Fate/Zero 2

Title:Fate/Zero 2
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Notables: Animation - UFOTable
Original Concept - UROBUCHI Gen
R1 License - Aniplex of America
Taking place 10 years before the events of Fate/stay night, this series chronicles the events of the Fourth Holy Grail War.
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Second season of the animated adaptation of Type Moon's light novel of the series which will air for 12 episodes starting in April 2012.
Animated by ufotable.
3:11min Series PV - YouTube Video
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Continuing where Fate/Zero left off, this second season to the series explores the second half of the events to the fourth Holy Grail War. This season takes some time to exploring Kiritsugu's past to explore what led to his motivations with his desire to obtain the Grail and features some shocking plot twists to makes things rather interesting as the final moments of the Grail War commence. This season gets quite tragic with a number of its developments and the deaths of major characters, particularly the Servants, are part of the norm in this second half of Fate/ Zero, making it a far darker story compared to its first half. The series quality does drop a bit in its final two episodes since the pacing suddenly becomes a bit rushed and there are a decent number of plot elements left unexplored, such as the back story of Berserker and what plans Zouken had in store for the Holy Grail War. Otherwise, not much else to complain about. The high quality animation from Ufotable and the intense and energetic soundtrack from the first season of Fate/Zero are retained here, so you'll still be in for a treat with the show's fluid battle scenes. If you enjoyed Fate/Zero's first season, then this second one will definitely be worth your time to check out.

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