Shakugan no Shana II

Title:Shakugan no Shana II
Burning Eyes Shana 2
Flame Haze 2
Shakugan no Shana 2
Shakugan no Shana Second
Shana of the Burning Eyes 2
灼眼のシャナ II (Japanese)
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All is well in Misaki city, but the Ball Masque are still looking for the Reiji Maigo and the power it contains. Yuji Sakai is still training with Shana and trying to figure out what he will do when it comes time to leave.
[24 TV Episodes based on the "light" novels by Yashichirou Takahashi-sensei.]
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  • Drama : Med
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    • Later episodes feature some Pantsu and some Fanservice
I'm sorta mixed about this series. The first half was a yawner. The 2nd half was INCREDIBLY GOOD. But it was badly mispaced. Nothing really happened until episode 20. We meet some setup with Konoe, but up to that point all we got were some fake battles and Marjorie's history (Oh and you meet his father).

Now I know what is going to happen in a later volume but this wasn't a complete story. It was more like a long drama and an action sequence of 4 episodes. I was disappointed with the whole Pheles setup. It just ended without even putting more completion to that arc. It was just over. If I were Pheles and my significant other was in front of me, I would not have given up like that.

It's still good, and when you watch the last episode you can see the resolution of something that I would have never thought will happen.

BTW The Pic above is not for Shana 2, that's for Shana 1.

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Considering the number of light novels that Shakugan no Shana was based on combined with the popularity of the franchise, it was no surprise that a sequel would eventually be created. Fortunately, the sequel does what a good sequel should do -- continue to tell the ongoing story and do it well.

The first twelve episodes of Shakugan no Shana II consist of table setting episodes and some mild "filler." The initial filler with the Tomogara named Mare is actually a clever way to do a recap of Shakugan no Shana. The stories with transfer student Konoe-san may seem like filler (and indeed, I've noted that some fans do see it as such), but in fact, these are table setting for this series main story dealing with the Tomogara organization known as Bal Masqué. We get to see some of Margery Daw's past, which was very interesting since it reveals that Flame Haze basically don't age. It also helps set the table for some of the events to come. Yuuji continues to train and advance in power, even producing a silver flame for his Fuzetsu, which is more table setting for down the road. We learn of the Flame Haze information organization, Outlaw. We learn of Wilhelmina's association with a Tomogara in the past. So on the surface, the first 12 episodes are fun and interesting, but don't seem like a lot.

The series shifts to a completely different gear with episode 13 with the arrival of the Tomogara Pheles, Wilhelmina's friend. From there, the series almost never lets up as the Bal Masqué plan starts up. It is a real roller coaster that gives one only brief respites before plunging the viewer into another massive event with plenty of action. Indeed, the fight between Wilhelmina and the Tomogara assassin Sabrac is the best of the series, not to put down the other fights, such as the final confrontation between the three Flame Haze and Yuuji against the Bal Masqué members Hecate, Sydonay, and Dantalion. In addition to all the great action, things start making sense as to why the Bal Masqué did certain things early in the series, and indeed orchestrated things from episode 13 on.

I liked seeing Margery's past and why she was so reluctant to have Sato and Tanaka do more. I liked how Yoshida and Shana became friends. I liked how Wilhelmina tried to better understand Shana and her feelings, which made more sense when the light of her past (however brief) was revealed. I liked finally seeing Yuuji's father. I liked how Tanaka and Oga-chan progressed. I liked how Yuuji grew stronger, using his brain as his chief asset to figure out things, which helped on more than one occasion, even figuring out a mystery that had perplexed not only the Flame Haze, but their Crimson Lords as will, earning him much respect. Basically, there wasn't much I didn't like about this latest installment.

One weakness was at times, distance shots of characters made them look weird and ugly. I'm not sure what was going on there, but it was really distracting. That was really the only problem I had with the series.

There are a few unresolved issues, but not so bad that if the anime producers don't make another series, fans who haven't read the original light novels won't be screaming in rage. That said, this series will leave fans hungry for a third series.

Bottom line: more Shana goodness. If you liked the first series, you won't be disappointed in the sequel. While the first 12 episodes may not seem like much, episode 13 on take the viewers from one heck of a ride!

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