Rosario + Vampire

Title:Rosario + Vampire
Rosario to Vampire
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Notables: Animation - GONZO
Aono Tsukune couldn't get into any high schools. One day his parents hand him an admission paper to a strange high school (his dad stole it)! But strange things start happening starting with the creepy bus driver who picks him up. For Tsukune's school is a school for Monsters! And Tsukune is the only human there. Luckily he meets another ordinary girl name Moka who appears to be a normal human too except she wears a rosary around her neck. Moka's secret is that she is a vampire and the rosary is the only thing that keeps her blood thrist down. So now Tsukune has 2 objectives. 1) Keep the monsters from finding out he is human, and 2) keep Moka-chan from sucking all his blood out!

Series aired January to March 2008.
Animation by Gonzo.
13 TV Episodes.
Trivia : Episode 10 was done by Gainax as Stretch pointed out.

Read the translated manga online at MangaFox.

2nd season starts in Oct '08 - see Rosario + Vampire Capu2
Episode Details 
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Rent 8 10 8 8 12 12 Anime of dream [series:1701#3384]
This anime is nice and worth watching but . . . it got a lot of echhi part

Romance : Low to Aver Comedy : Aver Action : Aver to High Opinion : Aver

about the OP , i don't really like so is the ED

This anime is about a story of a boy named Aono Tsukune who always got himself repeat his year due to his poor exam result .One day , his father picked up a sign entry to a high school and left Tsukune chosing that school in order not to repeat his year again .But when he entered the school , he discovered this school was actually a monster school .As he was terrified , he wanted to go back to human world once more .But due to cherish his friend with a S class vampire girl named Moka , he kept staying in the academy .In this anime , from 5 girls only two girls that looks attractive to me , Moka and Shirayuki .Actually , this anime is really boring since the leading female always win the battle .But what makes it really worth watching is that the story line of Moka and Tsukune .Wow , I love it

Rating : 83 % Meaning of this anime "Never share a thought of difference between two people "

Last updated Wednesday, January 04 2012. Created Wednesday, January 04 2012.
Watch 8 8 8 7 7 8 Dreamer [series:1701#2279]
Out of bordom, I tried this one out. It was fun to watch and worth the time spent on it.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork and Animation was a bit better than the norm. Overall it was rich in color and with plenty of detail. Character designs were more or less the same in quality and some of the girls (sensai especially) were uber cute!

The OP The soundtrack had various organs, pianos, string instruments and had a feeel of your typical cheap "dark" feel.... like a cheap vampire or werewolf flick. This is not to say it wasn't any good... but simply nothing out of the ordinary.

Series and Episode Story
There was plenty of laughter here and slapstick action. The plot was nothing worth nothing but the episodes themselves made it worth watching. I suppose I can say that's your typical harem series with your typical cast of cute supporting characters.

Overall, this was simply fun to watch and nothing more. You can move on to more serious series if you're pressed for time.

Last updated Monday, November 30 2009. Created Monday, November 30 2009.
Watch 10 10 10 10 10 10 Violet D [series:1701#1393]
So I was clicking the mouse on my Anime site and I found this one and since I hadn't taken the time to watch it. I decided to give it a try. The episode I watched was a good one and I'm sorry I can't rmember which one. But to make a long story short is Tsukune is found to be a human and in a school for monsters this is rally against the rules. So he stands before th court and is declared guilty. But there is action, drama and all the gals including Moka come to rescue him and well alls well that ends well.

Last updated Saturday, July 18 2009. Created Saturday, July 18 2009.
Watch 10 10 10 5 7 6 Anonymous #3036 [series:1701#3036]
I read through the previous reviews and find that too much thought had been put into this anime so I figured I'd write a review myself.

Yes the show is repetitive. Yes the lead character is a wimp. (as are most guysin anime, especially the ones in harem animes) Yes there are lots of pantsu shots. (I dont really see whats wrong with that but w/e)

It's a silly harem anime, what more do you expect? This sort of anime isn't watched for moral enlightenment... you watch it because it's silly and fun. The female characters although typically harem girl gullible and dumb, each have very charming personalities in their own way. Each one is likable, funny and cute. In most harem animes it's frustrating because the guy toys with the girls (usually unknowingly because he's a dimwit) but in this one Tsukune obviously only has strong luffly feelings for Moka. He cares for the other girls as friends and doesn't give them false hope...even if they ignore that.

Will you cling to the edge of your seat and crave more episodes every week? Maybe not...

But this anime is definitely entertaining and worth watching. I found myself smiling and giggling in every episode. The negative comments I've seen about this anime are irrelevant to the animes premiere goals, which are to be cute, funny and offer light hearted entertainment.

Last updated Wednesday, October 15 2008. Created Wednesday, October 15 2008.
Watch 9 10 9 9 7 6 Xenoknight [series:1701#2967]
A very good title where vampires and demons are the theme...

My thoughts of this title are that it was very well done. It has action, drama, and a funny harem all in one. The animation and art are of the highest quality and the music was nicely done to fit the overall evil/vampire feel of this anime.

The characters are a shining beacon for this title because they all had a unique personality and the show wouldn't have been the same unless they were all there. Each one brings something to the table and helps push this anime foward. Their personalities all become lovable (even the brat Yukari) and grow as the series continues.

The fanservice in this title is "dominant" no matter what was going at the moment. The viewer will never go one whole minute without seeing bouncing breasts or the "ever-lasting" panty shots. Fan-servce fans will be pleased with this title.

After watching the whole thing, I found myself with over "six pages" full of different feelings and opinions that I walked away from this title with after summarizing each episode.

Some issues I had was the constant "Power Rangers" like flow of the series. A sizable amount of the show is dedicated to this general idea: The main pair are minding their own business, living their merry lives as they gather more comrades to join the group and then all of a sudden a monster attacks and threatens the peace. They stall until the "super ranger" shows herself and destroys the monster in one kick. It happens just like this for half of the 13 eps! Viewers with low tolerance (or no patience) for this type of style would most likely think that is what the whole show is about and miss the "hidden" suprises in certain episodes.

Episodes 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, and 13 should not be taken lightly. In each of these episodes, this anime shows its "real" power - whether it be shockers (5&9), huge drama (12&13), or big action scenes (7&10). A little of everything went into this anime and it shows that you have to watch the "entire" thing to develope a "fair" opinion.

Some other things that bugged me were the story contradictions and fabrications:

1) Yukari falling for the main lead was fake and forced because she liked Moka the whole time.

2) How did Moka transform in episode 9 without the main lead pulling the rosemary?

3) They "skipped" the battle that started in ep 9 and everyone emerged unharmed (even the main lead) at the start of ep 10!

4) They didn't explain what saved Ruby at the end of ep 10 at all. I just assumed that the sunflowers kept her safe and made her normal again.

5) When and how did Ruby fall for the main lead? They spent no time together and she was trying to kill him just a few episodes ago! Complete bull I tell you.

These issues stayed with me throughout the whole anime. They are small things but they amassed and grew more frustating as time passed.

Rosario + Vampire Capu2 has been announced as the second season and anyone that follows my reviews knows I love "contination attempts". I have tons more respect for this title because of season 2 so I eagerly await for that to make its mark soon...

So all in all, this is certainly worth seeing once. I wouldn't pay for it but if they redo the structure of this anime for season 2 and it is good (probably will be after seeing those interesting ending credit scenes at the end of each episode), then I would like the complete series and might upgrade this title to a "Buy" when that day comes.

Check out my award list to see some of the greatest anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Monday, November 17 2008. Created Monday, September 22 2008.
Rent 8 8 9 0 7 0 KBanger1 [series:1701#1694]
This series peaked my curiosity since I was looking for something new to watch. I must say that this is a nice series. The story is about Tsukune, a below average student who ends up going into "Youhei Academy". The good news is that he was excepted. Bad news is that everyone in the school is a monster. He ends up meeting this beautiful girl, Moka, who ends up going to the academy as well. All hell breaks loose after that. In a nutshell, this series ends up being a harem series but focuses on Tsukune and the fact that no one in that school (except for Moka) knows that he's a human. The story is pretty average at best and a little predictable. It could have been a bit longer since it's only 13 episodes.

What got me hooked was the art and animation. I haven't seen that many anime that has caught eye for a long time until now. Even the gratuitous fan service was a bit much, but it was all in all good fun. The art was nice and not a wreck like some others. Animation was nice and clean. I just wished that it was much longer because it felt way too short. This is another example of why some short series deserves to be a bit longer. In the end, story-wise it was "meh". Art/Animation was good but nothing really to brag about. Hopefully, this will be picked up by a US distributor and sold in the US. It's certainly worth the rent.

Last updated Monday, March 31 2008. Created Monday, March 31 2008.
Watch Jan-Chan [series:1701#967]
(All episodes watched .. and be warned that this series gets a bit repetitious …)

Humm…. This series really reminds me of Monster Princess, especially with its ‘monster-of-the-week’ (or episode) format – goulies, succubii, witches and what-not. But I think that Monster Princess is a more entertaining and better series.

An exceptionally ordinary everyboy with a big heart named Tsukune has problems getting into a good highschool, but finally gets accepted to unknown school some distance away from his home. When he arrives he finds out that -
  1. The bus that delivered him only runs once a month, so he will be forced to live on campus.
  2. All of the students of the school are monsters.
  3. All of the students of the school dislike humans.
  4. The cute girl that he met on the first day is really a vampire.
  5. All of the other cute girls that he becomes friends with are not ordinary.
At first glance, this sounds like a fun premise for a series, but somehow it quickly breaks down into a repetitious sequence of events, which typically goes …
  • Other students get angry at the human-boy because of the attention he gets from the cute ‘girls’.
  • Tsukune gets picked on (or attacked)
  • During the confrontation, Tsukune removes Moka’s Rosary (wiki) from her neck, which unleashes the vampire within her.
  • The class S (as in ‘special’) super-heavy monster that sleeps within Moka appears to kick the sh*t out of bad guys.
  • The episode ends with Moka giving Tsukune a CHU!! (on the neck)
Ok, I like this series, but not enough to give it RENT rating or want to watch it again. It is too simple, too repetitious and depends too much on fanservice &pansu shots to keep the viewers attention. If you are really into the weird monster scene, then check out Monster Princess which is just as strange, but more entertaining and creative.

And YEH … Forbin is right! This series should be renamed Pantsu + Vampire

Last updated Saturday, September 27 2008. Created Monday, February 18 2008.
Watch Stretch [series:1701#628]
(All episodes watched):

After watching the opening episode, I was appalled. Man, this show was weak! I'd heard a number of mentions of this upcoming series, and presumed it would be pretty good, but right from the start I was getting a bad feeling about it. The plot seemed simplistic and the BG music was shoddily done (it would have to be pretty sloppy for even me to notice the problem). It seemed too weird to take seriously, but the jokes were predictable and unfunny as well. I didn't get a single significant laugh out of the episode, or feel the slightest surprise or thrill either. With nothing else to "entertain" me, the abundance of crotch shots is painfully obvious. My impression was that Rosario + Vampire can't hold a candle to Kaibutsu Oujo. I was tempted to pass on this one.

Hoping the first episode had been an anomaly, I watched another one. Perhaps because my expectations were infinitely lower, I found this to be an improvement. Make no mistake, Rosario + Vampire is still not looking at all exceptional, but it will probably be a Watch rather than an Avoid. Episode three had some fairly good jokes--largely what I call "Oh God!"-humor, because they are so shamelessly risque that that's what I say to myself while laughing at them. The plot, of course, was lame and unremarkable. At one point the show pokes a little fun at itself as one character complains about not getting enough airtime ("breaking down the fourth wall", I think). Taking itself less seriously might have been a good idea for this show. Perhaps I ought to point out that when I went looking for other people's opinions, to see if R+V was really as mediocre as it seemed to me, I found a website where everyone seemed to be loving and praising this show! Go figure.

Figure this, too--I'm kind of enjoying this show! I'm embarassed to admit it, but R+V has a sort of campy feel to it; I can laugh both with it and at it. For instance, note the ridiculous comment below made by the narrator. The main characters are amusing, too. Of course it never dawns on any member of Tsukune's monster chick harem that despite the countless fights they get into, he never displays the slightest supernatural ability. The animation of the fight scenes in episode 10 was pretty wild (and pretty perverted)--do I detect a distinct change in style? Anyway, I doubt if I'll be watching them more than once, but I don't mind watching new episodes of Rosario + Vampire.

I was pleasantly surprised by the development of the final two-parter episode(s), as Tsukune, Moka and the school newspaper club take on the corrupt and dictatorial "Public Safety Committee". The fact that Tsukune is a human is liable to be exposed, which would likely have fatal consequences. Perhaps the characters have developed sufficiently that I really do care what becomes of them. The final fight could have been more imaginitive but it was adequate. I was guessing that Tsukune might survive his severe injuries because getting bitten repeatedly by Moka had turned him into a vampire himself, but that didn't turn out to be the case. Anyway, I think this concluding two-parter salvaged the series as a whole to a certain extent. Whatever the case may be, I was left smiling at the end.

My favorite line: "Out of the sunflower beds, man-eating flower demons have attacked!" --Narrator Bat

Last updated Wednesday, April 02 2008. Created Sunday, January 06 2008.
Watch Forbin [series:1701#1573]
Analysis : All Fansubs watched

  • Drama : Low
  • Comedy : Med
  • Action : Med
  • SciFi : High
  • Ecchi : Med
Ok here is my review of Pantsu / Vampire.

I call it that because Gonzo has decided that EVERY episode has Pantsu in it. What at first was really funny became VERY ANNOYING. It served no purpose and wasn't amusing after a while. Where a series such as Agent Aika it was just a backdrop, the animators decided it make each panty shot very prominent. This was one of the worst uses of pantsu I have seen.

Now it's a comedy and I rate it WATCH? It must be that bad? No, it's just that lame. The manga was full of action and intrigue and interesting characters. For example, Rubi is a very interesting character but to put her in this 13 episode series as a MAIN CHARACTER was just plain wrong. I like what they did with Mizore but overall they should've not spent 5 filler episodes and gone right for the student council.

What I did like was the whole music that came on right before Tsukune got bitten. Everytime I heard it I was thinking, 'chuu' which is the sound Moka makes as she is biting him. The manga is way better, go read it.

Last updated Monday, March 31 2008. Created Monday, October 22 2007.

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