Yume kara, Samenai

Title:Yume kara, Samenai
Can't Stop Dreaming
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Notables: Animation - Shaft
Student Takao is inexorably drawn toward Sao despite class rumors that she has appeared in a porno movie.
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37-minute OVA released on February 26, 1987.
Animated by Shaft.
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Do kind of admit this OVA surprised me largely due to the fact Shaft was involved with it, as I don't remember them being involved in anime productions until the 2000s when they started taking off with their unique animation and storytelling style with titles like ef - a tale of memories and Bakemonogatari. Then upon doing research, realized the late 1980s were the time Shaft were attempting to do their own anime productions instead of taking contract work to animate for other studios.

As far as this series goes, it's your typical cookie-cutter romance with our reserved male lead taking interest in a girl in her class rumored to be involved in porn production. The story development's pretty predictable as far as the outcome goes and relevant characters don't have much to show in terms of personality and depth. As for Sao's angle to this, I wouldn't worry too much content-wise as this OVA was largely pretty tasteful as far as content goes. Still, I would say this was more an interesting piece of history for Shaft's time as an animation studio since many likely aren't aware Shaft goes this far back as a studio. But as far as this OVA goes, it doesn't have much to offer up that would make it rewatchable.

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