Delinquent in Drag

Title:Delinquent in Drag
Oira Sukeban
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Notables: MATSUMOTO Yasunori
Original Concept - NAGAI Go
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
TANAKA Hideyuki
When teenage pervert Banji gets his new school uniform, he's in for a shock. He has been mistakenly issued a girl's uniform, and despite his half-witted protests, his parents insist he hurry up and make it to school on time. Once there, should he admit his mistake and become the laughing stock of the school? Or continue the deception, especially since he's fallen for a pretty classmate who thinks of him as a friend?

One 43min OVA episode.
Animation by Studio Signal Club.
R1 License by ADV Films.
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Watch Stretch [series:922#628]
Although he was talking about a different show, I think Kevin Gilvear has perfectly summed up the reason why I like anime comedy in general: "Oh the perversity. Let it not be said that the Japanese don't know how to put together the most politically incorrect and taboo filled shows in the world". Such a show would be Delinquent in Drag. The nasty incest sub-plot (Banji's mother is only 11 years older than he is, and his father fears--with some justification--that she may be having an affair with their son) no doubt contributed to an appalling review which kept me away from this show for awhile. But then another reviewer, despite a clear distaste for sex in anime awarded DiD a halfway decent rating (C-), and what's more, I learned that none other than Go Nagai had been behind this project. Cutey Honey has always been a favorite of mine, and once I found a cheap copy I decided to give DiD a try. Banji's parents do indeed remind me of Chokkei's mom and dad, both in appearance and behavior (also, keep an eye out for an unusual spectator at the fight between Banji and the head of the Judo club). Banji's family is totally screwed up, as both he and his father get into brawls at the slightest provocation, and fear no one--except the mother. I was tempted to include the keyword "vulgar" to describe the particular brand of comedy to be found here--it kind of reminded me of the Ping Pong Club (if you're not a fan of that show, I'd stay away from this one!). The animation was okay, but could have been better--at times characters almost seemed to be moving in slow motion (a low cell rate, perhaps?). The biggest problem is the way the show ends--two male students have been built up as challengers who want to fight Banji, and he has just whipped one of them, when suddenly the music and animation move unmistakeably towards closure. "Don't tell me that's the end!" I said to myself, but it was. Oh well, the plot never really made sense (it was too madcap, and I never really expected it to), so it didn't hurt too much to have the show end abruptly. Personally, I bought my own inexpensive copy of DiD, and was glad to enjoy something new for an hour (I regret nothing!!), but I know the rest of you are not weird enough to award this show anything more than a "Watch".

My favorite line: "How could they do that in front of their son? Don't they realise they could traumatize me for life?" --Banji

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