Soratobu Yuureisen

Title:Soratobu Yuureisen
Flying Phantom Ship
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Returning from a happy fishing trip, Hayato Arashiyama and his father witnessed a traffic accident, whom they identified to be chairman Kuroshio (owner of the shipyard Hayato's father worked in) and his wife. Helping Kuroshios taking shelter from a thunderstorm in an abandoned Western-styled mansion, a mysterious figure with a skull mask haunted them, calling himself the caption of a phantom ship. A few days later, a giant robot calling itself a messenger of the phantom ship, appeared from nowhere and attacked the seaside city, killing many civilians including Hayato's parents. Hayato's father told him a big secret before drawing his last breath. To avenge his parents, Hayato joined the volunteer defense force organized by chairman Kuroshio, yet he stumbled upon more and more surprising and horrible secrets.
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60-minute film released on July 20, 1969.
Animated by Toei Animation.
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Watch 7 7 7 5 6 Ggultra2764 [series:4031#1552]
This was an odd one and kind of reminded me of American horror/ sci-fi B-films of the era. Flying Phantom Ship dabbles into the typical sci-fi story tropes of its era with Hayato uncovering a conspiracy concerning an influential corporate chairman within the city he lives in and a mysterious floating pirate ship led by a seemingly ghostly captain. The plot developments are pretty predictable for the most part, though the cheesiness of the film's story developments do make it fairly entertaining as they are pretty out there with the different plot twists that are revealed with the chairman and the mentioned pirate ship. Plus for a late 60s anime film, the animation is pretty solid for its era with the giant robot in the film designed and conceptualized by Hayao Miyazaki in one of his earlier animated projects while working with Toei Animation. Overall if you appreciate the cheesiness of its story, Flying Phantom Ship makes for an entertaining hour of sci-fi B-film cheese.

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