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Title Rating Synopsis
.hack Rent See .hack//SIGN

Watch Mimiru and Bear meet up at a reopened dungeon known to have given rise to legends in the past. But rather than collect treasures and experience points, Mimiru has come to see a past experience that she had with powerful Longarm character, Mimika.

Rent It's the near future, and there is only one video game, called "The World." In the virtual reality of "The World", all sorts of people play. However, once a character named Tsukasa is unable to log out, and weird events start happening, "The World" starts to seem much more mysterious than anyone ever thought.
Hack Sign Rent See .hack//SIGN

Rent Madlax is a professional killer. Margaret is a young girl with no memory of the past. Who are they and why are they connected?
MADLAX Rent See Madlax

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