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Notables: Animation - P.A. Works
Mitsumi moves to Tokyo to attend a prestigious school and achieve her dreams of making positive change in the world. But while she's got book smarts, she soon finds herself inexperienced in big city social norms, and struggles to make friends at first.
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12-episode TV anime that premiered on April 4, 2023.
Animated by PA Works.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4635#628]
(Four episodes watched):

Mitsumi has her entire life preplanned, right up to what will be done with her ashes after she dies, and is highly confident before her first day at high school in the big city of Tokyo. But things don't exactly go as planned. She runs into the blond guy, Sousuke ('Shima'), after getting lost on the subway. This is fortuitous, because he is considered a hunk by the other girls of their class who are willing to befriend her if it gives them a chance of getting closer to him. Mika, the red-brown haired girl who sits behind Mitsumi, does this. Mitsumi is staying with her aunt (I think), Nao. This show had some decent laughs and seems to have a plot that is going somewhere, so I am onboard for now. Mitsumi's distinctly simple and unexpressive eyes seemed a little odd for a main character, but OK.

In episode three Kurume (IIRC), a glasses-wearing 'dweeb' joins Mitsumi's circle of friends, much to her surprise. I found that I had a hard time remembering what had happened in episode two; I had not updated this review. This story is sort of silly, and modestly comic, but exactly where it is going remains unclear. Maybe it will just be a laid-back slice-of-life sort of show. I wish some sort of engaging plot, with a conflict and everything, would emerge.

...or maybe it's OK as it is. Episode four consists of two sub-plots, in which Mitsumi learns that Shima was once a child actor and considers immitating the workaholic style of a student body member. Again, no sign of an ongoing plot but it was kind of amusing and we learn a few things about the characters. It's sort of like instead of laughs now and then we are continually in a state of being just about to laugh, if that makes any sense. Mitsumi doesn't know nearly as much as she thought she did, and learns new things everyday in her own silly manner.

Last updated Saturday, May 27 2023. Created Friday, April 07 2023.

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