Fate/Grand Order: First Order

Title:Fate/Grand Order: First Order
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Notables: Original Concept - Type-Moon
R1 License - Aniplex of America
It is the year 2015, the final era over which magic still held sway. Caldea is an organization established to observe the magical world and the world of science — as well as to prevent the final extinction of mankind. Humanity is guaranteed at least another 100 years, that is until the future realm observed by Caldea vanishes into thin air. Caldea is now sure humanity won't live past 2017, all thanks to events taking place in the Japanese city of Fuyuki in 2004. The organization issues a Grand Order for a "Holy Grail Expedition" to investigate, uncover, and perhaps destroy the singularity responsible for wiping out mankind.
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72-minute film that premiered on December 31, 2016.
Animated by Lay-duce.
Licensed by Aniplex of America.
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Watch 8 8 9 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:3613#1552]
Adapted from a mobile game series set in yet another alternate timeline for the Fate franchise, this movie adapts the prologue chapter from the game that sets up its storyline and introduces viewers to its lead characters. The characters don't have much to show for depth as Grand Order is more focused on advancing its plot at a rather breakneck pace, thus providing little breathing room for audiences to absorb the occasions of infodump that provide more details on its premise involving time travel and alternate realities. While the production values for this aren't up to the caliber of Ufotable's handling of recent Fate animated adaptations, it still has its moments to shine with the action scenes that Shielder and Caster get into against enemy Servants. Still, this film exists as promotional material for its popular mobile game source that may limit its appeal. However with news that arcs from the game will be adapted into TV anime in the near future, reception for this may get somewhat better depending on audience reception to said TV titles.

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