Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo

Title:Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo
Oh Maidens in Your Savage Season
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Notables: ANZAI Chika
KONO Hiyori
The five girls of the literature club--Sugawara, Onodera, Sudou, Sonezaki and Hongo--can't help noticing that mentions of sex are intruding into their lives from all directions. Kazusa Onodera in particular is uncomfortable with the sweet and pure boy she has known since childhood, Izumi Norimoto, becoming the center of attention of girls at school. And then she realizes that he may not be as sweet and pure nowadays as he once was.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3731#628]
(Three episodes watched):

I got a good feel about this show right from the start, from the first few moments of the first episode, and it did not disappoint me. We quickly get to know these five likeable girls in a manner which is more fascinating than onerous. There's the popular, stylish Sugawara, the prudish, glasses-wearing club president, Sonezaki, the 'mysterious author' Hongo, and the two relatively ordinary girls, Sudou ('Mo-Chin') and Onodera. The character designs were a bit unusual and interesting. This show was quickly looking like fun, with dynamic characters that I could care about. They do not tell jokes or engage in slapstick, but it felt like a comedy in the sense that the perfectly realistic situations they found themselves in were sometimes hilarious. The episode took longer than most to watch, because there was so much 'meat' to it--so many things to think about, make sense of, and keep track of. But it was always a pleasure rather than a grind. I desperately wanted to know more about how these girls would cope with coming of age. "This world has too much sex in it!" and "I don't want sex to take over my life" Kazusa protests at one point. This was the first full-length show of the season that I got genuinely excited about, and may well be my favorite or second-favorite anime of the season.

Each of the girls--except maybe Mo-Chin--has her own peculiar problem with coming of age and dealing with sexuality. Sonezaki has a reputation as an unattractive female nerd, Hongo feels she needs some sexual experience in order to be a successful author, and Kazusa doesn't know what to do as she discovers Izumi has become interested in the opposite sex. Episode two didn't thrill me as much as episode one had, but episode three was great fun.

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