Ladies versus Butlers!

Title:Ladies versus Butlers!
Ladies vs. Butlers!
Redei Bato!
Redei x Bato
れでぃ×ばと! (Japanese)
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Hino Akiharu lost his parents when he was an elementary student and was taken in by his uncle's family. One day, he sees on the news about the newly-established Hakureiryou Gakuin, a school which was re-built from an elite girls' school. He decides to take the exam for that school and succeeds in entering the House Management Department (the place to train maids & butlers). He wants to become a butler, although his appearance scares the ladies. Akiharu has a sinister look in his eyes, a scar on his right eyebrow, and bristled up hair. Add 3 piercings on his ears and he indeed has a typical bad boy look on him.

He meets his "nemesis" at that school, Saikyou Tomomi, a girl with a two faced character who traumatized him many times since they were kids. Another girl named Cernia Iori FlameHeart chases after him because of his looks and calls him suspicious. Still, Akiharu starts finding his feet at the school and his relationships with the girls also get better... (summary from MangaUpdates)
(Source: ANN)

An anime adaptation of a manga story written by KOUZUKI Tsukasa and illustrated by NEKOMARU Nekoyashiki.

12 TV episodes (~24 min)
Series set to air on Jan 05, 2010

Special episode 1 premiere aired on Dec 29, 2009 on the AT-X channel (Source: ANN)
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Watch 8 8 8 6 7 8 Dreamer [series:2233#2279]
ECCHI. That's this series from beginning to end and everything inbetween. As for substance.....

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork and animation was pretty good I suppose. I'd say slightly above the average. Colors were vibrant and a good level of details could be seen. Our characters were well done and the girls were just uber cute and kawaii. I practically fell in love with "drill" (Flameheart). I think it was her voice, her modes of anger and made faces that make her somehow a lovable character. "Daichi" was another favorite and somehow kawaii..... even though he played the role of a "male".

The OP was really nothing impressive. The typical pop piece with female vocals and being too cute. The soundtrack was more or less the same.

Series and Episode Story
This series doesn't shy away from "in-your-face" ecchi action and scenes. That was the first observation. The second observation was some of the characters..... very annoying or totally worthless to the series.... the principle to name one. But, as mentioned earlier, there were a few that were lovable or charming. Aside from that, the plot itself wasn't anything to speak of. Wait, actually, there wasn't a plot. It was all episodic. As for humor, there wasn't much to speak of either. Somehow the two ditzy sisters, i'm assuming were suppose to be the comedy reliefs, were far from comedic. About the only saving grace were some of the characters.

Overall, it wasn't bad and had "barely" enough in it to mark it as a watch. To be fair, there were a few laughs and some charming characters so it wasn't a total loss. I still somehow enjoyed it to some extent.... but do move on to greener pastures.

Last updated Friday, July 09 2010. Created Friday, July 09 2010.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:2233#628]
(Ten episodes watched):

I went into this series with fairly high hopes, perhaps because I was subconsciously associating it with the fun show They Are My Noble Masters. One of the first observations I made was that the character designs reminded me of the sleazy and mediocre Kanokon, but hopefully that was just because both shows had been animated by the same studio. Things went OK until the station break, but afterwards the show rapidly got more and more like Kanokon to my dismay. My hopes sank as I was forced to admit to myself that yeah, this is clearly going to be another cheap T&A show rather than a legitimate comedy. The ass-in-the-face scene had me both bitterly laughing (at the show, not with it) and also shaking my head in a state of disbelief as I tried to deny that I was actually seeing a show as unimaginitive and pathetic as this one. It wasn't made any easier by the realization that this show will probably do quite well, since the fanboys will love it even though there is hardly a shred of talent to be seen. A girl strips in public right in front of a guy; another trips and leaves his face buried in her crotch--this show is like a fanboy's dream of what might happen if he found himself in a school full of sexy girls, the sort of dream which leaves his pajamas filled with goo. This has been done so many times before, and it will be done again so many times to come. The thought occured to me that the "servants" being trained at this place might be prostitutes. Near the end, a character declares "It's going to be much more fun from now on". No, I replied, it most certainly is not. I object to rampant mediocrity; I will not just laugh another trashy show off. I expect a semblance of talent and effort in my entertainment. Comedy with a little fanservice is OK; fanservice with a little comedy is not. Grandmother, I swear on your grave that for as long as I live I will never watch another episode of Ladies versus Butlers!

...actually I'm still watching it. The succeeding episodes haven't been nearly as sleazy as the first two, and there is some humor. I guess the idea behind episodes one and two was to snatch the attention of fanboys and start them watching even if the remainder of the show wasn't going to be as ecchi as they were expecting; but it had the opposite effect on me. I'm still certain that this will be at best a Watch, and that the ecchi is a cheap substitute for talent, but L vs B does serve a useful purpose as a modestly amusing show which I need not pay close attention to. Also, there seems to be a slight shortage of comedy anime at the moment, so I'll make the best of this. In short, I guess I will laugh another trashy show off.

Episode five brings the word 'vapid' to mind. Saikyo and Flameheart have apparently been rivals for a long time, with Saikyo always coming out ahead. The message I got was that their feud would be explained and they would at least take a first step towards making peace, but nothing of the kind happens. Unless--and I hope I got this wrong--Saikyo in fact only seeks to excel because she has a secret envy of Flameheart's tremendous boobs which dwarf her own. Ugh... so talent is meaningless unless you have big knockers.* And a bevy of topless girls appear in the episode's second half, making me wonder if I was too quick to say that the sleaziness of this series had been decreasing. I almost feel queesy at the braindead girl who strips in public and wanders about half naked throughout the episode. Are they just trying to push my male hormone button without making any effort at writing or joke telling?

Well, what else is there to say... this is a show which is narrowly worth watching. In fact, if it were a 26 episode series I would abandon it, but since it is only twelve episodes long I guess I will watch the rest. By the time I get around to watching another episode, I find that I can hardly remember anything about the last one.

My favorite line: "If that's the case, I can also strip" --Girl X

*I hope you're right, Forbin; in my defence, when was the last time a harem comedy didn't include breast envy jokes?

Last updated Monday, April 19 2010. Created Thursday, January 07 2010.
Rent Jan-Chan [series:2233#967]
Hummm... a capable and competent student who finds himself as a butler looking after a pack of spoilt rich kids in a high school campus setting? And his name is NOT Hayate?

Hummm... a scruffy and seasoned young man who finds himself with a small pack (harem?) of cute girls in a high school campus setting? And his name is NOT Ryuuji?

Hummm.... a high school student who ends up fondling every girl he trips over? And his name is NOT Densuke? My friend pops up with a ruler and WACK!! WACK!! WACK!!! Sorry, I won't go there.

Hummm.... interesting first episode. Yeh!! I could whine a bit, but I happen to enjoy these types of light-hearted and silly romance romps....

And the second episode is just too much. While I like the story, the excessive ecchi fanservice (see here) is just a bit too much. I can enjoy a pretty pair of b**bs, but just having it shoved in your face within the first ten seconds of a new episode is.....

This series is RENT, a low-rent perhaps, but still a rent. It is just wayyyyyyy toooo ECCHI. It kinda hurts to have to watch a series try to hide its short comings and deficiencies by turning the b??b and butt factor to HIGH!!!!

Last updated Thursday, May 13 2010. Created Monday, January 04 2010.
Watch 7 7 6 6 Xenoknight [series:2233#2967]
watching now... 9 eps watched...

Ep 9: How could they screw this one up!? How is it even possible? I never thought this type of episode was capable of being ravaged like this. What an epic fail!!!!!!

The kiss from last episode begins to haunt Tomomi and we all know how she hates to lose! Her plan to counter the incident is a (suppose to be) guarantee quality increasing tactic. Hino is forced into some romantic situations with displeasing results! Practically the entire cast of characters showed up to screw things up with their pathetic comedic efforts and loli/yuri breast fondling (too mad to care). Towards the end, the story reveals how she tricked him into wanting to become a bride and it was rather bi--h like of her, but it draws a response that puts her back in the game (to my dismay). My harem choice for Hino is pretty obvious at this point, but the battle isn't over yet. In the end, they got the point across but the ep was so dumb that I couldn't stand it. This type of ep is always a guarantee for me - what happened? Anyway, this title gets some more cool points for the crazy pervert lady buying 5 RPGs over the summer. Mixed ep...

Ep 8: How'd you like them apples (figuratively and literally)? Selnia cashes in her promise from Hino and it results in a trip to her home in Japan along with plenty of fan-service, drama, romance, jealousy, family pride, life/death, comedy, and the blooming of what Tomomi has been cultivating since the beginning of the series. This ep was great and full of chemistry and development. I see Selnia in a new light now. Tomomi has set herself up with a formidable opponent and it won't end as smoothly as she hopes it will. Surprisingly romantic ep...

Ep 7: I didn't like this ep too much. Yes, it was cool to see Pina as a fellow otaku, but it also gave some negative depictions of us as well (win some - lose some). The contents of the ep were boring anyway so it just didn't work out to well. Pina (royal princess) likes an anime character - Magical Diva, and she is dying for another person to share her enthusiasm with. Hino fits the bill quite nicely yet again and they all plan to make a photobook of them all cos-playing the anime characters. Even the brief fan-service didn't make me crack smile. Crappy ep...

Ep 6: Another ep of solid comedy, flavorful fan-service, and slight emotion to round out the half-way point of the series. Hino is able to mark a new tally on his wall of ever-growing girls that have fallen for him as we see Daichi confront some inner demons. The reasons for said demons are reasonable and the way it was resolved (all thanks to Tomomi) was cool. The funniest moment was when Selnia noticed she couldn't even hold her feminine prowess properly (^_^). I had some good laughs with this one. Great ep...

Ep 5: An interesting mix of ep 2 (fan-service/comedy) and 3 (character development/back story). Selnia and Tomomi have more in common then they care to admit and their differences are what make them such an entertaining pair. They both are seen moping and pouting over losing to one another in different areas of life as both of them absolutely hate losing in general. The water trouble in the school was a blessing in disguise as the viewer is treated to a Ladies vs. Butlers - style ecchi fest with full-body nudity and situational rubbing and groping (the good stuff). I had fun on multiple levels with this ep. Let's hope this trend continues. Awesome ep...

Ep 4: WTF!! This ep was ridiculous. Did they really throw us both a gay and lesbian scene!! What is up with that? They way they set up the whole -Khadim falling for Hino at first sight- was entirely bull-s--t, though her assassin/servant trying to kill him was funny. She then goes on to trap and seduce him at every turn to make him "seal the deal" as per the Khadim family rules. Our buxom babe from ep 2 is portrayed as the blithering idiot in this ep, which is her assigned role, but it was painfully obvious this time around. As I predicted, Tomomi is definitely steering this series into the harem lane which is fine by me, but too much craziness might hurt this series down the line. I really do hate gay crap. Over-the-top ep...

Ep 3: A surprisingly charming episode. Its test time and Hino (Akiharu) gets dragged into another scheme cooked up by Tomomi. Osawa (the 19 year old child) is a famed artist as she can draw with the best of them and Hino is assigned to watch over her for the entire day. It's a rough partnership at first, but Hino slowly discovers many things about her and sees the world through her eyes for a while. Her story is a good one and her qualities brought the episode to a different place. That is to say it decreased in the ecchi flavor and increased in the story and character development departments. It was a refreshing take that will pay off in the long run. If you watch carefully, you'll notice exactly what Tomomi is trying to do with Hino and all of the girls. I like where she is taking this series. Let's just say that Osawa and Drill (Flameheart) have been checked off the list. Charming ep...

Ep 2: Hilarious ep! This ep had me laughing like a mad man. It's Hino's first day in the academy and Selnia (as well as some other girls) don't make things easy for him. The bathroom scene was to die for as the characters' many changing positions became more and more erotic. I was laughing the whole way through. The pool scene was another one for this ep as we get a little of everything at once. It seems that Selnia's heart and brain aren't speaking the same language as we see her attitude towards Hino begin to change. This title is funny as hell. Ridiculously funny ep...

First impression: A funny title to kick off the new anime season. A normal guy (with a quick wit) transfers to a new school with a more proper etiquette and he manages to accidentally touch, violate, or fondle nearly every female on campus (the best kind of first impression). His excuse at the end was that "everything is the outcome of natural progression, bad luck and coincidence". You'll notice that most of the girls had Kanokon character designs which was easy to relate to, but kind of on the bland side. Overall, this title is about some school kids looking to spice up their strict lifestyles. Looks like the recipe for a great comedy to me. I found myself laughing and enjoying the hell out of this episode and I can't wait for more.

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

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Rent Forbin [series:2233#1573]
Analysis : 12 Fansubs Watched

Ok first off, this is a MAJOR pervert show. Tons of naked girls doing well naked things to each other. Every episode features one of the girls in her birthday suit and some episodes feature most of them.

Now on the the review.

Ok this show is all about a boy who wants to go to a school to become a butler. He's ugly and is fairly dumb and extremely DENSE about love. He goes through the series bumping into certain girls who just 'fall' for him. Finally at the end the 2 primary girls are practically hair pulling each other. And throughout all of this, our 'hero' doesn't notice. AKA a typical harem plot. Actually 1 girl does not fall for him. Pina..I think.

What made this funny is just how the 'main' girl has hair that looks like a drill. In fact it spins when she gets mad. The other 'main' girl has a really evil face when she decides to play a trick on someone.

So what did I like about this show?
  • The girls fighting during the last 4 episodes. It was awesome.
So what did I hate about this show?
  • The stupid sisters. One strips and one is clumsy. Just plain dumb
  • The length of the show. It was too short. Should've been more episode or cut out a few girls.
  • Too much nudity.

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