Okusama wa Joshi Kousei

Title:Okusama wa Joshi Kousei
My Wife is a High School Girl
Okusama wa Joshikousei
おくさまは女子高生 (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - Madhouse
MADONO Mitsuaki

Onohara Asami is a cute, 17 years old 2nd year high-school student. What nobody knows is that she`s actually already married, to her physics teacher Ichimaru Kyosuke-sensei, whom she addresses as Danna-sama (husband/master). However, in order to be allowed to marry her Danna-sama, her father had to agree to the marriage. He did, but only after drawing up a contract which states that Ichimaru-sensei will NOT have sexual relations with his daughter until she graduates from high school. Both Asumi and Ichimaru-sensei have to keep the marriage a secret lest he be fired from his job. Can Ichimaru-sensei keep to the terms of the contract? Can the two keep the marriage a secret from the many folks who constantly seem to butt in?

[13 TV eps (~24 min) (each regular episode consisting of 2 mini episodes) or 26 TV eps (~12 min); based on the manga by Hiyoko Kobayashi-sensei.]

1:29 min opening: YouTube Video
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Watch 7 6 7 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1107#1552]
Honestly don't know what to make of this show. My Wife is a High School Girl is mostly a slice-of-life title focused on the everyday occurrences of Asame and Ichimaru who are not only in a student-teacher relationship, but are also married. Not only do the two have to keep their relationship secret from others, but they also have to ward off others who have romantic interest in them or make efforts at having alone time without Asame's father stepping in to thwart their efforts at getting intimate. For an ecchi title, the content to this series is tame as service shots, bath scenes and lewd thoughts aren't very frequent and aren't really pushing the envelope too much. Yet at the same time, this series has a good amount of wasted potential it could have done at exploring the relationship between the student-teacher couple. The series doesn't explore the societal ramifications of the relationship nor does it explore how the couple got into present situation as husband and wife with Asame's father begrudgingly agreeing. In fact, it doesn't even have a proper conclusion as a major element to Asame's character shown at a number of points in the series was her desire to consummate her relationship with Ichimaru and any attempts for this are thwarted either by Asame's father or anyone else about to walk in on the scene. Beyond subpar efforts at comedy coming from the couple's situation and moments of seriousness that don't lead to any advancement in character developments beyond a few folks becoming aware of Asame and Ichimaru's relationship, nothing of much note happens in this show. Ultimately, this show's biggest problem is it lacks a major hook for me to care for Asame and Ichimaru's relationship as My Wife is a High School Girl sticks to being a slice-of-life title focusing on the middle of their marital arrangement. It's not the worst I've seen, but this is a pretty forgettable title due to lacking both the heavy loads of ecchi content you might expect of this title's premise and a hook that would lure in fans of romance/ drama titles.

Last updated Friday, September 13 2013. Created Friday, September 13 2013.
Watch 6 6 6 2 4 4 Xenoknight [series:1107#2967]
A couple that must do everything in their power to keep their marriage a secret...

This is a story about a teacher who married a student and must keep their marriage a secret at all costs. Asumi, the 17 year old wife in high-school, and Ichimaru Kyosuke-sensei, Asumi's teacher and loving husband (who will now be referred to as Kyo for the purpose of this review), are the main leads in this title. Kyo agreed to never "seal the deal" with Asumi as long as she is in high school as per her father's conditions for marrying her. When did this transaction occur you ask? As far as this title is concerned - NEVER, but I'll discuss this issue later on. Besides that blunder, anytime during the anime when things got "hot and heavy" for the lead couple, Asumi's father would suddenly appear to remind them of the contract. This particular source of comedy quickly crumbled as the plausibility factor continued to drop from his "convenient" appearances. It was just ridiculous most of the time and always stopped the viewer from getting to see the good stuff. Think of him as a representative of the censorship company, because he is always stopping their intimate moments. Speaking of censors, this title was filled with ecchi moments and sexual encounters that nearly push Kyo and Asumi to the point of adultery. Kyo has his hands full (literally) with busty babes that want him, but its Asumi who’s truly lingering to have marital relations with him the most. As per the contract, Kyo can't touch her, but she is desperate for love and would give anything to have one night of passion with her danna-sama (husband-master - master in both the teacher/student sense and in the sense that of a wife). This is most visible in ep 15, where Asumi is given an offer to be wanted by a man and she goes though an emotional hell trying to hold back her hormones. That ep was very real and helped put her in a more "human pair of shoes" if you know what I mean.

The characters were certainly an element of excellence that this title made for itself. Some of the more prevalent ones to mention were:

As two of my favorites, the voluptuously seductive Sakura and her unbelievably desensitized son, Sasuke, saved the show for me. Respectively, they served as a prime source for fan service as well as most of the comedic-relief. I loved watching Sakura make her futile attempts at Kyo and Sasuke acting like the helpless, fatherless son. Sakura's ultimate role in the story besides the mentioned themes, was to watch over the couple and protect their secret. I came to love her more and more as time passed on. Her son, however, was a different matter all together. You can call him your -25 year old soul trapped in a 7 year old person's body- type of character. He would drool over women, cling to female private parts, and think plenty of dirty thoughts. To make it worse, his mother would let him get away with some of it, only stopping him when he goes overboard. Talk about bad parenting. She even let him stay in the room when she was discussing porn with Asumi and what to look out for in them! Sasuke would certainly grow up to be another Itou Makotodown the line.

All the drama in this title was connected to Iwasaki-sensei, a crazy attention wh -(ore) that doubled as Kyo's colleague from the school, and her perverse brother, Erosaki (the title given to him by the student body for his taste in filming girls in ecchi situations). Whenever Iwasaki was involved, things got really sexual for Kyo and troublesome for Asumi. At first, she seemed more innocent/selfish/desperate than horny like Sakura was, but that turned into a different issue later on. Iwasaki later becomes a full blown stalker and rejects Asumi's very existence with every passing moment. She sets her eyes on Kyo early on and doesn't stop for anything to try to achieve this goal. A persistent bi -(tch) until the very end, Iwasaki puts the couple under some serious duress and she does absolutely everything in her power to get in the way. As for Erosaki, his actions throughout the anime reminded me of myself during my high school days {Ah, good times... (^_^)}. He is the Iwasaki equivalent, only in Asumi's case. Though not as persistent or as determined as his sister, he does present Asumi with her toughest challenge in staying faithful to Kyo. Being siblings and all, it's easy to see how they were so alike in trying to destroy the couple with every chance afforded to them. It was also easy to see why they are both sex-crazed perverts.

Asumi's friends were extremely annoying, always bugging her about stupid stuff. The type of stuff a normal high school girl does is of no concern to Asumi, because she is already married. This is painfully obvious as the story progresses. Asumi is constantly seen avoiding her friends or outright abandoning them to deal with other pressing matters. The only "good deed" her friends were capable of the entire 13 eps, was when they all came to the star-gazing site set up by Kyo on episode 22. That scene was a very satisfying blow to Iwasaki.

Every character played a solid role in this story, but the aforementioned will be the ones I will emphasize.

As for the specs, they are as follows; the art/animation/design are all a bit higher than that of normal quality. As a whole, however, I say the visuals went to waste on this title. The music was so pitiful that I'm not even going to mention it. Let's just say that my score was me being generous for the situational music's sake.

This title still had plenty of shockers to dish out before the end though. Episode 5 had me stunned with what Iwasaki was doing with a fellow male student right in the middle of the classroom. In episode 7, she even made Kyo's hand touch her in a place that was COMPLETELY inappropriate for such a public setting. Episode 9 was the first nerve-wrecking ep for Asumi thanks to some intrusive neighbors. I can’t forget about Iwasaki's constant meddling in ep 19 that nearly makes Kyo snap emotionally. Of course, I have to mention ep 22 and the look on Iwasaki's face afterwards. The final ep (13 or 25/26) goes without saying. So as you see, it wasn't all bad and this title had its share of jaw-droppers.

Along with the shockers, there were some eps that were noticeably out of place in terms of episode planning. Episode 18, 21, 23, and 24 felt like they belonged in the beginning-to-middle portion of the series. In spite of that, they were terribly placed in the ending string of episodes and completely destroyed any chance of fluidity this title had going for it.

The last ep was where things got really good (figures... right?). Iwasaki makes her final attempt at Kyo and discovers their secret! Having realized everything and piecing together the entire puzzle, she makes a decision that will force Kyo's hand and makes him do the unthinkable to protect the one he loves. He prepared for the day when the world would reject him and his decision to marry one so young, and so he faces his demons with a composed nature. Like a straight up "G", he sacrifices everything for his beliefs and doesn't turn back to regret a thing (that scene was cool as hell I must admit). The true reason behind Iwasaki's actions during that time can only be seen to understand.

Being a 2005 title overall, it was just "sloppy" (if you will) all the way through. The way they did the eps, being so short and all, makes it seem like they rushed the whole thing (though that turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as you'll soon understand by the end of this review). The premise is also a rather though pill to swallow. Instead of telling us how they continued their lives as a married couple, I would rather want to know when they met and/or why they fell in love with each other in the first place as well as how Asumi's father let it all happen without killing Kyo first. It's as if this title was a sequel to the real story that never happened. Your job, as the viewer, is to just accept it. Jumping into a story that was already this far along (plot wise) with no back story wasn't a good idea and turned out to damage this title's credibility even more.

I was tempted to regret watching this many times over. It wasn't a great story, nor can I say that it was a complete waste of time. All I can say is that it's a "true and blue" watch. That’s too bad, because it was really interesting for a while there. If you want to see a better title with a similar premise, check out Onegai Teacher. That should get you out of the "standstill" this title may have put you in. (LOL ...just a joke for those who already know how that one goes). (^_^)

All in all, after everything was said and done in the last episode, I saw a message scroll across my screen. The message was extremely funny to me and perfectly attributed to what I felt about this title as a whole, so I'll just use it as my ending quote:

"LIME Anime wishes to thank all those fans who tortured themselves by watching this show!"

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Tuesday, February 09 2010. Created Thursday, May 21 2009.
Watch 8 8 8 7 7 7 Dreamer [series:1107#2279]
Having watched this a while back, I rewatched it so I can give a proper review.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art wasn't all that bad. In fact, it was probably a bit above the average. Animation was on par with most other anime out there. Character designs were done well. Our protagonist, "Asami" is uber cute.

The OP was..... yuck. It was another oh too happy pop piece with female vocals. Not my tastes whatsoever. however, as mostly, it was bearable. At least the rest of the soundtrack was bearable with some pianos and similar instruments.

Series and Episode Story
Hmmmm, I had a hard time believing in the plot. It was a bit wacky in the sense that is was waaay out there in terms of plausibility, however, it wasn't all that bad really. A lot of the characters were enjoyable and lovable and there were plenty of fun and awkward moments.

Overall, it was a fun watch but sorta failed in grabbing my full attention. Don't let my review discourage you from watching it however.

Last updated Friday, May 15 2009. Created Friday, May 15 2009.
Watch 8 8 8 7 6 6 AstroNerdBoy [series:1107#436]

So let me get this straight...I'm a sensei who marries one of my 17-y/o students and I haven't slept with her yet? BWAH!HA!HA!HA!HA! Oh wait, my young hottie's over-protective father allowed me to marry his daughter under the condition that I won't sleep with her until she graduates. BWAH!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! He even made me sign a contract to such AND comes in like a bully anytime things get to "romantic." BWAH!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! Please, somebody stop the madness.

The reason I put this on my watch list was because the concept of a sensei marrying his 17-year old student in the hands of a good writer could be a very good one. However, the writers choose to not explore the social, moral, or other interesting aspects (even in a comedic form) of this situation. Not having read the source manga, I don't know how that handled things, but I do plan to investigate it.

Anyway, at first the series is pretty unwatchable with lots of cringe moments for me. The series tries to be funny, but fails, then tries to get angst via Asami who longs to spend marital quallity time with her Danna-sama (which means husband, but appears to be a submissive term as it can also mean "master"), the slightly doofy Ichimaru Kyosuke-sensei. To force conflict into the mix (remember, they have to keep the marriage a secret because Ichimaru-sensei would be fired if it were learned that he had married his student), Sakura-san and her young son move in. She works at a caberet, where she entertains male customers in her high school seifuku. She of course sets her sights on Ichimaru-sensei and goes all out to "nail" him, even in front of her son. Ugh! Her young son latches onto Asumi, calling her "Asumi-oneechan." I guess this conflict didn't even work for the writers because they soon resolve in, and in the process redeem Sakura-san.

But who better to add conflict to the young couple's life than an attractive female sensei at their school? So we get Iwasaki-sensei promoted to a stronger role, where she then proceeds to seduce Ichimaru-sensei whenever she can. Frankly, it annoyed me and didn't make the conflict work. Adding her little brother, who's also a student with the hots for Asami, into the mix didn't work either. In fact, nothing the writers added to cause conflict worked. And when Asumi and her Danna-sama get into a fight, it comes off as forced and unatural. Things just never really work that well.

Still, by the end of the series, there had been a slight improvement as the writers allow the couple to be a bit more romantic at times. However, this was not enough to make the series worth much. While Asumi and Ichimaru-sensei were an interesting couple, the writing was just sub-par.

Bottom line: The bad writing almost makes this an "Avoid" title, but there was just enough here to make me score this a "Watch." A much better series dealing with a sensei-student marriage is Onegai Teacher, which despite a dopy first couple of epsidodes, actually takes a nice look at marriage.

Last updated Saturday, April 29 2006. Created Friday, April 14 2006.

Buy 9 9 9 8 8 loplop [series:1107#1797]
Futari Ecchi meets (a reverse) Onegai Teacher in a different twist of the genre. The series finished up, but still left some un answered questions laying around. Maybe they will taken care of in the upcoming OVA's that are to appear in November - December. The series live up to the potential that it had and even though it does have a lot of fan service, it’s of a tolerable nature. I am glad to see that they are staying somewhat close to the manga, but it did not (so far) follow the manga exactly. The manga has some rather sexually explicit chapters in its later volumes (especially volume 5). In that way it is similar to Futari Ecchi's manga (another personal favorite). For once, I am rather satisfied with an Avex Mode produced show, which is hard to believe after the mess of the Ichigo 100%'s anime. I await the coming OVAs to see how it will wrap things up . . . .

Last updated Friday, October 07 2005. Created Wednesday, July 13 2005.

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