Gentei Shoujo

Title:Gentei Shoujo
First Love Limited Specials
Hatsukoi Limited Specials
Hatsukoi Limited: Limited Girl
Limited Girl
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Notables: GOTO Saori
Original Concept - KAWASHITA Mizuki
Middle School student Andou Soako is an admitted "megaklutz". What's worse, she's been tardy for school for nine days in a row; one more will bring severe punishment. On the tenth day, she oversleeps as usual then races to dress and run to school. On the way she notices that her breasts seem bouncier than usual, and she can feel a distinct breeze underneath her skirt...

Six 4-5 minute episodes.

A spinoff of Hatsukoi Gentei.
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Watch 9 8 4 7 5 6 Devil Doll [series:2270#752]
[Score: 59% = "Watch"]

For a while I wondered whether this will get a higher score than Isshoni Sleeping (which I actually liked). It ended up 1 point better, due to a few scenes that were decent (most notably what Soako did with the towel... this girl really lives up to her self-proclaimed reputation). And yet, I'm not impressed by this kind of fan-service, as it doesn't play in the same league as Kyou no Go no Ni (OVA). Soako is a complete loss as character, and the "story", well... it only had one during the final episode. But since I reserved "Avoid" for anime that demand a severe warning to the potential audience, let's be kind here and leave it at that.

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Watch Stretch [series:2270#628]
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With all the cheap, sleazy, brainless fanservice which is making the rounds these days, I would offer up these specials as an example of a more tasteful form. Here, it is all a matter of what might happen, rather than having T&A shoved in our faces. Getting caught in the sitting-on-a-guy's-face situation which happens routinely in fanservice anime these days would be a absolute disaster here. The suspense is palpable; being bare under the skirt, the luckless Soako is at much greater risk than most girls. Her self-respect as a whole might easily be lost, so this isn't just a matter of a momentary thrill for some guy. The story is told from the point of view of a girl who's trying to avoid a fanservice incident, rather than some horny guy who'd give his right arm for one. In this series, also known as "Limited Girl", it's clear what Soako has a limited supply of. Yet she is doing her best to avoid embarassment, which makes her respectable and likeable. You can sympathize with her, even if you're a guy, and hope that things work out OK for her. Best of all, these specials have some genuine humor to them; the final episode had a genuine LOL joke which by itself could make watching the entire series of specials worthwhile. It's primarily the suspense (will she avoid humiliation or not?) and the jokes which power them, not the usual panties and boobs. And the way it ended was kind of nice.

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