Canvas 2 ~Niji Iro no Sketch~

Title:Canvas 2 ~Niji Iro no Sketch~
Canvas 2 ~Rainbow Colored Sketch~
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SAKURAI Takahiro
Hiroki Kamikura is an Art Student at the local school Nadesico Academy (High School and College Level). He's the advisor to the High School where his cousin Elise Hosen attends. While Elise is a painter like Hiroki, Hiroki seems to have given up on his dream and no longer paints. There appears to be some mysterious trauma in the past for both of them that have changed them.

The high school hires a new PE Teacher, Kiri Kikyo. On her first day she bumps into Hiroki and is stunned. Here is the boy she confessed to on the last day of school and he refused her. It's been several years and since it is a new city she never expected to find him.

Elise sees them talking and gets very jealous. It seems that in the past Elise had a car accident and didn't want to live. Hiroki showed her how to draw and his approval is what keeps her going. Now there is a new girl in his life who appears to know Hiroki as well or even better than Elise.

Elise walks Kiri-san home one night and asks her the fateful question, 'did you ever Kiss my Oni-chan?'

And so begins Canvas 2, which unlike Canvas ~Motif of Sepia~ is not an ecchi-fest but just a sweet romantic comedy.

(Based on a game by F&C and FC01)

24 TV episodes (~25min each episode, released in 2005)
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Watch 7 7 7 7 7 7 Dreamer [series:1190#2279]
Not having seen the first Canvas, I decided to dive into this one since it seems it got more favorable reviews. I was going to backtrack to the first series if I enjoyed this one. However.....

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork wasn't too great. It seemed a bit below the norm..... as if there's a norm... lol. But honestly, the colors seemed a bit dull, details seemed a bit lacking and there was heavy use of hard outlines (mainly on the characters). Animation was a bit choppy but hardly noticeable. Character designs weren't that great but passable.

The OP had female vocals but it wasn't too high-pitched as found in many anime OPs. It was a light alternative-pop piece. Not too bad either. As for the soundtrack, there were some light piano pieces (mostly elevator type). Aside from that, there wasn't anything else worth noting. The ED was different. Not sure if it fit the series as a whole. It was a alternative piece with female vocals. Not too bad either! I caught myself bobbing my head back and forth to the tunes a few times.

Series and Episode Story
For anime based on "art", I was sorta expecting lots of visual eye-candy, some abstract artwork, or story telling. Didn't get any of that however. After a few episodes in, realized that "art" was nothing more than the story premise and the anime itself wasn't going to be "artsy" or "flashy". For the most part, the series was episodic but there was a very gradual plot building.... even if it was a pretty light one.

There was really no character development but that's ok since none of the characters really stood out. For the most part, the series revolved around Hiroki (male lead), his cousin Elise and the female teacher Kiri. There's a light love-triangle that eventually forms and resolves quite surprisingly at the end. Not sure if I liked how it ended.

Overall, this series was a light one. Not a whole lot of excitement, a bit of humor and for the most part, just a mild entertainment.

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Buy Xenoknight [series:1190#2967]
review coming after I rewatch the anime...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

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Buy 10 9 9 9 10 loplop [series:1190#1797]
Canvas 2 is a show that is not made enough in anime these days, a slice of life in the Modern day. It could have been set just as easily in New York or Chicago as it was in Tokyo and told its story. Having played the Bishoujo game that it was based on about a year or so before the series started in the fall of 2005, I was rather happy to see that the series was executed very well. That does not always happen with shows made from games(Think Shuffle!). Many people dismissed this series quickly as a harem show, but there were only two female characters that really mattered, Elis and Kiri. It was nice to see a decent regular guy as the lead in this show. Hiroki was the best male in a show like this since the likes of To Heart or Comic Party. To those who would say that it was too long at 24 episodes, I would have to disagree, I felt it was just the right length.

Much has, and will be said, about how the show ended. I really liked the show's ending and enjoyed the twist. Random Curiosity, an anime blog I visit on a regular basis, had its biggest response to a single episode of anime that it has ever seen when it aired and the discussion became very heated. It's one you will have to watch for yourself to appreciate.

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Watch Stretch [series:1190#628]
My first impression of Canvas 2 was that it wasn't trying to be much, but was funny enough to generally leave me smiling. The characters have some personality to them, and the dialogue is fairly interesting. Having finally seen the entire series, however, I can't help thinking that this story would have worked better as 12 rather than 24 episodes. The plot wasn't all that deep to begin with, and 24 episodes stretched it pretty thin (I just wish the shows I do really love would get this many episodes, instead of being nipped in the bud at around 12 each!). I bet you could skip an episode now and then and still have little trouble figuring out what's going on when you return. The reason Hiroki is suffering from artist's block seemed pretty absurd to me (plagarism?). Elise had too many friends to keep track of (perhaps because this is video game based?) and I didn't even try. The red haired girl who is already writing romance novels was my favorite. I was a bit surprised at the way things worked out at the end--I was operating under the assumption that the basic question behind the plot would be how long it would take for Elise to give up her childish infatuation with her cousin, Hiroki, but that wasn't exactly the way things turned out. Don't skip the credits, which contain a number of hints as to how things work out for the various characters. This is the sort of show that will probably never be licensed in the US, since it's not particularly racy and has no magic or artificial girls. It just focuses on life in contemporary Japan--yet I enjoyed it, and have no regrets about devoting the time it took to watch it. Sometimes mildly entertaining shows like this come in handy, sort of like a bland diet to soothe an upset stomach. To me, Canvas 2 is right on the boundary between Watch and Rent. Chances are that if it had already been released over here and I had rented it, I'd have kept renting 'til the end (though in part to avoid admitting that I might have spent my money more wisely!). Neither brilliant nor seriously flawed, I would say that all in all, Canvas 2 is a thoroughly average show.

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Rent Forbin [series:1190#1573]
Drama : Low/Med
Comedy : Med
Action : None
SciFi : None
Ecchi : Low

7 Episodes Watched
What happens with Da Capo meets Ichigo 100? You get a Series about a clueless guy who happens to be an Artist.

Elise bears a startling resemblance to Sakura of Da Capo and it turns out the same Key Animator worked on both.

It's almost a harem. More later. [11-18-2005]

So far it is not a harem. There are a bunch of girls (including a Goth-Loli character) but the focus remains on his 'sister' and his 'ex-girlfriend'.
It's much better than Canvas 1 so far and I like watching but I keep getting 'Da Capo' flashbacks.


Took me a while to get back into this one. It's pretty good. No drama yet but a nice little cat fight about to happen.

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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1190#967]
First episode of this series is out as a fansub.

Misc Comments - don't know if this is related to the two-episode Canvas ~Motif of Sepia~ OVA, (other than by name).

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