Tenjou Tenge:The Past Chapter

Title:Tenjou Tenge:The Past Chapter
Tenjho Tenge:The Past Chapter
Tenjou Tenge:The Movie
TenTen: The Past Chapter
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A condensed version of the flashback scenes that make up most of episodes 10-23 of the TV series of the same name.

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[Movie, 2005, 93 min]
Fansub by Shinsen
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Rent 8 9 7 8 7 Devil Doll [series:1036#752]
[Score: 75%]

For those who already know the Tenjou Tenge series: This movie doesn't contain any new material. Therefore you get the same Art, Animation and Music as in the series. No appearance of Aya, Souchiro, or Bob - this is just the events that happened two years ago, as reported by Maya and Bunshichi. You'll get all the flashbacks from the second half of the series condensed into the size of four episodes, starting with episode 10 (the Katana Club) and ending with episode 23. And as such, this story is a tragedy.

The approach of this movie is interesting, similar to the RahXephon - Tagen Hensoukyoku movie. All important scenes, fights as well as dialogues, are there in the movie, only shortened significantly (all the irrelevant fights are missing or reduced to a few seconds, and no bragging or technical names of moves). Oh, and all of Maya's panty shots are present of course, but almost no other ecchi scenes. What's completely missing is any silly or funny scenes; this movie is focussed on the drama aspect of the story, and the fighting scenes are used merely to emphasize the main characters' conflicts.

Although they missed out on explanations now and then, I think the story works reasonably well this way. Being a gloomy violent tragedy drama now, this movie is a lot less Japanese but probably a lot more suitable for the western market. I liked this movie a lot better than I liked the series, and that's really a surprise for me; but it wouldn't probably have worked that well had I not seen the series before.

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