Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki OAV 3 plus 1

Title:Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki OAV 3 plus 1
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki OAV 3 plus 1
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Notables: KAJISHIMA Masaki
R1 License - FUNimation
After the Choushin fix the universe and reset it to the events prior to TM!R OAV 3, the battle of the Chobimaru vs. Ryo-ohki happens again thanks to future Noike's intervention and Tenchi gets sent back into the past as before, also courtesy of Noike. The aftermath of the battle leads to consequences for Misao and Mashisu, who must be punished for their crimes.
Meanwhile, the time has come for Tenchi to learn the truth behind his mother's death. In addition, his father Nobuyuki is ready to marry his long time aid Rea and needs to discuss this with Tenchi. Finally, the truth of Noike and her link to Kagato are revealed.
[1 OAV episode, the final (thus far) episode in the canon TM!R series or OAV's.]
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"↗Kajishima original canon" stories: Note: The GXP anime series is trumped by the novels from series creator KAJISHIMA Masaki. The canon GXP novels confirm that "Dual!" is set billions of years ago and why some of the characters are reincarnated in OVA 5. The "Paradise Wars" novels are included in the canon, which are also referenced in Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki OVA 5.

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Buy 9 8 8 8 8 Ggultra2764 [series:1250#1552]
This final episode to the the third OAV resolves some of the series mysteries such as the death of Tenchi's mother Kiyone and the link between Noike and Kagato. The revelation behind Kiyone's death will come off as something unexpected as it was certainly a revelation that one wouldn't expect from the series. Also with Noike's connection to Kagato, expect to hear some shocking revelations concerning Kagato in the usual Tenchi Muyo fashion. Viewers will also get a peek at Nobayuki and Rea's weddding, though I was disappointed that still shots were used instead of moving footage.

For those who have eagerly waited for the Tenchi Muyo OAV continuity for the past decade, this episode makes for a decent conclusion to the third OAV though you will still be scratching your heads over some mysteries of the series such as the secrets behind Mihoshi and the mysterious higher being that the Choushin are seeking.

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Buy 9 8 7 7 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:1250#436]

One of the weaknesses of OAV 3 was that Kajishima-sensei waiting until the last episode to do everything. Thus many things remained unanswered such as the death of Tenchi's mother Kiyone, the mystery of Mihoshi, and the link between Kagato and Noike. Fortunately, sales of the series in Japan prompted them to produce an additional OAV to answer some of those questions.

Those looking for answers about Mihoshi are going to be very disappointed, because there are none given. It would have been nice, but maybe K-sensei is saving that for a novel or something. However, we do get answers about Kiyone and I'm going to tell you, it was NOTHING like what I expected. K-sensei is notorious for saying things that would seem to indicate one path, then when the audience/fans go down that road, he hollers, "What are you doing over there? THIS is where the road is!" So I expect a lot of annoyance on the part of fans upon first watching the episode. For me, on a 2nd watch, I came to an understanding of how my expectations of where I thought things should go lead me astray. K-sensei knows his audience would love to go down certain roads, but he's going to go his own path.

The answers about Noike and Kagato are interesting, but may not go as far as some fans would like. I was hoping for some Naja references (the character named in the novel "Washu", for whom the male Kagato was based on) but there are none. However, bringing Dr. Clay back into things was somewhat interesting. It could have been more interesting though with some tweaking, but that's a minor complaint.

I was a bit disappointed that the wedding of Nobuyuki and Rea was done in stills. I know the actual wedding could have been boring, but I would have liked to have seen actual interaction between Nobuyuki and his former mother-in-law Airi-san. And I would have loved to have heard conversation between Yosho and Airi with their oldest daughter Minaho. But these things weren't to be.

Bottom line: while not everything is done the way I would have liked, there are a lot of nice tie-ups in this final canon OAV of the franchise. For true Tenchi fans, this will certainly be a buy.

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