Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Seisouhen

Title:Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Seisouhen
Rurouni Kenshin OVA 2
Rurouni Kenshin Seisouhen
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Seisahen
Samurai X: Reflection
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Notables: MITSUISHI Kotono
Original Concept - WATSUKI Nobuhiro
R1 License - Aniplex of America
Taking place years after the events of the TV series, Kaoru awaits Kenshin's return from his journey recalling the events that led the two to fall in love and learning of Kenshin's personal hardships, including the return of Tomoe's vengeful brother, Enishi.
[OVA, 2001, 2 episodes, 38+46 min]
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Watch 10 10 10 9 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:536#1552]
Having heard of the mixed reviews given to this OAV, I decided to check out this OAV which was sold as a double-set with the first OAV. Guess those reviews were right because I found myself dumbfounded over what I was seeing with this OAV.

My biggest issue with Seisouhen is that it doesn't do justice in giving the anime adaptation of Nobuhiro Watsuki's work a good ending. It creates forced dramatic situations to force its audience to feel for the hardships of Kaoru and Kenshin. Having to endure hardship after hardship up until death for no reason seems unbelievable with the type of character Kenshin becomes when he became more acquainted with Kaoru in the TV series. The manga has a better resolution as Kenshin settles down and lives a happy life with Kaoru following the Jinchuu arc with Enishi.

This OAV has style over substance to it. The character designs and action choreography are just as smooth and detailed as Tsuiokuhen, while taking advantage of more colors. The powerful classical music from the first OAV also returns.

Instead of wasting animation, talented voices, and music on this sorry excuse for a resolution for Rurouni Kenshin, perhaps Sony could have considered using them to animate the Jinchuu arc that manga readers of the series could have gone giddy over. With the detailed action sequences, realistic character designs, and intense drama of the Jinchuu arc, all these elements could have made up for the lack of solid resolution found through the filler episodes following the Kyoto arc of the TV series. But since this never happened, I can only sadly imagine the possibilities of what could have been.

Last updated Saturday, February 23 2008. Created Saturday, February 23 2008.
Watch 9 9 9 7 7 Kari [series:536#798]
If you've either purchased or seen Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan, and Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen, there's really no point in buying this. This OVA is called 'Reflection' because it's about Kaoru reflecting on her past with Kenshin and his battles. It's just a compilation of reanimated scenes from Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan. But it's also the conclusion to Kenshin and Kaoru's relationship.

This was not one of ADV's better dubs, because there are many problems with it. The dub for Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen wasn't great, but it's better than this one. Some characters were under-acted, it had some name and word mispronounciations, and some lines were either read or translated incorrectly.

I say watch this just to see the ending. Whether or not the ending is a good one depends on the viewer. The DVD costs $10.00 - $26.00, so if you can find it for a price that suits you, and you want to complete your Rurouni Kenshin it.

Last updated Friday, November 17 2006. Created Friday, November 17 2006.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 Violet D [series:536#1393]
I rented this one at Hastings but I want to buy it when I can. This was a Romance story with a capital R. This one actually lets you find out about Kenshen and miss Kairu and how they are with each other for life. Her love for Kenshen is one of pure and self sacrificing love. The story was beautifully done and If you are a Kenshen fan a must see.

Last updated Tuesday, May 09 2006. Created Tuesday, May 09 2006.
Avoid 5 5 0 3 0 0 Scarred Sword Heart [series:536#2240]
This OVA is so out of character, I can't even think of it as part of the RuroKen timeline. This OVA is NOT the logical extension of the manga or the anime. It has zero canonicity. Kenshin and Kaoru are portrayed as these tragic, star-crossed lovers whose lives are nothing but anguish, angst and tragedy. Kenshin can never let go of his past, so after bequeathing the Sakabatou to Yahiko leaves home with no sword at his side to wander Japan and "atone". Kaoru is left to raise their son alone wondering when her husband will return.

Finally he does return but is now diseased and dying. Contrary to his vow not to take more lives, he sleeps with Kaoru, infecting her with whatever disease he has (they can't even think of a legitimate disease). Kenji resents his father for being absent and now for infecting his mother. Who can blame him?

In the manga, Kenshin put his demons behind him and was able to settle down with Kaoru and raise their son together unmolested. But then along comes Sony who adds this garbage on and passes it off as canon. Over half the RuroKen fandom actually believes that this is how the canon story ends. It is NOT!

Rurouni Kenshin is a story of letting go of the past and moving on with life, not of letting the past swallow you whole and take you and those you love into the abyss that is death.

Last updated Monday, April 17 2006. Created Monday, April 17 2006.
Buy Anonymous #1989 [series:536#1989]
the way i came about this was rather interesting. my dad took my little brother out to get a playstation game, and they came back with this for me, my dad thought i'd like it because of the eyes, dont ask. Before that day, i had never even heard of Kenshin or anything relating to it, i think i was mentaly locked in a box or sumthing, coz now i know about it, it seems like its everywhere. i still havent seen the TV series, because i'll have to buy it on DVD from America (i live in the UK), but i am currently reading the manga, which is basically the same thing. So i watched it, at 2 o'clock in the morining and cried, and cried, and cried, that is always the first thing i think about, how damn sad it is. Reflection is much more about Kenshin's emotional turmoil and worsening health that how much ass he can kick. After his tradgedy with Tomoe, he has sworn not to kill, but still, that doesnt mean people wont die. The action flows like water, with every move gliding perfectly into the next, you will never see that same secquence twice, in fact the action moves so fast you'll barely see it once! i think the best way to describe the emotion of it is that, if you are truely in tune with the characters and the story, you will feel what they feel. you will feel Kaoru's pain and Kenshin's pain, and Sano's worry for his frind. God if you dont cry...imagine a very angry chibi with blue eyes and brwn hair trying to destry you face, because you obviouly need lessons on how to feel things. I tried to describe how sad it is to my best friend..lets just say it didnt work. so i made her watch the end, and yes...she cried, and so did i, again. but watching the end, and watching the build up are two entirely different things. i think the way i described it at the time, was 'you think the end on its own is bad, watch the whole thing and you'll wanna die' maybe not the best way of putting it, but it worked all the same. So! to conclude! the animation and the action are flawless! it is such a deep story and you MUST cry at it (remember the chibi) and the fluid with which it flows is extraordianry. not to mention the music dies my god i want a soundtrack of that! BUY IT!!!! if you like Kenshin, or just Samurai movies that show the more painful side of assassins, then this is the movie for you! it is well worth its weight in gold! never mind what you'll pay for it! it's worth more! it is SUPERB!!!!!

Last updated Saturday, June 04 2005. Created Saturday, June 04 2005.
Buy Z [series:536#1781]
I don't understand people not like this ending to Kenshin. Is it that happy-go-lucky feeling of the TV series? No, but if that's what you're wanting watch something else. Like the Power-Puff Girls. This movie touches you in a way few films, no matter where they originate from, can. Obviously this is only true if you already watched the previous ovas and at least part of the TV series. I don't understand how people can say they cried during it can give it less than a buy rating. If it hit you that hard, if it was that powerful to you, then it's worth a buy, isn't it? Yes it deviated off the TV series. But part of this is because the last 30 or so episodes of the TV series were filler crap (see my view of the TV series). If you really watched Kenshin, I don't know how you couldn't see he wasn't still troubled. Yes, he pretended to be happy all the time and put on a good face for everyone else, but if you watched you could still find times where we reflected on his life and was in pain. Rather than giving us an outsides overview of Kenshins life, this film takes us much deeper and shows the emotions. Not as action packed as the other kenshin viewings, but still very powerful. It also showed us more of what happened in the manga with Enishi. It was meant for those who felt cheated out of this because the TV series never showed us this arc. If this ova had one fault, it was too short. Things had to be shorted and we missed out some there. Do I like that Kenshin turned out to be a not great dad or husband? No, but I understand why it occurred. The story fits, the plot makes sense, and you're left touched at the end, Kenshin's sins are attoned for, and you're left wanting more. What else can you ask for? A fitting end to one of the great anime series of all time.

Last updated Saturday, January 08 2005. Created Saturday, January 08 2005.
Rent 9 9 7 9 7 5 Anonymous #1204 [series:536#1204]
when I was very young I watched a couple of TV episodes incidentally - it just so happened that RK was on TV. Now I am a few years older I noticed RK again..though I started off by watching the Tsuiokuhen OVAs, followed by Seisouhen.
I suggest you shall required some background on Kenshin's life story before you watch this because a lot of the pieces in this consists of flash-backs of the story in the manga.
As an OVA it cannot stand alone...this weakens its plot and greatly reduce the appeal stemming from its flow of plot in the manga.
The fight sequences thrilled me a lot in Tsuiokuhen (I like the fight in the dark with Jinne can really feel the momentum when they swing their swords!!). Seisouhen does not have this appeal. The artistic style is also different from Tsuiokuhen. I found it more rigid...although I am always biased towards the 'flowy' brushstrokes they use in the manga. The music suited the atmosphere well. The composer commanded the strings in the music so that they deliver the subtle, tormenting, bitter-sweet hues of the story line.
Like a lot of people, I am very fond of Kenshin as a character...well I am female and I couldn't help liking him...Therefore it is hard for me to accept such an end to Kenshin's life, filled with dispair, seemingly futile struggle and pain...And looking at his demise as a swordman, I share the same emotions as Sanosuke in the OVA...
There were tears in my eyes during various points in the OVA...
The storyline takes a different approach to the manga and TV series, which fans might find fact I think the characters have different personalities than the original. I guess the creators of Seisouhen want to label Kenshin as a romantic legend...which I do not agree!
I am sure, after having watched all the OVAs and read all the manga, Kenshin would have chosen a different path of redemption - in fact, his focus won't be on the kind the OVA suggested. Kenshin seems to shut himself inside a shroud of regret and melancholy that if he has matured at all after the manga series it would be impossible to believe!
But these are not the point at all. Regardless of my dislike to the plot of Seisouhen, the animation itself should be appreciated for its poetic aspects, what an anime can convey to its audiences and certainly one of the masterpiced in the anime history.

Last updated Thursday, February 05 2004. Created Thursday, February 05 2004.
Watch 9 9 1 7 1 1 dhrachth [series:536#962]
Loved the first OVA, loved the series, liked the movie, hated this.
The thing I really liked about the series in conjunction with the first OVA was that the series showed how Kenshin was able to move on. Very Bad Things happened in the first OVA but the series showed how Kenshin didn't let that ruin his entire life.
Reflections is miserable. It gives the story a highly depressing ending and at the same time rewrites the series to be depressing as well. According to Reflections, Kaoru and Kenshin led tragic lives of misery and suffering with little to no relief from the drama.
Watch this if you must, I know I couldn't not see the final piece of the Rurouni Kenshin saga, then completely ignore what happened. The characters bore little resemblance to the ones I knew from the series. It might have worked as a direct continuation from the first OVA, but there was too much dependence on the happenings from the series for that.
To put it another way, it's as if the creators of Reflections disagreed with the path taken by the tv series, but at the same time were contractually obligated to accept the series as canon. Reflections picks up where Remembrance left off in tone and emotion, but the plot is 25+ years and 96 episodes later. It doesn't match up. They tried to rewrite the 96 episode part, to force it to fit, but that created problems rather than solve them.
There's too much dependence on the plot of the series for this to be a satisfying work as either a standalone or a direct sequel to the first OVA. If you have seen the series the rewritten flashbacks are both repetitive and disrespectful of the original.
If you loved the first OVA and always wished the series was more like it--darker, with no humor--this OVA is for you. They just retconned the whole series back to the tone you're looking for.
If you like forward progress, characters who can deal with emotional trauma and move on, some actual happiness somewhere in a story, things like that, don't watch this. In that sense Reflections is pretty much one giant step backwards.

Last updated Wednesday, October 01 2003. Created Tuesday, September 09 2003.
Buy 10 10 10 10 7 6 Guyara-sama [series:536#831]
Ok, this is truly the last you'll see of Kenshin/Shinta!
This anime should only be watched if you have seen the Rurouni Kenshin TV series and the second OVA, Tsuiokuhen.
Great art and a touching story is what I would say about this anime!
The art style is different from the TV series, and in my opinion(And I'm sure I'm not alone about this) even better.
The story takes its roots in the prequel to the Rurouni Kenshin TV series, the OVA Tsuiokuhen. In the end of Tsuiokuhen, Kenshin accidentally manages to kill his love Tomoe, and Tomoe's brother is now back for revenge.
There are three things that drags this anime down. First of all, almost all of the first episode is flashbacks from the TV series. Second, there is only short glimpses of the other characters besides Kenshin/Shinta, Kaoro and Enishi, and third, there is too much story, and too little time!
But the story is actually good, if you look away form these three things. I enjoyed it very much, and I hope anyone who wants to see the end of the story about Kenshin will enjoy it just as much!
Now, let's just hope for something like "Rurouni Kenji", or something...

Last updated Sunday, July 06 2003. Created Sunday, July 06 2003.
Rent 9 10 8 9 5 5 saa~ [series:536#648]
I haven't watched the TV series, just the prequel OVA so I wasn't too hooked on the story.
I bought it cos the trailer had the best animated fight scenes I've ever watched.. but - the trailer practically contains all the action scenes in the movie. It reminds me of Neon Genesis Evangelion in the action/story ratio - I wished they had a "best of" kenshin fighting collage instead..

Last updated Friday, April 18 2003. Created Friday, April 18 2003.
Buy 9 9 9 8 9 9 Sesen Kelader [series:536#471]
This is the OVA I mentioned in the OVA 1 review!!! But first of all, I need to tell you that, if u are expecting to see lots of action in this series, u are in the wrong path.
This series, however, would only be truly understood if one watched the entire TV series and the 1st OVA. Then I guarantee that 99% of the viewers would be touched by the 2nd OVA. The story is basic the recollection of memory from hmm...kaoru and other minor characters about kenshin. Then during the story retelling, kenshin is gradually finding his way back from far far away....China. Then Kaoru felt each other's presence and ran out on the road to fetch Kenshin to her bosom. Kenshin soon died lying on kaoru's laps....Kaoru cried, not becasue kenshin died, but because...
These 2 episodes emphasizes most on the feelings and emotions Kenshin and Kaoru bear. SAD, but mixed with happiness.

Last updated Tuesday, April 08 2003. Created Tuesday, April 08 2003.
Watch 9 9 10 9 10 9 Anonymous #571 [series:536#571]
the story rocks... however it is kinda sad for a legend to die... nevertheless it has a nice plot and a nice way of ending the story... it is a must-see for all RK fans..

Last updated Thursday, March 06 2003. Created Thursday, March 06 2003.

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