Maison Ikkoku: Utsuriyuku Kisetsu no Naka de

Title:Maison Ikkoku: Utsuriyuku Kisetsu no Naka de
Maison Ikkoku: Through the Passing Seasons
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Notables: AOKI Kazuyo
CHIBA Shigeru
Original Concept - TAKAHASHI Rumiko
This 90-minute OAV special recaps the entire 96-episode Maison Ikkoku series. The obvious focus is on Godai and Kyoko's relationship.
[1 OAV special, 90 minutes.]
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Rent 8 8 8 8 8 AstroNerdBoy [series:766#436]

There's not really much I can say about this OAV special. After all, it is a recap episode showing how Godai and Kyoko got together and some of the issues they faced along the way. I couldn't tell if there was any new footage or not (the copy I got was pretty poor quality), but I've never been a fan of these recap OAV's for any series. They can only touch the highlights, and for a 96-episode series to be compressed to 90-minutes, it just doesn't do it justice. However, it did make me want to see the entire series again so I could re-experience the incredible highs, the painful lows, and the fun in the middle that made "Maison Ikkoku" such a great series.

Bottom line: not something you need to see, but I'm sure MI fans will want to. If you haven't seen the series, it will give you some highlights and may make you want to see the TV series for yourself.

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