Hi Score Girl S1, S2 & OVAs

Title:Hi Score Girl S1, S2 & OVAs
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Notables: AMASAKI Kouhei
Animation - JC Staff
Back in 1991, the one thing Haruo Yaguchi is really good at is playing arcade type video games. His favorite is Street Fighter II. Imagine his humiliation when he is thrashed by Akira Oono, his wealthy model student classmate (and a girl).

12 episodes (S1), 3 OVAs, and 9 episodes (S2).
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Rent Stretch [series:3812#628]
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I got some serious laughs out of episode one, as the two main characters slugged it out in Street Fighter II and other games. Haruo feels a definite need to show off to Akira (who never says anything), but that isn't easy when she's better at video gaming than he is. How a proper girl with excellent grades also manages to be an outstanding gamer isn't explained but will be later. Still, it felt like the episode hadn't done much more than introduce the basic premise, and I had little idea where it would go from there. This must not be just a literal fight of the week show, since that would get tiresome before long. Many shows start off with a fairly funny gag premise, but just keep trying to milk it when what they really need is an interesting longterm plot as well; I hope this won't be another of those. For awhile I got the impressions that views of the screens of video games took up most of the episode; that was wrong, but they were often what made me laugh the most. it's not just that the graphics and action of 'nineties games was laughable in comparison to those of today, no, sometimes Haruo speaks to the character he's using and the character responds. And the losers of games swearing and cursing cracked me up at times. It's not often that an anime makes me LOL, but this one does. Nostalgia definitely plays a major part. After watching an episode I dug out my old Sega Genesis machine and played Streets of Rage for awhile. Haruo only cares about getting as good as he possibly can at these games in order to beat Oono someday, but she and later another girl, Hidaka, (who is not bad at video games herself) start to have feelings for him, which he remains completely oblivious to. A sort of romantic triangle develops. The series doesn't really end with a climax and resolution so much as it does with a cliffhanger, which indicates that the story is far from finished. Indeed, three OVAs (I think) and an abbreviated 9 episode second season follow. Suffice to say that Haruo won't be able to completely ignore romance anymore from here on. It's all one story, and the romance is moving at such a glacial pace that I felt there was no need for a separate page for season two or the OVAs. I had to watch the final four episodes with audio, video and subtitles out of sync (basically matching lines spoken to actions that occurred several seconds later), but the fact that I did so shows that I was enjoying this show. By this point a good deal of the 'freshness' of the premise had worn off and I was getting a little weary. Something like four years have passed since the story began yet Haruo has barely moved an inch from his initial romantically ignorant state of mind, and it's hard to picture him ever confessing or something like that. My overall impression of HSG at this point had become one of a series that was still sometimes LOL funny, but whose plot had become a tiresome slog.

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