Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan

Title:Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Rurouni Kenshin
Rurouni Kenshin: Romance of a Meiji Swordsman
Samurai X
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Notables: MATSUMOTO Yasunori
Original Concept - WATSUKI Nobuhiro
R1 License - Media Blasters
UEDA Yuuji
Kenshin Himura, better known as Hitokiri Battousai, has made an oath to never kill again. To atone for his past actions he has become a wanderer who uses a reverse-blade sword to help people. He is 28 at the start of the series--which is set roughly ten years after the events of the Tsuiokuhen OVA. He saves a girl named Kaoru Kamiya and she invites him to stay at her dojo. Other characters join the cast as part of Kenshin's group as the series goes on.

Kenshin and his friends fight various groups to protect people and to maintain peace in Japan. Interspersed with the fights there are a variety of adventures and comedic tangents, even a little romance.
[94 TV episodes based off the manga of the same name.]

2:28min Series Trailer - ANN Video
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Rent 8 7 8 7 8 7 Ggultra2764 [series:19#1552]
Rurouni Kenshin does quite a bit to stick out of the norm for a shounen action title. It believably depicts the uncertainty of the early years of the Meiji Restoration era of Japan with corrupt political, economic and military activity; hostilities with former samurai of the Tokugawa period; and even some cases of religious prejudice as Shintoism became greatly favored during the time period. Kenshin's very character sticks out from the norm as well considering he's not a battle-loving, naive and lively young hero. Instead, we have ourselves a character who is well into his years of adulthood, weary of the many bloody battles and journeying he has partaken, seeks to avoid pointless and bloody battles where possible and battling with his personal demons from when he was an assassin killing others to bring about the new Meiji era. The series introduces a cast of diverse characters with differing backgrounds who faced differing dilemmas from the end of the Tokugawa shogunate and/or ordeals with the new Meiji government, many of whom Kenshin finds himself trying to either help out or forced into conflict with if they get hostile. The Kyoto arc seen throughout the middle of the series offers the best material within the series as we come to learn more about Kenshin's past when he was an assassin and taught his Hiten Mitsurugi sword style, as well as having to overcome his bloodlusted Battousai side when confronted with foes from his past and new ones brought about thanks to the corrupt activities of the Meiji government.

The show isn't without its faults though. The series still does dabble into some of the common cliches you can find in shounen action titles with characters usually getting up to continue battle after being seriously injured from attacks, some over-the-top elements (Fuji the giant of the Juppongatana for instance) and villainous characters getting in the annoying habit of blabbering about how strong or unbeatable they think they are. The series is also quite infamous for having a good number of filler episodes since the anime caught up with its manga source material after the Raijuta and Kyoto arcs with their quality tending to vary (Christian arc was decent while Feng Shui and Divine Elixir arcs got too ridiculous), putting the show's main plot developments to a screeching halt and ultimately leading to the TV anime's cancellation due to its declining popularity from said filler episodes. This was especially disappointing as there were some hints dropped in the final episode of the Kyoto arc and an ED sequence over the upcoming developments of the manga's Jinchuu arc.

In terms of visuals, Rurouni Kenshin sports clean colors and decently detailed designs of scenery and characters with the quality becoming increasingly better as episodes progress. Animation shortcuts were noticeable for me, but action sequences were engaging thanks to the various fighting styles that Kenshin and his allies faced from their various foes as they were mostly grounded and not as exotic and over-the-top with battle techniques and tactics like those found in popular shounen action titles like Dragon Ball Z and Bleach. The show's insert music mostly consists of tense or energetic tracks that fit with the mundane, serious and comical moments seen throughout Rurouni Kenshin, though many of the show's musical choices for OP and ED sequences sounded quite generic and didn't fit too well with the mood of the series.

Overall, Rurouni Kenshin made for one of the better shounen action titles I've had a chance of checking out thanks to the implementation of its historic setting, the tensions of the time period and seeing the complicated ordeals faced by Kenshin as he tries to move on from his bloody past as an assassin. While some of the conventional elements of shounen and the various filler episodes kill some of the quality to the series, it still offers enough unique material to make it stand out from more conventional shounen action titles, still making it a worthwhile watch.

Last updated Wednesday, March 28 2012. Created Wednesday, March 28 2012.
Watch 6 7 7 8 8 7 Scarred Sword Heart [series:19#2240]
I liked the anime over all, though I was disappointed by it after I read the manga and found out just how much cool stuff was changed or left out. Please, get rid of the pink gi and Ayame and Suzume! They are not necessary to the show and what kind of swordsman wears pink?!

Also, please tone down on violent, weepy Kaoru. She does do some of those things in canon, but the anime really over-emphasizes these aspects of her character. Kenshin also comes across as way too much of a goof ball. Sano and Yahiko are about the same, though Yahiko's English VA makes me want to puncture my ear drums.

On the plus side, I loved the anime's version of the sayonara scene which opened the Kyoto Arc. It was much more lavishly done than in the manga and captured Kaoru and Kenshin's feelings very well.

Over all, I thought the voice acting was well done. This is one of the few animes where I prefer the English to the Japanese. Why does Kenshin sound like an eight-year-old girl in the Japanese version? Mayo Suzukaze was so awesome as Battousai in Tsuiokuhen, but she doesn't do a very good job as the Rurouni.

In the English version, I thought Richard Hayworth did a passable job as Kenshin's VA. I really loved Lex Lang as Sanosuke though. His voice just fit Sano so perfectly. Indeed, that's what made me first fall in love with Sanosuke.

Last updated Friday, June 15 2007. Created Friday, June 15 2007.
Unevaluated AstroNerdBoy [series:19#436]

Through 1 episode...

Boy was I stunned to learn that Kenshin's seiyuu was a woman! The English dub has him clearly as a man but the Japanese version made me freaking wonder. And speaking of wondering, what the smeg is Media Blasters doing using "Rurouni" in the title of the anime, but then in the subtitles using "wanderer" instead. Oh wait. The dub used "wanderer" so the subtitles MUST use "wanderer" too. Smeg heads! Oh, and while I'm at it, if you are going to domesticate Kaoru-dono, "Miss" just doesn't fit. "Lady" might be more appropriate, though that's still not quite right, it is better than "Miss"...smeg heads. Still, the series seems very interesting at only one episode (my irritation with bloody R1 licensors aside).

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Buy Violet D [series:19#1393]
A chance to unwind and relax is what I do when I watch my anime. A good one to relax on is to watch Rurouni Kenshin tales of the meiji. They are finally back in Kyoto after the revolution. In this DVD there are a few stories to enjoy. There is the Legend of the Fireflies. Kenshin goes out with the girls fishing and runs into a fisherman who tells him when he was younger he was always looking for the right technique with the sword and ended up losing to a woman who loved him and wished on the fireflies for his return. When he tells this story he is an older man and he tells Kenshin not to let his life go by and waste it. The final episode in this DVD is titled Kaoru Ecstatic. There are lots of funny parts and it's fun to watch. Kenshin is a great anime and I own these first sets also.

Last updated Thursday, May 12 2005. Created Thursday, May 12 2005.
Buy Z [series:19#1781]
Starts slow, with hints of more to come, gets very good, I'd even say excellent towards the middle, ends horribly. But the first half is a must have for anime fans. Truly great stuff. There are some annoying filler episodes (I nearly stopped watching after they tried to claim that since Karou taught how to fight with a sword she was also qualified to train a sumo wrestler), but little by little you get a taste for what this series is going to be about. When Kenshin finds a rival worth his time, Shishio, this series hits a whole new gear, which puts this anime at the top of many fans lists.
Sadly, after the Shishio, or Kyoto arc this series takes a horrible, horrible down turn. I don't understand how no one else here is calling them on this. From what I understand the problem (I could be wrong but this is my understanding) stemmed from the fact that the manga was still being made at this time. At that time the manga was going through an Enishi arc (a guy people may remember from the OVAs). The creators of the TV series didn't want to start on this arc until they knew how it would end, so they created their own. The result of this? The managed to get a show, which as you can see has many fans and rave reviews, CANCELLED before they could put out the Enishi arc. How'd they do this? They decided "Well, we've proven Kenshin can beat about any hardcore swordman. More proof of this is tedious and unintersting. So how can we still give him people to fight that are worthwhile? I know! We'll give them special powers that we can't begin to justify!" If that sound pathetic, well it is. The sad thing is some of the stuff they came up with was worthwhile. I thought Amakusa Shougo would have been a very interesting character. But they weren't happy with just a guy that also happened to know the sword fight style of Kenshin. No. Spoiler alert: They also decided (along with making a weird version of Christianity that included reincarnation) to give him the power to blind people. The people could regain their sight if they beat him later. Yes, Kenshin lost to him badly, lost his sight, but later beat him despite being blind. It gets worse. I won't go into details, but when he fights a guy on a horse he fails to use common sense on how to fight (something that is his strength most of the time) and doesn't really beat the guy; the guy just goes insane randomly after falling from his horse and kills himself.
This is a great series, don't get me wrong. The fight is top notch. You really get a feel for the style Kenshin uses; something that's lacking in most series. You feel like you learn a lot about swordfighting, Japan history and cuture. One of my favorite and a buy. But you can easily quit after 62 or 63 episodes IMO. If I sounded negative it was just to balance out the overwelming good responce from others.

Last updated Saturday, January 08 2005. Created Saturday, January 08 2005.
Buy Anonymous #1590 [series:19#1590]
i think this is one of the best animes ever but thats just me. just for reference the other people that are..."kenshin gumi" (i guess thats what you call them, oh well) are Megumi(female doctor whoes family is or was from Aizu) and Yahiko Miojin (not sure bout the spelling on that) well, i have only seen up to the fight between Makoto Shishio and Kenshin (really cool fight by the way) oh yeah the "reverse blade sword" is also called a sakabato. i agree some of the filler episodes are really boring but thats why there're fillers.
i havent been able to see the OVA (basically anything that wasnt shown on tv) and i realize they cut a ton of things cause they were to violent or language but whatever.
OH YEAH! Sanos weapon was a Zanbato (it was used to kill the horse and rider in one swing) well does anybody else think Sano was too skiny (not enough muscles) to use that sword??
music i heard was great (really like Freckles- upbeat and just makes you smile, when i first heard it though i could not understand what they were sayin)
my vote is its a must watch if you like violence, comedy, and swordsmanship.
Aoshi is SOOOOO cool (sorry ^-^)
*side note this is my first post so bear with me...

Last updated Wednesday, September 15 2004. Created Wednesday, September 15 2004.
Buy Cedahlia [series:19#1520]
This is a completely AWESOME series! It is my favorite ever. The series is about the former Hitokiri Battousai who kills no longer. Kenshin has taken a vow never to kill again, yet his past always catches up with him and he is put in positions where his morals are really put to the test. There are no words to describe how wonderful Rurouni Kenshin is. ^_^ You must buy it!

Last updated Saturday, July 31 2004. Created Saturday, July 31 2004.
Watch 6 7 6 7 8 Tom [series:19#1086]
I've seen up to the conflict with Shura, so I haven't seen the Kyoto arc, which I've heard is the best out of the whole thing.
Anyway, the first few episodes suck until we meet Jinei, then things get interesting. The fighting is alright, so far anyway, and it does get better as the series progresses. What I don't like is how we have those dumb emotional moments, like when the oni-wa-ban group sacrifices themselves.
But it is getting better, I'll have to update this when I see more.

Last updated Wednesday, April 28 2004. Created Wednesday, April 28 2004.
Buy 9 9 9 9 10 n.d. wolfwood [series:19#1214]
definitely a must buy. the japanese seiyuu was better. please dont call it samurai x, it makes you sound ignorant, especially since kenshin was an assassin and not a samurai. the animation is pretty good, it gets the tone of the show right. the reason kenshin doesn't kill is because he is atoning for all the lives he took as hitokiri battousai(please dont call him battousai the manslayer either, it just sounds stupid). don't listen to those who only like stupid violence, this is a classic show. the manga was even better and id suggest picking it up.

Last updated Sunday, February 15 2004. Created Sunday, February 15 2004.
Watch 8 7 10 5 7 6 pashunfrut [series:19#979]
meh, I watched this show and was immediately turned off because of the whacky slapstick anticks contrasting very serious themes to do with redemption and murder. Didnt mix well with me, then I watched the oav and got drawn into the story, I watched the whole series and gotta say watch it or maybe rent it. Sometimes it has the substance of the oav and really delivers in terms of character development and plot, but then they just throw in some really bad filler episodes that basically end the series if they had have ended the series after the battle with shishio and actually had some sort of real development between kenshin and kaoro then it could have been much better. I am probably biased because I prefer subtle wit to retarded slapstick.

Last updated Tuesday, October 07 2003. Created Tuesday, October 07 2003.
Buy dhrachth [series:19#962]
Not a lot I can say that hasn't already been spelled out, but for a quick take:
Good series with a nice balance of comedy, drama, romance, and action.
There are some meaningful philosphical & ethical issues brought up for those who appreciate that kind of thing. There's also some wacky comedy.
It's very different in tone and execution from the OAV, which I think is a good thing. It is ten years later, and it's nice to see that Kenshin has moved on and is actually happy sometimes. (Just don't expect Samurai X going in.)
There are some weak episodes & story arcs, especially near the end. But out of 96 episodes, I'd say there are at least 70 good ones.

Last updated Thursday, September 11 2003. Created Thursday, September 11 2003.
Buy 9 10 10 10 10 10 Youkai Battousai [series:19#874]
Deffinetly on my top ten list. This series has got great characters and I especially love how the history of Kenshin slowly unfolds. Each character has their own story ^not so much kaoru^ and each story was told episode by episode and you could never know enough about them. This story revolves around Kenshins past and present state, always having Kenshin think of his wrong doings back before the Mejji era. Though I don't find them all that wrong, I'm always one for more blood and killing. But if that's how they did it then I have a feeling it wouldn't be on tv. Or at least not on Toonami...or on saturdays seeing as they replaced it with YuYu Hakusho ^grumbles^ Well now I'm just rambling about crap so I'll be off.

Last updated Friday, July 25 2003. Created Friday, July 25 2003.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 jamique [series:19#852]
This has to be hands down the greatest anime ever. The only thing that i did not like was the episodes that had nothing to do with the story's main plot. One episode in particular comes to mind, I don't know what the episode number is, but anyway its the one where the kenshin gumi goes on a train ride. The whole episode made my stomache hurt. It's like hello no one can beat Kenshin so just stop trying to already.
Just rambling on, anyway the story has you wanting more and more. Until you explode into tears when the series is over with.
I hope they make a spinoff or somethin of that nature.

Last updated Tuesday, July 15 2003. Created Tuesday, July 15 2003.
Buy 8 8 8 10 7 7 Kari [series:19#798]
I like Rurouni Kenshin, but I probably like Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen more. Kenshin much more talkative in this than he is in Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen. One thing that bothered me about this show, was how some of the villains would stop in the middle of a fight, and tell their biography and their motives. I know Kenshin doesn't kill to atone for his past, but despite Kenshin himself not killing, the show remains very violent.

The music for the show's pretty good though, especially Starless, even though it's only about 35 seconds long.

I think this has a good dub, but unfortunately I can't say the same for the OVAs. I like Richard Hayworth as Kenshin, Sparky Thornton as Saitou, and David Lucas as Shishio.

This is a good show though. You can buy the Rurouni Kenshin DVDs for $10.00 - $15.00 each, or the Seasons 1-3 boxed sets. You may want to pick up Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen/Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal as well.

Last updated Tuesday, December 05 2006. Created Sunday, June 22 2003.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 MizuKagami [series:19#670]
This show has got to be my favorite anime show of all time. I've been collecting the series for over a year now, and finally they bring it out on Cartoon Network, only to butcher it for the little kiddies that might be watching...grrrr...
I love the animations in this series, the swordfights are awesome, and the flashbacks into Kenshin's past are completely captivating. Also captivating is the growing love between Kenshin and Karou despite Kenshin's past love with Tomoe.
I cant stand Karou bashers either! There's nothing wrong with her, she's a very courageous and noble young woman, just like Tomoe was too...they throw in the senseless beatings to cready a comedic atmosphere, I say there's nothing wrong with that!
Long story short, and ranting aside LOL, I love Kenshin, the show is awesome, and here's some good news, they are finally brining out the manga in November, no news yet on whether or not it will be just in Shonen Jump, or in Graphic Novel form...let's hope for both!
Anyway, get the series, and the OAV's too, they are so good!

Last updated Wednesday, June 18 2003. Created Wednesday, June 18 2003.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 I am just a wanderer...thats all that I am. [series:19#745]
CAN YOU SAY "ONE OF THE BESTEST ANIMES IVE EVER SEEN"?!?!?!?! I CAN...AND I SAY IT PROUDLY. anyway, heres the lodown.(oh and btw, i changed that lil "synopsis" thingy up top to make it sound a lil more interesting.) lets start with characters.
you got Himura kenshin (formerly Hitokiri batousai [batousai the manslayer]), you main character, he still has manslayer blood but he keeps it controlled. a very wise soul, he thinks about every move. and hes fast! really fast!! he carries a sword thats not normal,(he says its worth as much as dirt) but since one side is straight and the other side is the blade, or as he calls it, the reverse blade sword.(I SO WANT ONE!!reasons are obvious)since he has promised not to kill, he uses it to distribute pain, and does he distribute. then you got kaoru (pretty sure its spelled right) she is kenshins supposable love interest. she hangs on him and hits him with things, shes kinda like kagome from inuyasha, just not as harshe. she teaches at a dojo, but has very few students, if any.
then theres sanosuke, your basic "ahnuld mixed with stallone" hell kik your ass for a nickel and go spend it on a slurpee(do they have slurpees?)i have no idea what his weapon was, it looked like...uh...lil help can join in anytime...neway, kenshin kiked his ass and cut hie weapon into bits so now he uses his fist to beat people and he can tenderize a 69oz steak in 2 seconds flat!!(i dont know...i jus said that) and dont forget the whiny...CRAP...forgot his name..DAMIT...neway...when i figure out his name ill tell ya his bio...and if you wantthe later chracters, look at the movie...not the OVA, but the one where kenshin and saitoh fight is on the cover...or w/e
so anyway, the basic story is somewhat comedic compared to the OVA, in the OVA he kills...alot, its the prequel to this series, whem he gives up killing. but its good, if you got time on your hands, or you a hardcore RK fan, or if you like stories with some samurai swords and stuff, a must see!!
oh and btw, whoever made the remark about kenshin not being a "samurai"...the reason they caled it samurai x is because Hiten-Mitsurugi-Ryu is a samurai style and the X, well he has a freekin huge X on his face...SO IN YOUR EYE!!
oh and sorry for spelling, i cant type to save that penny in the gutters...
(\/) )
smoking bunny frendz unite!!!
extreme editing by the pants monster (")o0(")

Last updated Wednesday, June 18 2003. Created Wednesday, June 18 2003.
Watch 7 8 5 6 6 6 He, The Hitokiri [series:19#666]
I am a huge fan of Kenshin, but i am pretty disappointed about the series. I know, you all probably think im crazy, but I think the OVA was better than the series could ever be. firstly the anmation and character design were much better in the OVA(Those fruity little googly school girl eyes that they gave Kenshin come to mind). Caoru(What the hell kinda name is that and how the hell do you spell it!?) annoys me to no end. she holds kenshin down LIKE THEY'RE FRICKIN MARRIED!! Sanousuke is a bad ass. I dont see much wrong with him other than he gets too philosophical in some fights. Then theres the story. there really is no solid story in that entire show up until Kenshin and Saito once again meet to clash swords. I really didnt care up until that point. I really loved the Kenshin/Saito Match in the OVA. I dont mind if people disagree. after all this is a public review site so i cant complain, but if you want the good Kenshin check the Samurai X OVA. That is true beauty. all in all however, the series isnt worth my time.

Last updated Tuesday, June 10 2003. Created Tuesday, June 10 2003.
Buy 9 10 10 10 10 9 Bushie [series:19#682]
I have seen many Animes before, but this title DEFINATELY takes to prize! There is a great storyline, awesome (and origional!) characters, smooth and well-done animation, great music that isn't too hard or loud, but lets you get into the scene, and finally, a great story (I just thought i'd add that twice!). You follow the story of Himura Kenshin, who used to be known as "Battousai the Manslayer." When the series starts, you know very little about Himura Kenshin, but it is just enough to keep you interested. As the series starts to pick up, you find out more about Kenshin's past, as well as how he wants to escape it. He uses his Reverse-Blade sword (the blade is on the wrong side, pretty much) to protect instead of to kill. I suggest you find a copy of one of the Rurouni Kenshin movies and sit down to watch it!

Last updated Wednesday, May 07 2003. Created Wednesday, May 07 2003.
Buy 9 9 9 9 9 9 KHfreak [series:19#591]
THIS IS ONE COOL ANIME!!!! And it's set in the Meiji era so you can actually learn from this! The plot is great and you won't even think of hating ANY of the characters (uh, at least I don't). It would leave a tingling sensation everytime an episode ends because I just wanted more. I can't say the same for the Samurai X version because it was terribly dubbed.

Last updated Wednesday, March 26 2003. Created Wednesday, March 26 2003.
Watch 8 9 8 8 7 9 AerosolWriter [series:19#525]
The series is about a samurai known for his assassination skills and sword style, during a time of war between dynasties. 10 years later he gets involved with a bunch of people which in time find out that the samurai (kenshin) is samurai who feels the pain and deaths that he caused in the past, during the war, and decides the best thing to do is help people without killing... which in other words almost no bloody scenes of kenshin killin people.
After watching the series the fact that the main character was a non-killing samurai made no difference, you will notice, or maybe it was just I but the character development was strong. You seem to get involved with the characters and what there thinking, instead of waiting for the characters to do some irrelevant action that seems to put the character out of focus. Which you will find to be a great aspect of the show.
ORO. One thing that makes this anime just great at times was the comedy. For me personally it takes a really funny scene to make me smile or laugh. But Rurouni Kenshin just had a great sense of timing and humor, and it never really got old.
The thing I wasnt too happy with was the length of the stories. I was happy about the first season which came with a good story, but after the first season or so the storys would start to rot, and the only reason I stayed watching was to see what how the love story was going to end between sanosuke and megumi (disappointment), and kenshin with kaoru (also disappointment). Another thing I didnt like was the opening credit. Just reading the subtitles for the song got me sick.
I overall liked the series but also was happy it ended without tarnishing its credibility for being a good anime. I would suggest having someone lend you the series or something, this isnt worth wasting money, just for the fact you dont want to feel the need to keep watching the series when its getting worse by time. Its a 90 or so episode listing. Look out for Samurai X

Last updated Tuesday, February 04 2003. Created Tuesday, February 04 2003.
Buy 8 9 8 8 8 8 Sesen Kelader [series:19#471]
Rurouni Kenshin's TV series is basedon the 1st part of its original comic. It's only slightly different than the comic. The anime and art is not as good as the one in OVA 1 & 2, and the character designs are not as good as the OVA's, either.
With its tremendous samurai fighting scenes, Rurouni Kenshin emphasizes on Belief, Survival, Future, and one's "Truth." These ideas spread on Kenshin, his friends, and enemies. As the story goes on, characters develop their personalities and overcome their limits. For Kenshin, through out the entire story he is looking for the answer of his sin, the sin he made 10 years ago. To simply summarize, Rurouni Kenshin is the story of telling how Kenshin finds his answer for repentance. The answer-searching story ends in OVA 1, but concludes and extends in OVA 2.
In my opinion, the "finding one's meaning of life" procedure is the best idea interpreted and developed in Rurouni Kenshin.

Last updated Saturday, January 04 2003. Created Saturday, January 04 2003.
Buy 7 8 8 10 7 7 Akito [series:19#472]
This is an excellent series overall. However, I personally think that the comics are better. The fight scenes are very good. This series not only about actions, but also comdey. The character development in this series is done beautifully. Each character had his own attributes emphaized. It is a must buy for fans of anime!!

Last updated Friday, January 03 2003. Created Friday, January 03 2003.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 V-babe [series:19#237]
It would be an understatement to say that this is the best anime of all time. This is an amazing feat of storytelling and animation. The historical aspect adds depth to it. There's great scenes of action and drama, and hilarious comedy to lighten the series up.
The characters, though, are what got me addicted to the show. I've only seen the first season, and as soon as I get more money, I'm buying more DVD's, so I haven't seen the whole series. The character are unique (yes, even kaoru) and their relationships are sometimes strange and very amusing.
The opening and closing songs are awesome. Especially the first opening. I couldn't get it out of my head for days. The other music throughout the show fits well for the time period in takes place in and complements the action that is going on on screen.
The fight scenes are another one of this anime's strong points. The animation is amazing, and Kenshin looks sexy while fighting. ^_^;;
At any rate, this is one anime that should not, under any circumstances, be missed.

Last updated Monday, October 14 2002. Created Monday, October 14 2002.
Buy 9 9 10 10 10 Psylum [series:19#315]
Rurouni Kenshin tells the story of a wandering samurai named Kenshin, formerly nicknamed the Hitokiri Battousai (loosely translated to "Battousai the Manslayer") from the Revolution that took place during the dying days of the Tokugawa Shogunate near the end of the 19th century in Japan. Kenshin killed for the sake of the war to bring peace to Japan, but once the war ended he gave up his life of killing to wander around Japan with a reverse-blade sword and protect those in need.
Ten years after the Revolution, Kenshin wanders into Tokyo where he meets a woman named Kaoru and saves her from a man pretending to be the Battousai studying Kaoru's swordsmanship style, and this is where the story begins.
The highlight of RK is definately its characters. Whereas most stories simply introduce you to the characters, RK lets you absorb the characters by giving you details about each character's past and letting you see each of their motives. By knowing why the character does what he does you really get a deeper interaction with the cast.
That is where the series shines, but that's not where the magic stops. RK is filled with fast-paced sword duels and lots of action, but it never fails to deliver a driving story with it. RK always gives you insight into the villain's perspective and you can really see that most of these men aren't "evil" but they've just had a hard past and are living their lives as best they know how. Most of the villains actually believe that they are doing the right thing, which is a great change from the concept of the evil miser out to destory the world for apparently no reason at all. We've got believable characters doing believable things.
Rurouni Kenshin seemlessly blends fictional characters (although most characters are based off real people) with actual historical events from Japanese history. It's a unique experience that shouldn't be missed by anyone.

Last updated Sunday, June 09 2002. Created Saturday, May 25 2002.
Buy 8 9 9 9 9 Black Panther [series:19#142]
This is a great anime, but if you have seen Samurai X, it will be hard to get used to kenshin, once you get used to him its all over! You will be hooked! Just remember that it is 10 or so years that Kenshin has lived after the war Samurai X) that this show picks up. Kenshin is.... Different...I will let you see it!! But I LOVE this anime greatly! So I would say get it. Another good thing about it, like so many things! It's ACTION, and the characters are GREAT!! I really love this anime! I know you will to!

Last updated Monday, December 24 2001. Created Friday, February 23 2001.
Buy 7 7 10 8 CatWoman [series:19#65]
AHHHHHH! I have another fav. guy! Kenshin is one of the coolest guys ever! I love this anime, although I have not seen them all (like so many others)it, so far is one of the best. If you have seen Samari X do not think this will be anything like it!!! It is very VERY diffrent from Samari X! But it is still very good! This is one I would buy for my kids (if I had any) only problem is I would probably watch it more then they did!

Last updated Friday, February 09 2001. Created Friday, November 17 2000.
Buy 6 8 9 9 9 The Coyote [series:19#64]
This is truly one of the best ballaced and most entertaining anime. This is an all around great story of a man who has obviously killed in the past (alot actually see the sameri x series) and dedicated himself to never killing again while protecting others with his reverse blade sword, a absolute must bye. Kenshin maybe the coolest anime character ever, He is the Battossi. Sano is maybe the best side kick ever. the villins in this are perfect you anxiously anticipate the next release of every video what more can you say.

Last updated Tuesday, December 04 2001. Created Saturday, November 11 2000.
Buy 6 7 9 7 6 8 Kaneda [series:19#87]
All in all this a very good series, it combines the aspects of a good action series with pieces of romance, and comedyt. The series itself is a good series that one would not object to having his or her little sibbling watching and much goes the same for the movie. However sometimes the plot drags a bit, and some aspects of the show gets a bit tedious towards the end. I personally prefer the ova's over the tv eps because the provide moe towards the area of a serious Kenshin and is more for the teen/adult audience. This anime all in all is a must have for the serious collector.

Last updated Wednesday, October 25 2000. Created Wednesday, October 25 2000.
Buy 7 7 7 8 8 7 Anonymous #51 [series:19#51]
Overall this is a good series, very touching and romantic, and very appropriate for the Meiji setting, which almost always means romance in some way, through the jarring change of the times.
Rurouni Kenshin captures the ever-tumultuous Meiji period exceedingly well, even communicating this through the music, a mix of traditional instruments and tunes with more modern arrangements. Initially it may catch one off-guard and prove alarming, and indeed for myself, I found the first ending theme offensive and completely inapplicable to the series, even though I liked it as a song otherwise. In time I grew to accept it, though, and even love it, and I purchased many of the several soundtracks released for the show. All were masterpieces.
The manga itself mirrors the show's excellence, but only to a point, around volume 17 or so, at the end of the Kyoto arc. Fortunately, the TV series also ends its association with the manga there, and further goes on to original territory, which surprisingly is not too bad for things not drawn from the original source.
This series captures truly the best of the original manga and ideas from the creator, with beautiful music, wonderful situations with believeable characters and excellent voice acting. The translation from manga to anime shines here, with characterizations full of real qualities and flaws, as well as fascinating historical tidbits that show the author did at least enough homework to drop some nice widely-accepted facts from history about the time.
This is not to say that there is nothing bad about it; unfortunately the character of Kenshin gets very old after a while, and he rarely upholds the real traditions of the samurai; he's supposed to be more of a progressive warrior, and yet at times he seems to revert. Definitely a double-standard that makes him come off as hypocritical at best, and it can be annoying. Kaoru is generally likeable if a bit underdeveloped and outclassed (predictably), but at least she does get to fight in Kyoto and gets some respect in the series, a welcome change from many series that simply view women as a fumbling, incompetent setback to the sword in general. Sanosuke is your usual bad-boy type, and a foul mouth, predictably, but somehow he comes off as likeable and a tragic hero, very well-written. Yahiko is the strangely identifiable character who almost lends a sadness to the proceedings, as one cannot help but imagine his old age, when he reflects upon the adventures he had with Kenshin, Kaoru, and his other friends.
All in all, this paints a beautiful picture of the Meiji era, in all its glorious change and terrible corruption. The theme of it seems to be 'the more things change, the more they stay the same' though, and indeed the rough transition from the long-lived Edo period proved that little could be forced, that titles and positions would transform, but all the players would still exist. A striking and hard-hitting example as well of the manipulations of governments and the lack of truly a 'right' or 'wrong' viewpoint in many cases...justice can be subjective.
The OAVs are a different story, however, and take their inspiration from an inferior post-Kyoto story arc. After several rather public 'rumors' that conveyed his desire to end the series, it irritated me to see it stretch on for over ten more tankouban collections, and each one seemed not as good as the last. The OAVs, drawn from the volumes directly following the Kyoto Arc, communicate a wholly unlikely story, with unloveable characters and a poor characterization or attempt at the era in which it purported to be set. Those would be definitely ones to avoid, and unfortunately it seems they are the ones being released first in the US. Woe to the people that see the 'Samurai X' OAVs and imagine that to be the general feel of the series...especially if they miss it for those. Rurouni Kenshin is a series of great quality, romantic beauty, and melancholy reflection on a time when things were simpler and life was more beautiful.
Please don't miss it.

Last updated Monday, June 26 2000. Created Monday, June 26 2000.
Buy 7 7 8 8 9 Dingle [series:19#35]
This is one of my favorite shows. The is a lot of character development as well as action. I had major character attachment after the first episode. The stories give you a better understanding of Japanese history and give a new perspective of it. If you are looking for a show with good characters and a strong story watch Kenshin.

Last updated Friday, June 16 2000. Created Friday, June 16 2000.

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