Shangri-La Frontier

Title:Shangri-La Frontier
Shangri-La Frontier Kusoge Hunter, Kamige ni Idoman to su
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Notables: Animation - C2C
WAKI Azumi
Rakuro Hizutome has a strange fascination with poor quality, bug-ridden video games known as 'trash games'. He has even come to be known as 'The Trash Game Hunter'. Mana Iwamaki, owner of the game shop that Rakuro frequents, suggests he try a non-trash game for once. She suggests 'Shangri-La Frontier', a highly popular, fully immersive VR game. Rakuro gives the game a chance and is astonished at what is possible in cutting edge games nowadays. Meanwhile, Rei Saiga, a classmate who has a secret crush on Rakuro, hopes to get closer to him by playing the game as well.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4731#628]
(Three episodes watched):

Some shows just feel like fun, even if you can't explain exactly why. I soon sensed that this show was going somewhere, but for once I had little idea where. I just knew I was enjoying it. I was grinning as I watched Rakuro perform his set-up of his character 'Sunraku' (he uses the same name in every game he plays). Even him figuring out how this game works and how to best play it was fun. He chooses a ridiculous looking getup with a bird mask to hide his identity. Also fun were his fights with a goblin and a murderous 'Vorpal Rabbit'. Will he identify faults within even this much beloved game? Otherwise, why go into such detail of his experiences with trash games? What will Rei try to do within the game? Why are we informed of 'genius programmer' Tsukuyo Tsukuri, the founder of Utopia Entertainment Software, the maker of SLF? This is looking like fun. It was the sort of show for which I was anxious to download any additional episodes that were available ASAP.

In episode two Rakuro mainly just plays the game and steadily advances, despite getting temporarily killed. Rei is looking for him but he is moving so rapidly that she has fallen far behind. And there is a scene of a supercomputer running at some dark facility, which suggests that some sort of 'bug' will emerge even in this highly acclaimed game. Fun, but not as much as episode one, I thought. Still, I noticed during episode three that although we are basically watching someone else play a game, the story is fun and entertaining as Sunraku talks himself through the game. He encounters a 'unique monster', a one-of-a-kind beast and while he's unable to defeat it he finds the experience exhilarating and vows that someday he will. He finds that the creature has put curse of some sort on him which will handicap him in the future--it reminds him of the infuriating bugs in trash games. Then he encounters a strange alternate world of (vorpal?) rabbits, most of whom are as cute as Easter Bunnies but their leader is definitely not.

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