Sentimental Journey

Title:Sentimental Journey
Sentimental Graffiti
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Notables: Animation - SUNRISE
R1 License - Media Blasters
R1 License - Subtitled Only
Based on a popular dating simulation, this anime presents 12 independent stories which follow the lives of 12 different young women.

12 episode TV series
Released in 1998
Produced by Sunrise
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Rent 8 8 8 7 7 8 Ggultra2764 [series:350#1552]
I guess the closest thing I can compare Sentimental Journey to would be Seraphim Call. Like said title, Sentimental Journey is an episodic focus on one of a dozen girls as they undergo a coming-of-age dilemma. But the only connection between the 12 girls is their past interactions with a young man who constantly moved around city-by-city which is the trigger of the problem they face in each episode of this series. The origins of this young man are never revealed nor is his face and name revealed. All that is known is that he had some influence on the lives of each of the 12 girls, be it friend, admirer or love interest. Still, the situations faced by the girls are believable and down-to-earth in most of the episodes. The only ones that struck me off were the stories of the girl who could see stuff out of the ordinary and the other used in a bet by two talent scouts for a beauty pageant. Otherwise, the other episodes held my interest enough. Character designs and scenery were good on my eyes with vivid color and smooth lining. If you enjoy titles with episodic plots like Seraphim Call, then this should be a title worth just as much of your time as the later title.

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Watch 7 7 7 6 5 Bryan [series:350#14]
Being a fan of what I guess you would call romantic anime, as well as a fan of shows with a decidedly slow pace, I though for sure that I would love this show. I saw the first 4 episodes of this 12 part series, and, well, it seemed like 8. So the question is, why didnt I get into Sentimental Journey?
For starters, this anime is based on a get-girl game (aka a dating sim) called Sentimental Graffiti, so you can pretty much guess that it will focus on one girl per episode. However, there is no common story line. The title at the end of the opening animation says it all 12 Cities; 12 Young Womens Stories. Maybe Im a slave to an ongoing plot and characters that you follow through time. I guess Id rather sit through 12 episodes about 1 boring person, than 12 episodes about 12 different, boring people.
The animation quality in each episode is good, although not quite what youd expect from a short series with some fairly good advertising dollars behind it. They did a good job of showing you each of the different cities in each episode (except episode 4 which fired on about 1 cylinder). I liked this, seeing more of the surroundings in one episode than some shows do in a season.
The first episode is about a young musical prodigy who cant come to grips with losing a competition, and the older German musician who follows, heck, stalks her though the episode. This was perhaps the most boring of the lot. Episode two was about a band, and their female lead singer who refuses to write love songs. This one had a silly ending and didn't leave much of an impression.
Episode three I rather liked. A jaded older women of 25 is getting plastered on a train. She meets a 17 year old girl and they get to talking about love. Good backgrounds and art in this one, though the conversation was a little uninspired. No spoilers, but the ending was, well, physically impossible. But, for about the only time in all four episodes I was actually interested in the characters and transported, just a little, into their world. Then episode 4 came along playing so much like a dating sim that I thought Id have to answer questions.
Of course, there may be plenty of worthwhile episodes that follow, and the numbers are rather high for a watch; however, there are 100's of hours of anime out there Id watch before returning to this to find out with the possible exception of episode 3. While the character designs didnt do a lot for me, I liked then in ep 3, particularly Nanase Yuu, the young train-fairing waif. The op and the ed were well produced, but somehow lacking, Jpop.

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