True Love Story ~ Summer Days, and yet...

Title:True Love Story ~ Summer Days, and yet...
True Love Story
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Morisaki Yuuta (a shy boy attending second year of Tachikuka Koutou high school) lives together with his older sister Ruri; his best friend Momochi Seitaro is into secretly shooting photographs of various girls at school (for which all girls despise him). But while Yuuta isn't particularly interested in girls he seems to attact a number of them, be that Kiriya Satomi (whose bicycle the boy once fixed), or Mukai Yako (a sandbox friend of the siblings), or Arimori Hotomi (his classmate and "school madonna"), or Shinosaka Yuruki (who desperately wants to know more about boys), or Kamiya Nayu (the energetic computer club president) or even the shy and clumsy Kusunose Hina.
So which girl will manage to attend the Ocean Festival with Yuuta and watch the marvellous firework together with her boy?

[OVA, 2003-04, 3 episodes, 25 min]
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Watch Xenoknight [series:1328#2967]
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Watch 8 5 7 7 8 8 Devil Doll [series:1328#752]
[Score: 71%]
Based on a series of dating sims, this is as much cliché as you can get: One shy boy who forgot his childhood promise, and a number of girls surrounding him (one of them even encouraged by the boy's older sister).
Ajimu Kaigan Monogatari came to my mind at once, and some parallels are not to be denied. There is one major difference though: Important parts of the story are told from one girl's perspective, and she has the initiative in this Story - it's nice to read the other side's mind for a change. Due to this angle the story is rather shoujo at times, almost as much as Piano.
Most of the Characters don't get enough time to sufficiently develop any background for them, but watching the anime for the second time you'll notice that all of these had their appearance in the very first scenes already. But the aforementioned girl stands out as the one really interesting character of this mini series (although you'll only learn her story late in episode 3). I did like both "wingmen" of the couple-to-be, they added just the right dose of comedy into what would have been drowned into shyness and indecisiveness without them.

Nothing much to say about the mixed Music; the Art is standard (all girls are reasonably kawaii, even the weird ones...), the Animation is quite weak at times (long stills scrolling, and at one time you explicitly see the use of the same background with different persons "beamed" into and out of the scene...). Some Fan-service scenes (the boy accompanies his sister and their classmate buying swimsuits, and some girl showering), but other than that nothing even close to ecchiness. And these characters are meant to be second year high school, i. e. 17 years old...

So in the end this is at least a nice two-time watch for those who like romantic school comedies, with a stronger shoujo touch this time than one might expect from a harem anime. It just marginally missed a "Rent" score as it's so average in most aspects and has too many girls with so little development.

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