EVE no Jikan

Title:EVE no Jikan
Time of Eve
イヴの時間 (Japanese)
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It is common to see the coloured halos of androids at school, on the street or helping out at home. The news is trying to make an issue about being too dependent on these mechanical servants, but how dependable are they? Ruiko is troubled when he realizes that his family's android ‘disappears’ for several hours each day. Using GPS tracking and logfiles, he and a school friend retrace the route taken by his android and end up at a strange little café named ‘EVE no Jikan’ - where discrimination between androids and humans is not permitted, and none of the customers or staff have halos.

6 web-released episodes (~15 min + 27min).

Also see the movie adaption of this story - Eve no Jikan Gekijouban.

Produced by Yoshiura Yasuhiro, also see Mizu no Kotoba

2009 Anime Reactor Award - Several awards including BEST SCIFI & BEST SHORT.

ANN has announced that Crunchyroll will be offering this series in an English-subtitled streaming format.

EVE ep01 - Crunchyroll Stream (~15 min)
EVE ep02 - Crunchyroll Stream (~15 min)
EVE ep03 - Crunchyroll Stream (~15 min)
EVE ep04 - Crunchyroll Stream (~15 min)
EVE ep05 - Crunchyroll Stream (~15 min)
EVE ep06 - Crunchyroll Stream (~27 min)
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Buy 10 10 9 8 9 10 Ggultra2764 [series:1882#1552]
Eve no Jikan was a title I overlooked between 2008 and 2009 as I was more fixated on watching older titles and recent TV titles from Japan as I hardly even knew of anime that were exclusively released in ONA format at the time except for either storybook game promotions or bonus episodes to a recently completed title. And now having watched the series, I must admit that it really impressed me. The series takes on a mundane feel with exploring its near future setting featuring androids treated merely as servants. Yet in this time, androids are starting to gain sentience and the presence of the Time of Eve cafe allows humans and androids to mingle together without discrimination. The series does go into three different aspects for focusing on its characters and world. The first is the focus on lead characters Rikuo and Masakazu learning to warm up to the idea of androids beginning to gain awareness of the emotions and thoughts they feel for others. The second aspect involves the android/ human customers of the Time of Eve cafe with each episode of the series exploring what thoughts go through their minds regarding how they feel towards their owners or whom they care for. The third aspect is the propaganda used by an anti-robot organization in ads and news interviews to convince viewers to not completely trust androids showing that some humans are still against the use of robots for mundane situations and a later episode even exploring the organization taking action to halt clubs like the Time of Eve cafe where androids and humans could mingle together. Eve no Jikan does very well at balancing focus between these three different aspects of the title's world while maintaining its mundane mood.

The visuals to the series are even worth praise as it felt like I was seeing an anime movie with CG-rendered settings that fit almost seamlessly with the hand-drawn character designs (a big difference from many TV anime I see where the use of CG stands out badly) as they move around having crisp colors and plenty of details. Movements from characters looked natural and moved at a very fluid rate. It is easily the best looking ONA title I've seen to date. As Dreamer discussed, music within Eve no Jikan is mostly subtle with exception to the tune that plays at the end of each episode hence its lower score compared to the other categories I've rated yet this works well within the series to flow along with its mundane mood.

Eve no Jikan's visuals and its mundane look into the sentience of androids with humans coming to accept them did quite well at hooking me into it and I would be eager to buy the series if it were ever licensed here in the states.

Last updated Tuesday, September 28 2010. Created Tuesday, September 28 2010.
Unevaluated 10 10 9 8 9 9 Dreamer [series:1882#2279]
The graphics is what caught my attention... and not to mention the halo above the heads reminded me of Haibane Renmei

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Art was just breathtakingly amazing! This is as close to CG you can get without it being CG, although there are some CG in it. The colors were super rich and details were unreal. The animation itself felt like a high-budget animated movie in that it had such a high level of frame rate..... very smooth and velvety. Character designs were nice but some of the facial artwork (mostly the females) didn't seem that great to me. But aside from that minor flaw (if it can be called one), the character designs as a whole were still superb.

The ED was interesting. It was a accoustic piece that had a hint of orchestra to it, with a wide range of instruments. Very neat really. The rest of the soundtrack were subtle pieces with light pianos and other similar instruments.

Series and Episode Story
The plot is simple but interesting. As with any media that has political, religious or moral undertones, it's up to the viewer, or listener to interpret or accept the message. In this series, we have robots that are almost human yet, they're treated like mindless machines. However, as you watch the episodes, these mindless machines are anything but that. In fact, it seems they're more intuned to their emotions as opposed to their counterparts (humans). Nearly all the episodes and story telling takes place inside a cozy little cafe where not a lot of patrons visit but still is filled with "life".

Overall this is a light, short series about what it means to be "human" and "friendship". It's a good series to take time and watch.

Last updated Monday, December 28 2009. Created Monday, December 28 2009.
Unevaluated Forbin [series:1882#1573]
5 Episodes Watched.

Episode 5 is only on Crunchyroll btw.

It opens up that sometimes there are robots that we would never think is a robot. Very good series, I wonder how the last episode will end it.

Last updated Sunday, July 26 2009. Created Sunday, July 26 2009.
Buy Jan-Chan [series:1882#967]
Interesting series .... absolutely marvelous animation and an engaging story, especially given that it's structured in such a short format.

I was checking out Asimov's ↗Three Laws of Robotics and was surprised to find out that there are a few more additional robotic laws that are generally accepted and play prominently into this series.
  • 4th law - A robot must establish its identity as a robot in all cases.
  • 5th law - A robot must know it is a robot.
In a cafe where discrimination between 'meat-sacks' (humans) and 'tin-cans' (robots) is specifically prohibited, it difficult to discern which-is-which or is it, who-is-who? In any case, the apparent message is that humanity has lost control of their robotic-servants, and is unaware of their advancement and independent development.....

Last updated Monday, June 15 2009. Created Monday, June 15 2009.
Buy 9 9 7 5 Xenoknight [series:1882#2967]
Only six eps of 15 minutes? Why not? watching now... 5 eps watched...

Ep 5: After reading Forbins' words about ep 5, I searched here and there, far and wide, but sure enough, ep 5 was only on Crunchyroll (at least as far as my sources are concerned). Needless to say that I find Crunchyroll as an unfavorable streaming source as their translations leave much to be desired (they skipped a few sentences worth of text in this ep alone), but I do respect there efforts and won't deny them. Besides, they are faster with new episodes than a handful of other streaming sites.

This ep had a different pace then the others. A bit slower than normal, Rikuo begins to understand Sammy as well as robots in general. There isn't anything special to mention really, except that the scene with Rikuo at the piano was spectacular! This title really shines in the animation department. I eagerly await to see the last episode of this surprising series. To answer the question that was asked several times during this ep: Yes, I am enjoying the Time of Eve! Good ep...

Ep 4: The best episode yet! I had a fun time laughing and becoming more and more intrigued. A true robot enters the cafe and Rikuo and Misaki have the time of their lives in trying to keep it from destroying itself! That robot was a bonafide "G" and I laughed so hard that my siblings came running to my room to see what in the world was wrong with me! I was in tears and couldn't breathe properly! Rikuo finally came to understand the robot and what the true intentions of the cafe are. I will never forget Katoran. Now, the only problem is with Sammy. I love this title to death!!! If you haven't started watching this already, I would like to urge you to consider giving this title a try.

Ep 3 had some real great laughs with added fanservice! The start of the ep was priceless with the main lead being a victim of his raging hormones... (who can blame him but too bad his friend kept getting in the way ^_^). Besides the busty babe, we are treated to a little drama of gigantic proportions (this story arc is ridiculous but fairly entertaining). Looks like robots have it tough in romance as well... Some good and bad news to mention. Bad news: we won't see any new eps until spring of '09 so don't hold your breath. Good news: we're promised a second season so this "out-of-the-blue" type storyline will continue! Until then folks...

Ep 2: The three laws of robotics are (in my own words):

1) Never harm a human
2) Always obey your human master unless it conflicts with the first law
3) As long as the previous laws aren't broken, robots must engage in self-preservation

Can somebody say "I, Robot"... Anyway, the whole robot cafe idea is worrying him and he and his friend go for round 2. They wait for Sammy (his robot who might be lying) at the cafe and we get some good laughs with the patrons of said establishment (good stuff). He bumps into a certain person there and reacts prematurely which causes her to run for it! The bar maid uses a gentle method to show the main lead his mistake regarding robots and he changes his view quickly enough. Though one problem is on the right path to being solved (main lead and Sammy), another problem is beginning to rear its ugly head...

Ep 1 had a solid flow. We learn just what kind of setting this is in real quick. They go to the cafe and learn that the robots (whoops, I just violated their one and only rule, ^_^) have more to them going on upstairs (in the head) then meets the eye. Interesting indeed...

First Impression: Oh man is this title beautiful. Exceptional animation with astounding visuals and it doesn't have to break a sweat trying to prove it. The animation is through the roof (I can notice every detail) and the character design and music are both fair (no intro or end credit music but the episode music and sounds are good). I think the overall surroundings are too dark for the perfect score though but you can't win them all. Another thing to mention is the difficulty of the dialogue in this title. Those that are used to this level of speed in reading will be fine (and will only improve), but for the rest of the world; this title may be a tough one. I wouldn't recommend this to an "anime-rookie" (if you will) because the speed of the dialogue was one of the first things I noticed. This is one of those examples that gives my Dub vs. Sub section some backing. I must say that it takes away from the enjoyment factor because one must focus so that they don't miss anything. This title will definitely maximize it's brilliance as an English dub.

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Thursday, December 17 2009. Created Saturday, December 13 2008.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:1882#628]
(One episode watched):

This looks pretty neat! A thoughtful, original muse on what's liable to happen if androids which are virtually indistinguishable from humans--in terms of intelligence as well as appearance--become commonplace. Whether they pose any danger is unclear; that is, whether it's the humans or the androids who best qualify as the "bad guys" is unclear. I like it, the approach strikes me as intriguing, and I'm eager for more. Though not of equal quality by any means, the relatively fancy visuals remind me of first-class shows like 5cm Per Second.

Last updated Tuesday, August 12 2008. Created Tuesday, August 12 2008.

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