Ou Dorobou Jing

Title:Ou Dorobou Jing
King of Bandits Jing
Odorobou Jing
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Notables: HORIE Yui
MIKI Shinichirou
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
The legend of the Bandit King is that he could steal the stars from the midnight sky and that no one could stop him. Jing, a wandering adventurer along with his womanizing bird of a companion Kir, set their sights on stealing only the rarest of treasures as they travel through an odd world of humans, humanoid animals and magical creatures. While the King of Bandits adventures in theft always manage to succeed, they somehow usually end up helping others around him, and often with an unintended consequence of an even greater theft - that of stealing a young girl's heart.

[TV series, 2002, 13 episodes, 23 min; see also: Odorobou Jing in Seventh Heaven]

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Watch 7 6 7 5 5 6 Ggultra2764 [series:896#1552]
King of Bandits Jing tells a series of episodic stories and self-contained story arcs focused around famous thief Jing and his crow assistant, Kir, pulling off heists and upsetting whatever restrictive laws are in place for any lands he visits. The series offers a good deal of creativity in depicting the various lands that Jing and Kir visit, though the quality of their storytelling tends to vary from being underwhelming to decent. There isn't much revealed about our pair beyond Jing able to successfully pull off all his heists and overthrow whatever laws were in place for the lands he visits, and Kir being Jing's womanizing sidekick who serves as his source of firepower when both are under attack. Not to mention the visuals for this series are a bit on the average side with animation shortcuts being rather noticeable throughout its run, especially during action scenes. Overall, the series is a rather forgettable one that doesn't have much to stick out beyond its often ridiculous creative choices for plots and character designs.

Last updated Sunday, January 14 2018. Created Sunday, January 14 2018.
Rent Stretch [series:896#628]
(Rent- or Watch+)

(Ten episodes watched):

This is one of those "What-were-those-guys-smoking-when-they-made-this? (in a good way)" shows. Episode one of Jing didn't exactly thrill me; my impression was of unexplained weirdness (and therefore not all that funny), a fairly simple and predictable plot, and a main character who didn't particularly endear himself to me. Jing talked so little, and the way he moved his head were so odd that at one point the thought occured to me that the makers of this show were experimenting with some sort of CGI to animate his face. But seeing as this show has gotten a lot of enthusiastic praise here, I decided to continue watching and see if it shaped up. Jing is a sort of Robin Hood-like character who has a talking bird companion (Kir) who can graft himself to Jing's arm and transform into a fireball shooting weapon. The opponents he takes on are just as freaky (the rooster men are my favorites), and once I got over my initial head scratching mode, I came to enjoy the show. However, it never came near attaining "Buy" status for me. This series has a distinct parable feeling to it (very unusual in anime), as Jing and Kir discover lessons about right and wrong in life. The morals-to-the-stories were sometimes predictable, sometimes bewildering, and sometimes absent, but never particularly enlightening, IMO. The banter between Jing and Kir was the best part of the show for me. Actually, I gave up after episode ten, partly because this particular episode seemed frustratingly boring and nonsensical, and partly because my borrowed DVDs were overdue for return. To be honest, I am still scratching my head as I wonder what this show was supposed to be about.

One weird show which didn't make sense to me, and doesn't seem worth rewatching in order to figure it out.

Last updated Monday, August 27 2007. Created Wednesday, June 27 2007.
Buy Forbin [series:896#1573]
Drama : Med
Comedy : Med / High
Action : Med / High
SciFi : Low
Ecchi : None
Jing is a very good anime. The only complaint I have? You don't know where Jing and Kir come from (And no , don't tell me 7th Heaven explained it, 7th was a POS) it's poof! There's the Bandit King (I can't say King of Bandit in English..it's just plain wrong) and he's this young punk that moves like lightning, has a wicked sword, a bird that shoots nuclear fireballs, and can steal ANYTHING including emotions (Like a girls heart..hehe). A bit too much reused Animations (About 3 mins per episode) but still a very good item to watch and watch again. Every episode you learn a life lesson (Well if you don't miss it) and then he is off to the next theft.

Last updated Tuesday, January 11 2005. Created Tuesday, January 11 2005.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 Anonymous #1753 [series:896#1753]
well this story is great from the first episode to the last. it only last 13 epispdes but the caracters evolve with the story. it has comedy, a lot of gitar play, romance, and fightings scene.
the mission of jin and kir is to help people, to make them understand that they have a power inside and to used to change there lives for the better.
get this, you will not be sorry if you buy it. trust me i watch a lot of anime.

Last updated Tuesday, December 28 2004. Created Tuesday, December 28 2004.
Rent Jan-Chan [series:896#967]
Great Anime Series!! .. (RENT++ or a BUY-)

I found the boxed set relatively cheap (on EBaY) and could not help to pick it up for a steal!!

With a coy mix of dry wit and grand adventure, this series is all over the place in terms of humor. If one joke didn't get you, the next one will get a smirk or laugh....

The world that Jing and his lecherous bird-companion - KIR - travel in a strange place of magic, technology and monsters. Walking and talking skeletons walk the land, goofy monster-people and strange villains abound. A greedy merchant might appear as a pig-faced man, a seductress might appear as a fox-girl, but walking among them are apparently normal people.

Jing's reputation is one to make greedy tyrants and corrupt officials tremble, but this cavalier gentleman thief has a bit of a twisted sense of what is of the 'greatest value'. But he is unstoppable, inscrutable, and capable of even stealing the stars from the midnight sky.

And while I really like this series, I have to admit that's a bit simple and episodic. Some of the monsters are really DUMB and need only a bit of common sense to confront. And Jing counts on his battle companion and their 'KIR ROYAL' too much to defeat their enemies.

But their world is a colorful and interesting place of strange wonder and mystery, which is probably why I enjoyed this series so much...

And the last three episodes are best of the entire series (the grand Mas Quesk story arc).

Well worth at least one viewing......

Last updated Friday, January 08 2010. Created Thursday, November 11 2004.

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