FLCL: Grunge

Title:FLCL: Grunge
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While the adults have no hope for tomorrow, the youth accept the decline and poverty of the city as an ordinary part of their reality until Haruko throws the city into chaos.
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3-episode TV mini-series that premiered on September 9, 2023.
Animated by MontBlanc Pictures.
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Watch 7 6 7 7 4 4 Ggultra2764 [series:4742#1552]
(Watch-/ Avoid+)

While it looked like this recent installment of the franchise was attempting to go for something different with it storytelling with three separate episodes focused on the perspectives of three separate characters and Haruko being the link that connects all of them, the story is unfortunately a bit too busy as it seemingly rehashes elements of the story in prior installments of FLCL lacking the depth of the prior three installments and also doesn't have the time to dabble too heavily into the seemingly apocalyptic scenario befalling Earth with Medical Mechanica making a return. Not to mention that the attempt at CG animation looks as rough and unpolished as you'd find with many recent anime TV titles that make attempts to fully implement it for the animation of their titles. In short, easily the worst installment of the franchise I've seen up to this point.

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