Nanaka 6/17

Title:Nanaka 6/17
Nanaka 6-17
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Notables: Animation - JC Staff
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
While Nanaka and Nenji always walk together to high school, one would never know that they were childhood friends. The studious and reserved Nanaka is always picking on Nenji for getting into fights, behaving like a Juvenile delinquent and never taking school seriously. On one rainy afternoon, she happened to push him to far. Nenji barked back, saying some stupid and angry words, and then stomped away. Nenji got worried, and when he found Nanaka, she had fallen down a flight of stairs and had lost consciousness. And when she awoke again in the hospital, she had lost her memory and introduced herself as Nanaka, a cheerful six-year-old, full of laughter and completely entranced by the (now-ten-year-old) anime series “Magical Girl Domiko”. Suddenly Nenji finds himself having to being an older guardian to his childhood friend and remembering just how much fun they had together when they were kids, but how can he help Nanaka return to normal?

While Nenji might have a rough reputation as a fighter and poor student, he has always been willing to help and protect others. Amemiya Yuriko still remembers meeting him in kindergarden, how he was a playground prince and helped her. And when she found his name posted at her new high school, she almost jumped with joy at being able to be with him again.

12 TV episodes (released in 2003)
Produced by GENCO and J.C.STAFF
R1 By ADV on 3 Disks

Note : The R1 Features a bonus episode set during the series where Nenji takes Yuriko out to the movies.

2:02min Series Teaser (English) - YouTube Video
Episode Details 
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Rent 6 6 7 7 7 7 Ggultra2764 [series:487#1552]
Nanaka 6/17 came across as a bit of a mixed bag for me, but not in a bad way. It is a decent coming-of-age series exploring the developments concerning Nenji and Nanaka as Nanaka's amnesia serves to make their characters realize their inner flaws: Nenji with his delinquency and Nanaka with her selfishness. The series does flesh out enough with the two for you to connect with the two characters in regards to their personal thoughts of what they believe involve having to be a proper adult and having their flaws. What does have me keep from wanting to give the series a Buy is that I did find the series to be quite hit-or-miss with its comedic delivery. While the magical girl anime 6-year old Nanaka is hooked on serves to contribute to the developments concerning her older self, it's a wee bit too overexposed for the show's comedic moments. Same goes for the moments where Jinpachi is getting regularly walloped by her bokken-wielding sister, Satsuki. The comedy does work in a few moments of innocent innuendo involving the naivete of Nanaka's 6-year old personality and a ridiculously funny episode where Nenji is sick. It's not perfect, but Nanaka 6/17 is a decent light-hearted and somewhat bittersweet comedy-drama looking into Nenji and Nanaka understanding what they believe it means to be growing up.

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Buy Forbin [series:487#1573]
Analysis : (All R1 Episodes Watched)
  • Drama : Med
  • Comedy : High
  • Action : Low
  • SciFi : None
  • Ecchi : None
At first I was thinking this is good for my daughter. Now that I've watched it, it's good for my now OLDER daughter. It's about childhood friends and the bonds between them. Using roughly the same cast as Full Metal Panic (Featuring Chris Patton as Nenji). But Monica Rial really shines as Nanaka and she even features 3 different voices for her (No Spoilers).

And of course it's from JC Staff, with all the things that come with that company. (Except Low Ecchi...not even a panty shot).

What I liked about it:
  • Monical Rial - enough Said
  • How the story plays out. I was thinking it was a simple plot and it's much more complicated.
  • Magical Domiko. Actually a very important part of the plot that you don't realize until the very end.
What I hated about it:
  • The guy who likes Nanaka and his sister. They appear in every episode but in only 1 do they have any kind of interaction with Nanaka. In fact it appears to be a JC Staff tradition of reusing animation.
  • ADV Song Subs - Of all the things to mess up. They say the song is 'Magical Domical'. The main girl's name is Miko and the Magical girl is Do-Miko (In the typical MG tradition). How could they mess that up?
For ANB:As a bit of a treat. Nanaki 6 addresses Nenji as Nenji-Chan and almost everyone is called Miss LastName or Mr LastName. This actually makes the Nenji-Chan even more important of a distinction.

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Buy Jan-Chan [series:487#967]
Well - I am upgrading this to a BUY because I just bought the ADV boxed set for $26. (Shameless plug for This series is something that I would like to have in my lending library.

This is a very cute teen-girl romance story in which a little six-year-old girl takes her best-friends’s words “to grow up quickly” too seriously and becomes a somber, reserved and studious high school student. (Her classmates consider her to be snooty, unfriendly and aloof.) While her feelings for Nenji have not changed, they somehow lost their special childhood friendship over the years. The stupid and angry words that Nenji spoke where just too much for Nanaka, and when she awoke up in the hospital, a six-year-old Nanaka wondered why her six-year-old playmate, Nenji, had magically transformed into an older seventeen-year-old high school student. But of course! Nenji's transformation could only have happened with magic from the wand of the Magical Girl Domiko!!

While life is a just a fun game for a six-year-old, Nenji finds himself having to protect his childhood friend, while hiding her condition from the other students at their high school. One of their classmates, Ameniya is excited at being in the same class as Nenji, but she is very troubled at just much attention 'her' Nenji is giving to this strange girl and just how clingy the girl is on him.

This is a fun series if you are a teen-girl or if you are into high school romance stories with a lot of comedy and a serious magic girl twist. If not, then one should consider this series to be a <watch>.

I have posted some snaps of the first episode, if you are interested in seeing a bit of the anime style of this series...

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