To Heart 2 Another Days

Title:To Heart 2 Another Days
To Heart 2 AD
トゥハート2 AD OVA
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Two more chapters in the To Heart 2 story:

Episode 1 ("The Nail Mark of Memories"): Takaaki has recently lost his memory, and the girls do everything possible to help fill in the gaps with pleasant memories while keeping him from remembering what happened. Within this, Tamaki seems to have a specific memory that she holds dear involving a particular letter.

Episode 2 ("Happy New Year"): Takaaki and his "harem" make a New Year visit at the shrine nearby and spent the first night of the year outside to watch the sunrise. Most of them get "bad luck" for their fortune cookie though, with Yuma being the only exception. Yuma's cookie tells her she will fall in love with someone close to her whom she never expected to - but this can't possibly be her arch-rival Takaaki, right?

Yuma suddenly faces unknown feelings towards her "arch-enemy" Takaaki and has a hard time dealing with this.

Based on the To Heart 2 Another Days visual novel.
[OVA, 2008, 2 episodes, 30 min]
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To Heart (original TV series): To Heart 2 (same setting, later in time):
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Watch 8 8 6 7 7 8 Devil Doll [series:1765#752]
[Score: 70% = Watch+]

The To Heart franchise (based on a bunch of computer games) is a funny beast. To Heart gave us an episodic Slice of Life story with lovable characters, To Heart ~Remember My Memories~ added the drama and romance aspects that were missing in the first season, making the series as a whole a success for me. Then again, To Heart 2 contained nothing but annoying side characters with way too much screen time - no drama, no romance, no development. But To Heart 2 OVA was a surprise for me, with three nice side arcs of the game each of which was funny and focusing on one or two new characters. So what is this new side story going to be?
The first episode is similar to one of the OVAs, a feature episode for Tama-nee. Despite starting with a serious note, it is almost pure comedy with all the girls taking advantage of Taka-kun's lost memory and telling him weird things about the past. All in all a lite harem episode with an nice ending. The second episode is about Yume, one of the most annoying girls of this franchise, suddenly facing unknown feelings towards a certain boy and thus finally giving her one dimensional character at least a little bit more depth.
Not earth-shattering stuff for sure, but a nice watch.

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