Appleseed (2004)

Title:Appleseed (2004)
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Notables: Original Concept - MASAMUNE Shirow
R1 Distributor - Section23 Films (ADV)
R1 License - Geneon (Defunct)
R1 License - Sentai Filmworks (ADV)
It`s 2131 A.D.. Deunan Knute had been a soldier in the battlefields for most of her life. When the World War ends, she`s transported to the city of Olympus to live peacefully and finds out that, in an effort to protect the human race from future wars, humans have created the Bioriods, a geneticaly enhanced race of people that have restrained feelings and therefore cannot hurt each other.

She discovers, however, that not everyone is happy with this Human-Bioriod symbiosis: many humans treat Bioriods as a lower species and a threat to their future, the human-controlled Military is seeking annihilation of all Bioriods and the Bioriod-controlled government is afraid of a coup d` etat.

The task falls on Deunan to bring peace to the world again. In this she`s aided by her former lover, Briareos, who has lost his body in war and has become a cyborg: a brain in an artificial body.

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Movie, 2004, 105min
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Rent 10 10 6 6 7 Ggultra2764 [series:1782#1552]
While this movie remake of Appleseed (1988) is far from perfect, it definitely makes for a better watch than the pathetic 1980s adaptation created. This remake fleshes out enough about its world where you can tell there are tensions between bioroids and humans in the so-called "utopia" of Olympus and providing some background on Deunan's past, especially as it has significance in its influence on the movie's plot. The movie is mostly plot-driven, so there isn't much fleshing out on characters and it makes it tough to connect with Deunan and Briareros' relationship due to its limited development.

The mix of CG and cel-shaded animation in this movie works impressively well in some areas and not so well in others. Scenery and mecha designs look slick and almost photo-realistic as they pack plenty of detail with highly fluid movements shown during battle scenes, making for great action sequences. On the other hand, human character designs looked a bit off at points with implementing the CG and cel-shaded mixed animation as it tried to render a conventional look for the facial designs of human characters, yet it looks quite rough.

If you want to sample the Appleseed franchise with an anime adaptation, then this 2004 CGI remake makes for the superior adaptation to check out.

Last updated Saturday, June 18 2011. Created Saturday, June 18 2011.
Buy 10 10 9 7 8 8 Dreamer [series:1782#2279]
Having never seen any appleseeds before and hearing about it for the past few years, I decided to finally check it out and see what it was all about.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art and CG here is amazingly crisp, clean and... wow! I had thought that nothing could come close to FF VII, but this nearly does. Animation is exceptional as well. Super smooth and with amazing details in every motion. The frame rate must be ungodly high. Character designs were good but I wasn't too impressed with them. The mix of CG and traditional animation might seem a bit awkward at first, but you get use to it quickly.

The music consisted of rock, techno and trance beats that worked well with the setting and overall "machine" feel to the scenes.

Series and Episode Story
This had a ton of action and battle scenes. It's definately a "man-movie"! The plot was done pretty good and was executed well. For the most part, this movie is pretty serious so you won't find any humor or silly moments here. Character development was lacking however, I don't believe it was really important to the plot as a whole.

Overall, it was a good one-timer. It was thrilling, in-your-face action movie that make you go "wow"!

Last updated Sunday, May 10 2009. Created Sunday, May 10 2009.
Watch 9 10 9 7 9 MayorPaine [series:1782#3050]
OK, this is my first review so I'm going to keep it short, might update it later on if I decide to watch it again.

Without revealing too much, the story is about this girl who gets rescued from a war-torn post apocalyptic world in the near future. They bring her to this Utopian city named Olympus where she discovers that half of the population is bioroids (half-human, half-clone). This girl is no ordinary girl however, when she arrives at the city they call her the legendary soldier. Then the next day after her rescue, some cyborgs attempt to assassinate her. But I'll leave the rest of the story for you to find out, just know that it gets very interesting and covers themes like love, betrayal and lots of conflict. The art and animation in this game are top notch. The graphic style mixes 3D animation with 2D looking characters. Whether you like this animation style or not, you will be entertained by it's action scenes. There's plenty of flying bullets and explosions to satisfy a war junkie (like myself.) The soundtrack includes techno beats from artists like Paul Oakenfold and Basement Jaxx. The music works in some areas but there are some action scenes where it just feels a bit awkward. Maybe it's just me since I haven't really seen much anime.

Pretty soon I'll be watching the sequel 'Appleseed: Ex Machina' so keep an eye out for my review of that as well.

Last updated Wednesday, December 03 2008. Created Thursday, November 20 2008.

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