Dragon Half

Title:Dragon Half
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Notables: AONO Takeshi
INOUE Kikuko
KOUDA Mariko
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
A dragon-half girl (she's half-dragon, that is) named Mink seeks to become human and love her hero, Dick Saucer! - ehhh, who happens to be a dragon-slayer. Meanwhile she comes into opposition with Saucer's other fan, a ... slime-half??

2 Episode OVA (released in 1993)
Produced by Victor Entertainment
Licensed by ADV Films UK (??)
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Watch 6 5 6 7 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:46#1552]
Dragon Half mostly gets by on its manic comedy that appeared to be a parody of sorts of fantasy-adventure anime titles that started picking up in popularity during the early 1990s. The anime's fast pace results in the OVA's humor to go by at a breakneck rate mixing standard and super-deformed animation, which isn't typically my cup of tea with the style of comedy it employs. I suppose your mileage may vary with how well you warm up to the comedy of Dragon Half.

Last updated Friday, September 14 2018. Created Friday, September 14 2018.
Buy chibi [series:46#2380]
More of a kid's show, but very funny and fun to watch. Only two episodes? Darn! This is better than a lot of full-season shows I've seen. The ending theme is a crack-up -- wish I knew what the hell she was saying.

Last updated Saturday, March 24 2007. Created Saturday, March 24 2007.
Rent Forbin [series:46#1573]
Drama : Low
Comedy : Med
Action : Med
SciFi : Med
Ecchi : Low (Except for the end)

Heh too bad this is 2 episodes of a TV series that ran out of money. (It can't be an OVA, it's not complete).

Very funny little story about a Dragon girl searching the magical potion to turn her into a real girl. A little too much SD, but it doesn't detract from the show. It some cases it enhances it.

Of course I wonder the biggest question, if her mom can transform, what can't MINK?

It's a little gem with a very hentai looking cover.

Last updated Tuesday, April 26 2005. Created Tuesday, April 26 2005.
Buy Stretch [series:46#628]
I had seen the "also available" trailers for Dragon Half a number of times, but the obvious abundance of SD kept me from believing it could really be a high quality comedy production. My mistake--it just goes to show that SD isn't neccessarily a cheap substitute for good gags. This show is great! It had me laughing out loud within the first two minutes (and I fear I'm not the sort of person who laughs as easily as the average anime viewer). Though not particularly complicated, the plot was unique--which isn't too surprising when you ask yourself, "how many people could come up with a story as bizarre as this one?". It seldom hurts to be unique, and to have a good supply of truly funny jokes as well. I suppose the humor is kind of hit-or-miss, but this show scores a good number of hits, and they are often bullseyes! I, too, would be happy to pay to see more episodes of this sort of stuff. This must have been one of the earliest anime releases from ADV, since it included trailers for only two others (Cutey Honey and Catgirl Nuku Nuku).

My favorite line: "I'm going home" --Damaramu


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Watch 5 5 5 5 5 Tom [series:46#1086]
The only reason you'd watch this is for the super deformed which permeates this title (SD is the huge head and short legs and arms w/ no hands look you see in anime for childern). The story is Mink is a half dragon with a great rack (did I just write she has a great rack? She does, just to let you know) that wants to see her idol Dick Saucer in concert, but Saucer is a dragon slayer. So Mink needs to become human, but since there are only 2 OAVs you never see it. The best part is when they can't afford to buy plane tickets (even though Mink CAN fly), and her friend Lufia tries to pimp her out to earn some money
I only watched this because I think Minks hot, but even that couldn't make me stand it for long, thankfully it's so damn short!
Oh, this is the animated adatption of the manga, which sounds much funnier (though I refuse to read it since it ends with Mink marrying Saucer, and I think my little sister could take that sissy in fist fight).

Last updated Monday, December 01 2003. Created Monday, December 01 2003.
Rent 7 7 7 7 4 Midnighter [series:46#94]
Dragon Half was pretty good. I didn't find it to be the "funniest anime ever" as the cover blurb claims, but it was an amusing time passer.
No doubt more appealing to fantasy nerds than casual viewers, Dragon Half spoofs many pop culture mainstays with a very Japanese humor. There are moments of laugh-out-loud zaniness that are so unexpected it'll make the audiences' jaws drop. However, Dragon Half suffers from what most comedies do: the dreaded Trying Too Hard Syndrome. So many of the gags seem forced that roughly half the time groans are produced rather than chuckles. Comedy is very touchy, and unlike Excel Saga that has jokes fired in such continuous succession that we hardly have time to notice when one misfires, Dragon Half is a tad bit too hit and miss.
Not to say it was not hilarious. This anime is very, very funny. New fans can enjoy the sheer off the wall humor, while experienced anime fans can appreciate the sly pokes at fantasy anime that came before. The manic, screeching voice performances enhance the experience (although Dragon Half features an unwatchable English dub, so stick with the origional Japanese).
The character designs were pretty good, but half of the time the characters are super-deformed or chibi or whatever, which I found to be irritating. The backgrounds are nicely painted, but the animation looks a bit dated, unfortunately.
The story is basically just a vehicle for the gags, so isn't all that important, and as such is below average. Overall, I recommend seeing Dragon Half, though I'm hesitant about advising a buy. If you really like fantasy or screwball comedy, rent it and decide for yourself if it is worth buying. Oh, and be sure to catch the ending song. Lyrics about Cooking food to classical music. No, really.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21 2003. Created Tuesday, January 21 2003.
Rent 8 8 Kaitou Juliet [series:46#137]

Hoo boy. This is a delightfully loopy short OAV. I see now why it prompts people to wonder what the creators had been smoking when they wrote it. The storyline is really nothing that special, but it gets an extra couple of points for being told in such a zany way. Although the story wasn't finished, it stops at a good stopping point as Mink overcomes one of the big hurdles on her journey. She's a surprisingly sweet character and you can't help but cheer her on her quest. And be sure not to miss the ending song!

The only thing that keeps me from giving this a "buy" is that I'm not sure how re-viewable it is. But it's definitely worth going out of your way to track it down.

Last updated Wednesday, August 07 2002. Created Wednesday, August 07 2002.
Buy 8 8 9 8 9 o [series:46#15]
This is hilarious. It's such a shame there are only 2 episodes and it was never finished, but despite the hanging end, the comedy is so sincere that it really doesn't matter. There is some sexual comedy, though overall this is just... so funny! (Sub, get sub)

Last updated Tuesday, June 05 2001. Created Tuesday, June 05 2001.

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