Fatal Fury 2

Title:Fatal Fury 2
Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle
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The Fatal Fury gang heads to Germany to fight the mysterious Krauser. But Krauser beat Terry once and nearly killed Joe...can he be defeated?
TV special based on Fatal Fury 2 that premiered on July 31, 1993.
Animated by Nihon Ad Systems.
Sequel to Battle Fighters Garou Densetsu and prequel to Fatal Fury: the Motion Picture.
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Avoid 6 6 5 7 1 Midnighter [series:362#94]
The second Fatal Fury oav is absolutely abysmal. Inconsistant animation, infantile plot, and laughable dialogue make for an unpleasant waste of time.
I have many complaints with Fatal Fury 2, so where to begin? Sexism abounds, even for an anime.
"Be silent, woman!" is one of the many such examples of macho 'dialogue.' Mai, the only female main character, is at first presented as a strong, capable ninja, but is almost immediately relegated to pining after Andy and becomes nothing more than a damsel in distress and plot device to show how bad-ass Andy is. Mai is raped and humiliated, and all she can think of is getting Andy to fall for her now? WHAT? Ugh, this kind of drivel is best left to misogynists and imbiciles.
The characters are all cut-outs and are all interchangable. Admittedly, Terry is a likeable guy, though a typical noble street-fighter. Still, I must say it was fun to see bishonen-dude Terry passed out drunk in garbage. There are amateurish attempts at character development thrown in randomly, blah blah, avenge my street-fighting father's death, be the strongest I can, fighting only leads to emptiness. Yeah, we've heard it all before in only every fighting game ever made.
Krauser starts out as a wonderfully promising villian, but it soon becomes apparent that he is just another stereotype that we've all seen dozens of times on the screen. His "beat my father at 16 and now I'm a cold fighter ever seeking a challenge" gimmick is old and tired and has been done far better before.
Of course Terry beats him (oh, sorry, I ruined it for those viewers who have the density of bricks...) and we get the wonderfully horrific line of,
"I haven't felt so alive in years!" yeah, whatever. And of course the Krauser family cannot allow themselves to live after a defeat, so Krauser tosses himself out a window. How cliche.
And Tony, the little snot-wipe that follows Terry around and irritates the audience? Don't get me started. Let's just say I could do without him and his fasion sense.
The animation is choppy, going from very nice to very bad, and including several different looks that distract the viewer. The wafer-thin "story" is merely there to advance the film from one inane fight seen to the next. A well orchetrated musical score is about the only plus I can give Fatal Fury 2. If you must watch a Fatal Fury, I recommend Fatal Fury the Motion Picture.

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