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Notables: Animation - BEE TRAIN
Music - KAJIURA Yuki
R1 Distributor - Section23 Films (ADV)
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
Madlax is a professional killer. Margaret is a young girl with no memory of the past. Who are they and why are they connected?

The anime opens with a young girl Madlax jumping out of a plane to recover a stolen data disc. She is a professional killer who has the ability to change into a evening dress in the middle of a jungle and shoot with her eyes closed.

Margaret Barton wakes up. She seems to have no memory of who she is and what she is doing. She goes around town and encounters people who recognize her but she doesn't. She stares at a certain pair of red shoes.

Margaret comments on how strong the rain is (though it's currently sunny), elsewhere Madlax stands in the rain depressed. What is this connection? How can Margaret know what Madlax is doing?
26 Episodes
R1 - 2 Disks Released
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Rent 8 7 8 7 8 7 Ggultra2764 [series:1035#1552]
The second title made in Bee Train's well-known "girls with guns" trilogy, Madlax mixes supernatural mystery with its gun-action when a professional assassin and the daughter of a wealthy family become entangled in a conspiracy by a secret organization called Enfant having their own diabolical plans involving the two. First appearances can be deceiving with this title, as there have been cases of folks dropping it after the first several episodes and dismissing it as a Noir ripoff with the similar characters, premise and dynamic involved in the series. The slow pacing of the series also doesn't help matters in early perceptions of the series which hint to more to come while introducing the characters and its premise.

However if you are able to press through Madlax's first half, then you will see that this series establishes its own identity outside of Bee Train's first entry to their "girls with guns" trilogy. Unlike Noir and El Cazador de la Bruja, this series regularly carries an ongoing storyline and doesn't waste time on episodic developments as the other two were known to doing. While early episodes to Madlax may seem irrelevant with what they are trying to tell for story, the episodes actually serve as a necessity to provide a focus into the types of worlds both Madlax and Margaret are part of, while slowly building up on the connection that the two have to one another. Supernatural elements and psychological developments are brought into the mix as the story develops as Madlax and Margaret try making sense of their lost pasts and investigating what Enfant has to do with them. Both elements are key to understanding some of the more mysterious elements of the series that seem irrelevant at first glance yet get revealed in due time such as Enfant's mystical ability to brainwash those coming in contact with them and a war-ravaged world where a young girl and boy are all alone. The mix of psychological drama, gun action and supernatural elements help create an engaging story that will keep you engaged to the show throughout its run if you are able to get through the show's first several episodes and very slow pacing.

Praises aside, Madlax does have some issues that keep me from wanting to rate it higher. Outside of the mentioned slow pacing, Friday Monday's role as the main antagonist of the series was hard for me to take seriously with his delusional tirades about human morality and desire to plunge humanity into the same crazed desire he has for endless violence. Also, I found Limelda's character to be a waste of screen time in this series as she doesn't contribute much to the series beyond serving as the "worthy rival" archetype for Madlax.

Visually, Madlax retains a similar drawing style that was done for Noir while having more vibrant color and polished detail. Gun action scenes were on the plain side for the most part with Madlax being practically unstoppable against most enemy threats and the show's habit of milking shortcuts like reused animation frames, still shots and speed stripes to conserve on budget. The soundtrack was pleasing on the ears for the most part with its use of eerie, yet powerful, tracks to enhance suspenseful and dramatic moments, though it does occasionally get repetitive as episodes progress (notably with the insert songs).

Despite some flaws, I found Madlax to perhaps be the best entry in Bee Train's "girls with guns" trilogy. Featuring a plot that mixes mystery and supernatural elements on top of solid buildup of its psychological elements involving Margaret and Madlax, this is a solid anime to look into if you can overlook the anime's slow pacing.

Last updated Wednesday, January 01 2014. Created Wednesday, January 01 2014.
Rent 10 10 8 8 8 8 Anonymous #2029 [series:1035#2029]
Personally, I don't like mystery that much so this is an average anime for me. The action of this anime is pretty cool but it doesn't have that much though (not until near the end). The story line seems a little weird. The first ten episodes or so were kinda comfusing, and of course, mystery. Moving towards the end, it's starting to reveal the secrets but not that clearly. This anime is somewhat similiar to Ghost in the Shell. Anyway, if you like action and mystery type, check out this anime, you'll like it.

Last updated Wednesday, July 06 2005. Created Wednesday, July 06 2005.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 Anime4Ever! [series:1035#1414]
This show is so freakin awsome! It's got action, a bit of romance, and the best part of all mystery. It's from Director Koichi Mashimo, who brought us NOIR, and .hack//SIGN. I've only seen three episodes, and I'm impressed, and excited for the next episode. As right now, I only get it from "On-Demand." And since they pulled Chrono Crusade, I don't trust them a whole lot to play the series. I'd tell you the plot, but it's kind of confusing, and I'm lousy with plots. As far as I know it has to do with this Bounty Hunter/Assassin, who is dealing with conflicts in a bloody civil war. Meanwhile, there is this rather eccentric girl, named Margret, who is odd. There's this "Aura" type girl, who scares, the living daylights out of me. She's spooky. That's the best to my knolwedge. Anyway the show is great. Fantastic direction from Koichi Mashimo. And I'm willing to bet, he did the sound. Plus Bee-Trains Animation is spactacular. And the most key element, music. From the esteemed composer of .hack//SIGN and NOIR, Yuki Kajiura has some bueatiful, and haunting melodies. I even heard re-arranged parts from the song "A Stray Child" (.hack//SIGN) and other music pieces from .hack//SIGN So do I recommend this Anime? You bet, if you love Action, pretty girls, adventure, mystery, and a beautiful original score, MADLAX is for you!

Last updated Wednesday, June 22 2005. Created Wednesday, June 22 2005.
Rent Forbin [series:1035#1573]
Drama : High
Comedy : Low
Action : High
SciFi : Med
Ecchi : Low

8 Episodes Watched
Hmm from the same people who brought you Noir. So far I'm not very impressed by it. I was like WTF this seems to be 2 different animes running at the same time. Honestly I can't really give it a good review because when Madlax did her little change into an evening dress while 30 feet up a tree bit I was like ok, this is stupid. I did like the way she was hitting on a guy for a date during the mission. But this is still confusing.

I'll watch as it is released, but go watch Noir, it's better. Heck I'd rather watch Najica Blitz Tactics, at least that has more fanservice.
Ok the 2nd disk like Maburaho has greatly improved. I guess ADV must've done some massive head banging after watching the first releases quality.

Madlax still is looking for a date and still killing tons of people. Margaret is still a basket case but now we know there is a reason behind her mystery.

This is a much better show than Najica but still Noir is better. I'll now upgrade this to a rent.

Last updated Tuesday, June 14 2005. Created Thursday, April 28 2005.

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