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Notables: Original Concept - Type-Moon
Fate/Prototype is a digest version of Nasu's original version of Fate/stay night.
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12-minute bonus OAV released on December 31, 2011 as a part of the third "season" to Carnival Phantasm.
Animated by Lerche
[edit] The ↗Fate/stay night franchise:

Fate continuity Kaleid Prisma continuity
  • (2013) Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya (TV+OVA series, 10 TV episodes and 1 OVA)
  • (2014) _ Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! (TV series, ? episodes)
Apocrypha continuity Grand Order continuity Extra continuity
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Watch 9 9 9 7 5 Ggultra2764 [series:2601#1552]
This bonus OAV lays out the basic plot and character elements to Kinoko Nasu's original ideas to the Fate/stay night visual novel before revamping it entirely to make it more appealing to the title's intended audience. This take on the Fate franchise appeared much darker than the final version in implying aspects of the title's prominent characters, sporting some radically different appearances, histories and personalities for the Servants of the series and even including a more flawed heroine than Shiro serving as Saber's Master. The animation was of great quality sporting clean details, some vast shots of scenery and fluid battle scenes between Servants. Still, this quick anime felt more like an extended trailer for an upcoming anime series instead of a full-length anime OAV. It is worth a quick peek if you are a fan of the Fate franchise or all things Type-Moon, but I wouldn't recommend watching it more than once.

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