To Heart 2 adnext

Title:To Heart 2 adnext
ToHeart2 adnext
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Notables: Original Concept - Aquaplus
Another OVA sequel of the To Heart 2 universe.
  • Episode 1 (2010-09-23): First name (featuring Komaki Manaka)
  • Episode 2 (2010-12-22): Trash Basket Memory (featuring Kusakabe Yuuki)
For more details see the episode sections.
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To Heart (original TV series): To Heart 2 (same setting, later in time):
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Yūki, 1, 2
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Rent 8 8 8 7 8 8 Devil Doll [series:2374#752]
[temporary score: 78% = "Rent-"]

The best thing that can happen to this "nothing ever happens" harem is to actually have a shy romance growing. I already preferred the ultra-shy Manaka over most of the louder girls in this scenario so she was the best choice for the first episode of this OVA, and Takaaki being faced with the rumor of having a girlfriend is a first in this series as well. Episode 1 got the highest rating amongst the whole ToHeart2 franchise for me, episode 2 is nice as well but the two robot maids prevent the story from having more impact. Still a decent continuation from the never-ending story of clueless Takaaki's ever growing harem.

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