Shakugan no Shana-tan Returns

Title:Shakugan no Shana-tan Returns
Shana-tan of the Burning Eyes Returns
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Notables: ITOU Shizuka
Shana-tan returns as the chibi-sized "Super Deformed" Flame Haze who sits on Sakai Yuuji's head most of the time while eating melon-pan (melon bread) and generally making a mess of things. However, Yoshida-san is not about to lose to Shana-tan, especially after she uses her special monocle to check out Yuuji-kun's mid-section. Who will win their battle? Will Wilhelmina and Tiamat decide what they want for lunch as they observe Shana-tan? Who is the best partner for Margery Daw -- Marchosias or Tiamat?

[1 OAV, roughly six minutes long. It is the sequel to Shakugan no Shana-tan. See also:

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Taking from the success of Shakugan no Shana-tan, the sequel doubles the runtime from 3-minutes to six, allowing for much more Shana-tan goodness. As before, you need to have seen Shakugan no Shana since scenes from there are parodied here, to much laughter. Most of the shorts are of Yoshida-san and Shana-tan fighting or attempting to get Yuuji's attention. As such, Yoshida-san has two shorts where she does the "bounce" to try to accomplish this, much to Shana-tan's annoyance. While I did not care for this fanservice, Shana-tan's actions with Yoshida-san's current dog more than made up for it. Easily one of the funniest moments in the episode.

Wilhelmina and Tiamat get two scenes because Wilhelmina's seiyuu ITOU Shizuka does such an excellent job of speaking without excitement, and ends most sentences with "de arimasu," which is a very formal way of ending a sentence (over the standard "desu"). Ditto Tiamat seiyuu Watanabe Akeno, whom the writers also loved to hear her low-key, unexcited replies. This time they had her saying (in a semi-censored way) various seiyuu names in response to Whilhelmina, and some other silly stuff. However, I loved hearing them both speak, so it really didn't matter what they said. I wonder how the English dub will pull that off, assuming they licensed this part.

Finally, Margery Daw trying on the maid costume (and apparently Tiamat as well) was pretty funny.

Bottom line: great humor and a good parody of the original series.

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