Yu Yu Hakusho : The Movie

Title:Yu Yu Hakusho : The Movie
Yu Yu Hakusho Movie 1
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Notables: AONO Takeshi
CHIBA Shigeru
HIYAMA Nobuyuki
OGATA Megumi
Original Concept - TOGASHI Yoshihiro
R1 License - Central Park Media(Defunct)

It is the middle of summer break from school and as Koenma-sama (Lord Koenma) is enjoying the beach, he is kidnapped by Garuga. Botan grabs Yusuke and Kuwabara to enlist their help. It seems the kidnappers will only release him if Yusuke hands over the Golden Seal of Enma-sama (King Enma). Later joined by Hiei and Kurama, they must rescue Koenma-sama while keeping the precious Golden Seal out of the hands of evil youkai.

Note: Takes place sometime between the first and second season of the Yu Yu Hakusho TV series.

[Movie, 1993, 26 min; based off the manga created by TOGASHI Yoshihiro-sensei. See also: Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu Yu Hakusho: Meikai Shito Hen - Hono No Kizuna]
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Rent AstroNerdBoy [series:382#436]

As I understand it, this 30-minute movie was released in theaters in Japan along side another anime title. As such, it is little more than a slightly extended filler TV episode with a little better animation. The story is weaker than most of the TV stories (IMO) but fans of the series will enjoy it none-the-less (I don't know about DBZ fans as I can't stand that series). Botan using her oar as a weapon was pretty funny since I haven't seen her do it in a long time.

About the DVD, it comes with Ninku: The Movie. Since this was distributed by Anime Works and not FUNimation, the English dub cast is different. The English dub script is heavily domesticated so the characters will come off as different from how they actually are. This is very noticable with Hiei. Also, the Japanese audio is brought to you in GLORIOUS mono. What the...?! There's no excuse for that. The subtitles are readable and from my limited Japanese knowledge, it seems fairly accurate. There are no honorifics in the subtitles nor the fun Japanese terms like the FUNimation subtitles have.

Bottom line: Nothing special, but since Yu Yu Hakusho is a series I have a fun weakness for, I enjoyed it. Too bad the DVD was done so poorly.

Last updated Wednesday, September 17 2003. Created Thursday, September 04 2003.

Rent Stretch [series:382#628]
If you can call half an hour a movie, then yes, that's what this is. Actually, I would describe it as one more self-contained episode of the TV series--insert it anywhere after Yusuke has met Kurama and Hiei. Honestly, I didn't think it was all that bad. It was amusing to find the Lords of the Spirit World arguing like children, and as usual Yusuke came up with a clever trick to take out a deadly opponent. Certainly no worse than a typical TV episode, and if you love those then no doubt you'll be pleased to be able to get your hands on one more. Funny thing is they charge more for this movie at "The Right Stuf" than they do for the second, 90-minute one! I have a special weakness for this film--I love the song at the end.

Last updated Monday, August 25 2003. Created Monday, August 25 2003.
Watch 6 6 6 5 2 Midnighter [series:382#94]
Fans of DBZ will undoubtably enjoy this anime, but most people will wonder why it was even made.
I'll first state the good points. A catchy opening theme was enjoyable. The broom-rider had a nice character design. The animation was pretty good at points.
Now the bad. The story was truly stupid, moron fodder that's sole purpose was to give the heroes a reason to fight various enemies. The "surprise" villian was no shock at all, and the twist ending was practically expected. The little kid who was the origional (or first?) villian's motivation is excrutiatingly dumb. Oh, the lecherous prince stole a girl he had the hots for, so now I'll drop him in some lava. Yeah, ok. The animation is choppy, going from pretty good to pretty bad, and the character designs overall were rather forgettable.
The cast is cookie-cutter, we've seen it in a dozen animes before, so they all seem rather interchangable.
Overall, I can't say Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie was bad enough to rate an avoid, but it wasn't good enough to spend money on, either.

Last updated Wednesday, January 30 2002. Created Wednesday, January 30 2002.
Watch 5 6 5 5 4 BigPants [series:382#243]
Yusuke and company are back once again in their very own "movie" (and I use the term loosely.)
In all honesty, the movie wasn't spectacular, but it wasn't craptacular either. It was a pretty basic plot over a kidnapping and a whole bunch of ass-kicking along the way. As a matter of fact, for the most part, the movie is just one big ass-kicking that gets done quick and moves on.
If you are a big fan of Dragon Ball Z, this one is for you. Especially if you like how Dragon Ball Z is set up, but you would rather a 40-something episode saga end in say, 22 minutes.
In conclusion, watch it for the sole reasons of reviewing it for this website and hearing Megumi Ogata, but whatever you do, don't buy it.

Last updated Monday, January 28 2002. Created Monday, January 28 2002.

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