Animation Runner Kuromi

Title:Animation Runner Kuromi
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Notables: DAICHI Akitaro
R1 License - Central Park Media(Defunct)
A young woman's dreams of working in the anime industry come true, but they are not what she expected.

[see also: Animation Runner Kuromi (2006)]
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Watch 7 6 6 5 6 Ggultra2764 [series:671#1552]
This quick 40-minute watch is a comedic parody of the challenges one goes through in completing production of a TV anime episode. On the plus side, the anime is a decent look into the making of an anime with the complications that come about with managing the animators of a studio with their various faults, going through different stages of animation to fine-tune the quality of animated frames and trying to meet deadlines for production. However the title's main element of manic comedy from Kuromi's efforts of having to round up the artists didn't get me laughing which limits any chance that I would want to watch this again or pick up its later sequel, Animation Runner Kuromi 2. Not to mention since it's only a 40 minute OAV, there's little time for character depth as the only prominent element revealed was how Kuromi became inspired to work for an animation studio and learning the ropes of managing the studio's eccentric artists. This is a decent quick watch if you want to see an anime actually look into the animation process. But unless you also dig the comedy of Animation Runner Kuromi, you'll very likely not be coming back to watch it more than once.

Last updated Saturday, March 31 2012. Created Saturday, March 31 2012.
Rent Forbin [series:671#1573]
Drama : Med
Comedy : High
Action : None
Scifi : None
Ecchi : None
I 100% agree with Stretch with his review. This is a PERFECT mix between Real Life and Comedy. Kuromi looks like she just left Kaleido Star and jumped into the Real World. I was reminded of Comic Party and one of the Last Episodes of Excel Saga. I learned a TON of info on how Animation works. Too bad this is only 40 Minutes. It's worth a Buy but one episode means this will stay forever in RENT.

Last updated Monday, January 17 2005. Created Monday, January 17 2005.
Rent Stretch [series:671#628]
I've been watching a lot of Kodomo no Omocha lately, and at times Kuromi's character design seemed to have an uncanny simularity to that of Sana. I know I'm not just imagining a link between the two shows, because Kuromi features an SD octopus substituting for Babbit as the narator! I also knew I'd seen the director, Hamako, somewhere before--now I remember, she's also the delinquent girl from Ping Pong Club!--I swear, I'm not just making this up. I hear that other than Otaku no Video, this is pretty much the only anime about anime itself. I noticed how few of our keywords seemed to apply to Kuromi--no significant "action", or magic, fantasy or romance (no fanservice either--when was the last time I watched a show without that?). To be honest, I thought the jokes were pretty average--funny, yes, but not "hilarious" (then again, keep in mind that I suffer from a severely stunted sense of humor). as I watched, I wondered why this was seeming to take so long, because I was expecting at least two 23-odd minute episodes--in fact there are only 35 minutes altogether. DVD extras were plentiful; I especially liked "The Animation Process", except that the background music was recorded at such a volume that I could barely understand what was being said. This music was the OP theme, which seemed to be played in the background of every extra and menu--Aargh! Nevertheless, I enjoyed Kuromi and have already watched it twice.
Unfortunately, Kuromi is far too expensive for the average person to buy. I think the price is $25 for a mere 35 minutes of anime (not counting the extras, of course). At one time I calculated that I could only afford ten cents per minute, so this one is completely beyond my reach. Thus my rating of a "rent". I hope to likewise rent the sequel, Animation Runner Kuromi 2".

Last updated Monday, February 04 2008. Created Monday, December 06 2004.
Watch 7 8 7 9 10 10 Jer Alford [series:671#614]
From the makers of Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl and Fruits Basket comes this hysterical one-shot. Kuromi is a young hopeful just starting at the Studio Petite animation company. But she is given the title of production manager after her predacessor has an ulcer attack. Now, the latest episode of their new show "Time Journeys" is almost due and they only have a few days to get it done. Kuromi runs back and forth from the studio to the other artists houses to get the cuts for each scene. After trying an exhausted amount of times, Kuromi nearly gives up. But her love of a prettyboy version of Lupin III carries her on. Managing to get all the artists to work in the studio, she gets the episode completed on time. This was a really funny OVA showing a comedic look at how anime is really made. The dub is pretty good too. If you really like this type of spastic comedy, then I'd suggest buying it, otherwise just rent it.

Last updated Friday, October 10 2003. Created Friday, October 10 2003.

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