Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity

Title:Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity
タユタマ -Kiss on my Deity-
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Notables: HINO Satoshi
ITOU Shizuka
R1 Distributor - Section23 Films (ADV)
R1 License - Subtitled Only
Yuuri Mito is a third year high school student who is a descendant of the Mito family of the Yachimata Shrine. One day during spring break, Yuuri and his friends Ameri and Sankurou discover a wooden relic which bears mysterious symbols in the school's woods. The relic turns out to host the Tayutai race which the shrine worships, but is deemed to be insignificant for preservation by the school, and will be demolished to allow the school grounds' expansion. Yuuri later sneaks into the school to transfer the relic's spirits, after coming to the conclusion that destroying the relic may be harmful. As he performs the ritual, he accidentally summons Kikuramikami no Hime, a Tayutai goddess who explains the belligerent relationship between humans and Tayutai, and materializes as a young girl, hoping to maintain a mutual relationship with humans. The relic is then destroyed after an accident caused by Ameri, which accidentally releases the entire Tayutai race, among whom are Nue and Oryu, two other influential Tayutai who hold humans in low regard.

Adaptation of the adult visual novel game ↗Tayutama -kiss on my deity-, from Japanese game developer Lump of Sugar.

New anime series set to air starting April 5th '09.
Animation by SILVER LINK.
12 TV episodes. (~24 min)
~2 minute trailer: YouTube video
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01, 1893
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Watch 8 8 7 7 7 7 Dreamer [series:2078#2279]
Although a lot of the reviews were favorable and the artwork looked pretty good, I found it hard to like or even keep interested in this series.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art was average. Okay, to be fair, slightly above average. Nothing really special here. Same thing can be said about the animation. Character designs were good but were the typical and cliche.

The OP wasn't horrible. It was just an average song... a mixture of fast past pop and alternative. I did catch myself humming to hit now and then when I was sitting through the opening sequence.

Series and Episode Story
I had a hard time sitting through and enjoying this one. In fact, after about episode 3, I wandered off and watched a few other series and came back to it hoping that I'd be more interested. However, that was only a "slight" more interest. None of the characters grew on me and to be blunt, they were all boring really. Well.... not completely. The "one" character I thought was ok was "Nue"... and that's only because she had a super annoying but cute voice. The plot was lack luster and there was nothing dramatic about this series. And then there was the end. It tried to be dramatic and serious but somehow, it failed something horrible. You just don't have a freakin' cuddle scene (Ameri and Yuu), in the middle of a freakin' dramatic final battle!!!!

Overall, I can "marginally" say that it might be okay to watch in between other series. As for me, I just couldn't keep up with the show.

Last updated Saturday, October 03 2009. Created Saturday, October 03 2009.
Unevaluated Forbin [series:2078#1573]
First Look,

It's cute, and I'm watching it.


Last updated Thursday, April 16 2009. Created Thursday, April 16 2009.
Watch Stretch [series:2078#628]
(All episodes watched):

With a title like this, who could resist wanting to watch the opening episode ASAP? Since a fansub had yet to appear, I downloaded the raw version to learn what I could from that. It began with a standard display of magical combat skills, which made me nervous that this might not be the comedy which I had been hoping for after all. But I realized that a common trick is to use a serious opening scene which is then contrasted with the light hearted tone of the bulk of a show as a sort of joke, and such was the case here. The typical comedy series character designs were re-encouraging. I had no idea whether what they were saying had any wit to it, of course. In fact, the thought occured to me that 'hey, they really are speaking a foreign language after all'! I usually concentrate so much on the subtitles that I'd almost forgotten that. A very good sign came when I recognized the voice of Norio Wakamoto. Also encouraging was the amusing sight of tiny spirits drifting underneath a girl's skirt. A boy (the main character, I presume; a male Miko, or apprentice priest, apparently), has a strange encounter with a strange girl. Later, an accident with a motorscooter leads to a Goddess (I think--the word 'Kamisama' was used several times) being released from some sort of monolith--and she promptly adopts a different form from the awe inspiring and frightening one she had held previously. I was reminded of Kannagi, due to the Goddess-in-trouble-takes-on-human-form premise. I decided that I would save the second half for when subtitles are available, so as not to spoil too much. But so far I was encouraged and enthusiastic, and couldn’t wait for a fansub group to commit to this project.

Having finally watched the same episode in subtitled form, I can't say that the jokes and dialogue "wowed" me, but this seems the sort of modestly amusing, semi-generic and largely disposable anime comedy series which are my bread and butter. In terms of quality, probably in the same league as last season's Asu no Yoichi and Akikan, I would say. This series took a beating from the expert critics, but personally I need some simple, dumb comedies which are easy to watch--where would I be without them? Indeed, I was dismayed to find that Tayutama seems to be about the only show of this sort during the Spring season. Actually, episode two suggests a little unpredictability and originality, such as with Mashiro inadvertantly getting kicked upstairs to the elite girl's school. What struck me about Tayutama was the way it wove back and forth between seemingly dangerous supernatural situations and simple comedy. Frightening opponents sometimes turned out to be silly and harmless. I thought the ending was unusual, too: instead of the usual half-assed corny conclusion it had a sentimental, bittersweet one. They even did something which very seldom happens when a strange girl shows up and declares herself to be a guy’s wife. All-in-all, a show that was well worth watching.

My favorite line: "Staying with a God is a little too much to handle!" --Ameri

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Unevaluated chibi [series:2078#2380]
Character designs looks like Gosyusho-sama Ninomiya-kun. Uber-cute girls, but almost no facial expression change. From what I can tell with my weak Japanese, Yuuri promised chibi Mashiro that he'd marry her when she grew up, and then she did -- overnight! Be careful what promises you make to animal deities!

Last updated Monday, April 19 2010. Created Tuesday, April 07 2009.
Watch 8 8 7 8 7 7 Xenoknight [series:2078#2967]
final review soon...

Final ep: With enough anticipation to die for. This ep will be the bread-winner of the series. Will Yuuri make his final choice? Will Ouryuu make peace with the gang, meet his maker, or destroy the world? Will there be an opening for a second season? Can Ameri find happiness regardless of Yuuri's decision? Will Mashiro pave the way for coexistence? What are everyone's future goals after all is said and done? The Watch vs. Buy rating will vary depending on those answers...

After the final viewing: I didn't like the ending. It was nice, but unsatisfying. They just throw us the typical "everyone wins" type ending and leave it at that. Yuuri makes his final choice and everyone is content with it (except me). They amped me up so much with the depression and hatred and then give me that crap non-dramatic conclusion (bad move). Ouryuu lets everything just go and we never get to see his true feelings about the way everything ended. Ameri just... well.... it's not even worth mentioning really so forget about her (what a waste). I can't believe how they "tucked Mashiro away" (so to speak) and that is the end of her coexistence efforts! Everyone else lives the rest of their days in peace and the story pretty much closes the door with the unshakable sense of finality (no need for a second season with that ending). This series was fun though until the end. It keeps the Watch!

Better luck next lifetime Yuuri...

Ep 11:



This ep was the best episode yet and was the very reason I watched this series in raw form all along! "The battle between mortals and gods" is the theme as everything is put on the line. All the gods face off against Ouryuu and the result is completely one-sided in a stunning display of sheer dominance. After all the smoke clears, the remaining warriors face off with no intention of losing. Yuuri finds himself alone and must face his greatest enemy in a pure one-on-one duel. They fight with immense anger for each other, but Ouryuu admits a sympathetic truth about his prior attempts at a better future!!! Ameri makes Mashiro see the world through her eyes and shows her the way Yuuri WOULD'VE been if the deities had never appeared. That scene was the blessing of the harem genre. A very powerful yet painful scene (a silent animation is worth a million words). The battles were set for:

Ameri vs. Mashiro in a battle of words and emotions for Yuuri.

- Ameri puts her heart on the line and faces Mashiro (or not faces her) with everything that has transpired throughout the series!!!

Ouryuu vs. Yuuri in a battle of strength and survival.

- Yuuri has come a long way in his training and he isn't about to lose the final battle without giving Ouryuu a taste of his own medicine. It was an epic scale battle with Ouryuu crushing Yuuri inside of a building and blasting him with unholy flame over and over again!!!

Towards the end of the ep, Ameri and Mashiro come to a decision and it results in Ouryuu getting screwed. The dragon god makes his final move for this battle and forces Yuuri's untapped power to erupt! As if he were Goku in Super Saiyan 3 form, Yuuri powers up like you wouldn't believe while the frustrated Ouryuu shows equal rage and they both charge at each other head on in an epic explosion that ends the episode!!! What a cliff hanger! There was even a plug after the credits for some kind of project this title is involved in with the Xbox 360!!! Being the huge gamer that I am, I don't have to mention how many extra cool points this title has earned after that. This ep was worth the entire 11 episodes it took to see it...

Ep 10: Ameri continues to spiral into a world of pain and suffering with thoughts of Yuuri. Seeing her hit her all time low must've had a bigger impact on me then I originally expected. Yuuri worries about his future while considering how to proceed in helping Mashiro with her dream of coexistence. Yuuri makes the worst mistake ever in taking Mashiro over to see Ameri at her house! Ameri's rage was like a tidal wave and the tension could cut a planet in two. The issue with Yurri's powers and Mashiro is very clear at this point. Ouryuu makes his final gamble on Ameri, and this time, someone isn't going to walk away from this encounter...

Ep 9: The beginning was priceless. Aside from knowing it was a daydream, Mashiro and Mifuyu are seen in a romantic situation with Yuuri (as if this title would ever go that route for the fans, but one can still dream...). By Ameri's request, Yuuri and the gang all go out to enjoy each others company. Mashiro discovers a terrifying truth about Yuuri's powers and suffers with the thought of not being able to .... anymore! Ameri becomes the star player in the end when several occasions lead her to get closer to Yuuri. When her heart couldn't take it anymore, she bottles up all of her emotional strength to tell him something only to suffer a devastating blow at the hands of her competition. At the end of her rope, Ameri begins to give into the darkness that made Ouryuu sync with her so well in the first place and he is seen again (!) in the shadow of the moon laughing menacingly.

Ep 8: Yuuri and Mashiro vs. Ameri and Ouryuu. This ep was very enlightening. Ameri (with all that was left of her normal self) tried to find out the truth about Yuuri's feelings for Mashiro. Nue gave Yuuri a means in which to protect himself without Mashiro around and Yuuri is able to discover Ouryuu (the dragon) and what his hold was on Ameri. Filled with regret and jealousy like no other, Ameri's emotions became liquid gold for Ouryuu and he was sure to drink it all. Saved by Mashiro, Yuuri and Ameri face off with their respective Tayutai in toe. The battle in the sky is fierce with fire blasts and combined celestial beam attacks. Once a victor was decided, the lead couple runs to Ameri to confirm her safety. Little do they understand that Ouryuu's strength came from Ameri's pain in seeing Yuuri and Mashiro together. The hat crushed under the Ferris wheel signifies everything as far as Ameri is concerned. It all made me appreciate Ameri that much more. Later, Yuuri and Mashiro talk about Ameri and how strong she is. On the other side of things however, Ameri is at wits end and cries to herself in a corner. Her pain is very real and can only serve to bring the viewer closer to the characters. A beautifully well done episode...

Ep 7: We get the battle: Yuuri and the gang vs. Ou. After the battle, Mashiro collapses and the dragon is seen preparing for his next plan. A new Tayutai (or pair of) joins the group as Yumina's partner. They have some real power on their side now and Yuuri and Mashiro aren't alone in this battle.

Ep 6: Now things are getting insane! It seems that the last attack from the dragon has rendered Mashiro "bite-size" again. All was well until the gang decides to make Yuuri a part of Flawless by giving him a stone (Megatoma I think it's called) that turns him into a girl?! Yumima gets a Tayutai of her own and it looks like nothing but a nuisance. The last portion of the ep was fantastic. A flock of jet-black ravens attack Yuuri as he protects Yumina from harm (scoring big points with her as well). When all hope seems lost, Yumina is able to call out to the Tayutai and the little chicken thing turned into a GIANT BLAZING BLUE PHOENIX!!! Its hellish death stare was more than enough to bring the chaos to a screeching halt. I would be scared too if I saw how dreadful those bloody eyes were. Yuuri remembers Mifuyu's words of the Phoenix as the other half of Hou-ou flies into the city accompanied by more ravens...

Ep 5: Ameri steps up her game in this ep. The harem battle for Yuuri is on and it seems that Ameri has developed a "third green eye" (if you know what I mean) when the discussion comes down to Mashiro. Ameri put her best foot forward, but is rejected and dismissed every time. The next Tayutai makes his presence known and he doesn't look like a guy who will go down as easily as Nue did. Using a certain someone against Yuuri who is obviously infuriated with him, the dragon Tayutai is able to outsmart the lead couple and devastate them both. How can Yuuri fight this new enemy? The story kicks it up another few notches with this one...

Ep 4: Here is the action! It wasn't that big of a deal, though it was refreshing to see Mashiro and Yuuri cut loose and kick some a**. Mifuyu is our standard "kunoichi-type" as she is on a whole other level (for a human that is). She also notices something in Yuuri as well as she starts to think of him more and begins to give him that look. With a new addition to the group, they prepare for what else is to come. This story is turning out great...

Ep 3: The story is starting to get interesting with those who support Mashiro all the way and those who aren't in agreement with her stories of being a Tayutai. Ameri went on the deep end for a second there and it really made her look bad. Yuuri stands with Mashiro all the way and together, they grow ever closer in their unique relationship. Great ep...

Ep 2: This ep was rich with laughs! I was laughing so hard, I couldn't believe where all this comedy came from (where was this during ep one?). Yuuri takes Mashiro to school and everyone finds out about their current relationship and the laughs escalate from there. Yuuri is a popular guy all of a sudden with 8 wives!!!!! (LOL). It looks like Mashiro has tons of work to do before she becomes a regular in this society. What is with this title anyway? Why am I watching RAW eps!!!!! This title better become something fierce down the road or I won't be a happy reviewer. Great ep...

Ep 1: Our main lead, Mito Yuuri, is your normal "red-blooded" male with some exceptional skill in the spiritual/exorcism department (not to be sexist, but isn't this a feminine role?). He senses things are amiss with a certain shrine and goes out with his friends to investigate. After a tremendous spiritual display and an understanding between Goddess and man, an accident (if you can call it that) causes the worst possible scenario to occur. Three evil deities are all released and want revenge for being sealed for 500 years. With what little strength the virtuous Goddess, Kikurami, had left to combat this unstoppable enemy, she summons a miniature version of herself to stand in opposition of the 3 deities. With only just being created, our little Goddess doesn't fair very well and is defeated but sparred (for now until she can give them a real challenge). Being completely responsible, the gang returns to Yuuri's house and he decides to live up to the promise he made with Kikurami, to help create a world in which Tayutai (Deity/God) and humans may live as one with his own abilities. A sudden promise with the newly named Mashiro (our little Goddess who claims to be very different from her adult form), takes a turn for the better as she pledges herself to him (!) and his cause of defeating the 3 deities who are now tearing the world asunder with chaos and mischief.

First impression: Now that is how to start off an interesting anime series! It was great though the art and character design was just as plain as True Tears, but that doesn't matter at this point so early in. The main lead is a regular guy with not so regular skills and has a destiny to fulfill that transcends his mortal soul. Being a "harem" title, it feels like a destined action title with the fate of the world in the balance. Will a true harem fit in a story like this? Can they pull off a "double feature" and give us the kick-a** action without belittling the struggles that harem fans demand? Will the spirit animals that surround Mashiro ever stop chanting her name (LOL)? Only time will tell...

Intrigued aren't you? I know I am to say the least. The trailer for this title is "pimp as hell" (for lack of better words). I can't wait to see how this one unfolds...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

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