brother Kyoji, who hijacked his father's Ultimate Gundam and fled to Earth with the intention of destroying the planet! His mother dead and his father sentenced to a cryogenic sleep, Domon's only hope to restore his family is to kill his own brother and destroy the Gundam, but can Domon find it in his heart to kill someone he loved for so long?
Kyo Buy See Samurai Deeper Kyo
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