Vexille - 2077 Isolation of Japan (movie)

Title:Vexille - 2077 Isolation of Japan (movie)
Vexille - 2077 Nihon Sakoku
ベクシル 2077日本鎖国
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Notables: R1 License - FUNimation
Concerns over the implications of the advancements in biotechnology and robotics, and their effects on the human body and humanity finally erupted in 2067. The United Nations deemed certain advanced technologies and research trends in cybernetics to be a dangerous threat. They decided to impose strong restrictions and instituted global surveillance on prevent any misuse and abuse. And while the world accepted the decision, Japan stood alone in disagreement. Under the influence of the Daiwa company, the government of Japan refused to their halt biotech research and withdrew from the UN, created electronic barriers to restrict communications, travel and surveillance, and isolated itself from the world. Now some ten years later, word gets out about problems in Japan, suggesting that they may be up to something. It falls upon an American special forces unit named SWORD to infiltrate and uncover the truth hidden behind Japan’s electronic veil.

Animation production by TBS.
R1 Licensed by FUNimation.
110min Movie (released in 2008).

2min Movie Trailer - YouTube Video

FUNImation is streaming this movie to their YouTube site -> click to view this movie (January 2010)
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Avoid 10 10 9 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1863#1552]
Yet another anime with all style and completely lacking in the way of substance. Vexille sports impressive-looking CG animation with its slick renderings of settings, robots and character designs (particularly the Jags); as well as moments of great animation coming from some action scenes and vehicle movements. Yet beyond visuals, the movie's otherwise a complete mess of plot holes, shallowness and lack of believability in regards to elements of the machine-infested Japanese. I found it rather absurd that a medical company performing enough illegal practices could easily dupe an entire country into getting injected with a virus of their own creation and that seemingly one man was behind the whole mess. Not to mention that said man is so far into megalomaniac shallow baddie territory that it is laughable. I also found it laughable that the movie was making a poor attempt at implementing some sort of moral theme in regards to the formerly-human Japanese struggling to hold onto their humanity despite very little, if any, depth that relates to this and the lack of depth with other prominent characters like titular character, Vexille. The soundtrack to the movie also has its quirks as it quite often gets in the habit of playing upbeat jazz and rock music during suspenseful scenes, doing little to express much in the way of emotion in key scenes. Fans of action anime should look elsewhere as Vexille's lack of emotion and sloppy, shallow plotting make it one of the worst titles I've had a chance of seeing.

Last updated Wednesday, September 07 2011. Created Wednesday, September 07 2011.
Watch 9 10 6 7 6 Silence [series:1863#2939]

A first look into this movie reminds me of GITS with its cyberpunk-ish style; humans in cybernetic bodies, giant corperation controling the nation, people being completely disregarded. The first half had me in awe with its slick animation and the idea of a entire nation reduced to machines. However, questions (and A LOT of them, as u will see) start to come. What is the motive in making the entire nation into machines with a prototype virus, running into the risk that it does not work as planned, and then you will have no more guinea pigs. What has antitrust agencies been doing up till the time Daiwa industries gained so much power and influence? Why are jags allowed to run free if the uncontrollable beasts pose such a big threat to Daiwa?

Later on, we have the team trying to drag cables into island. Why? Aren't jags attracted by all metals, hence with their bodies made of biometal and highly attractive to the jags, wouldn't just making it through be enough? What is the purpose of the cables then? Also, if jags cannot get across through the tunnels, why bother closing all the gates and let the jags bust them? I assume the gates and tunnels are not made of metal, or jags would have got them long ago. Wait, suddenly, and very conveniently there is another tunnel with is not separated by water, so jags can get through after all! A bit stupid of Daiwa, isn't it?

Vexille is a rather flat character. There is little that makes her stand out. But she's like the only other human in the whole japan, isn't she? So can't the Daiwa folks read her bio-signature? What makes that mad scientist/megalomaniac (how typical) the leader of Daiwa? Why listen to him?

With the whole list of questions above, i think its safe to say that i did not enjoy this. This series gets more and more predictable as it went on, and we have a very cheesy ending with a cheesy monologue. My guess is that too much money went into animating this series (and i agree that it's very well done), but too little went to the storyline. The other way would still be fine, but no story, no matter how well animated, ruins everything.

So watch it if you have nothing better to do. Or not.

Last updated Tuesday, September 29 2009. Created Tuesday, September 29 2009.
Rent Jan-Chan [series:1863#967]
This computer-generated futuristic apocalyptic movie is a certain WINNER for those otakus and gamers who are into stunning mecha and demolition action.

Reported to be one of the most anticipated anime titles of the year, Vexille is a visual feast of high tech action. The production team who created Appleseed (2004) reunite under the direction of SORI to present a sci-fi thriller that dips into the murky pool that spawned Ghost in the Shell to ask the question; just how far can humanity be upgraded before we stop being human?

In addition to asking such difficult questions, they take a sharp jab at the paternalistic manipulations of Japanese corporations by casting them into the roll as the evil technological overlords who have ‘decided’ as to what course humanity should take and what price the people of Japan will be required to pay. With a tone that is critical of Japanese nationalism and certain trends towards isolationism, Japan is cast into the role as the international villain, marching to the beat of a drum last heard during a past great war, with the Americans having to come to rescue again.

While the action scenes are top notch and the story is well thought out, certain weakness are readily apparent. The title of the film is drawn from one of the main characters – Vexille, a member of the SWORD assault force with a history of enforcing the UN sanctions in Japan prior to the barrier being errected. Her character and the time spend in some of her personal scenes are very weak, and IMHO detract from the dynamics of the overall story. The true heroine of the story is a woman call Maria, who does not get enough screen time and probably should have been cast as the main character, if not as the center of the story.

The merger of animation and CG works well most of the time during the film. The storyline is interesting and engaging, so despite the mentioned weakness, I found myself really enjoyed the 110minutes spend watching. If you are a fan of top notch mecha action or enjoyed the Final Fantasy Spirits Movie, then this is something that is certain to entertain you.

And if you are a fan of Frank Herbert’s DUNE series, you will find a fun chuckle in their take on Sand Worms.

Last updated Sunday, August 31 2008. Created Tuesday, July 08 2008.

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