Futoku no Guild

Title:Futoku no Guild
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After two years as a Hunter and a Guard who protects the people of a city from the monsters that lurk outside, Kikuru 'Key' Madan has had enough. He trained incessantly as a teenager and wants to enjoy his youth a little before it is gone. But he does feel a vague obligation to train at least one competent fighter to replace himself before leaving. But that will not be easy, given the laughably inexperienced newcomers (all girls) that his Guild offers him as candidates.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4573#628]
(Two episodes watched):

When I noticed that I'd be watching the 'Uncensored' version of this show, I drew the conclusion that it would likely be some sort of isekai pornography, perhaps the successor to Isekai Meikyuu- last season. But, while there are plently of boobs and crotches, it wasn't really all that sordid. Key is a respectable guy who doesn't lust after his apprentices, he just wants to train them as quickly as possible and then go and enroll in college (though of course one of his girls concludes that he is a shameless pervert, because, you know, one always does). There is no sign of any sort of human fornication, instead weird monsters grope these girls--one is molested by a slime in episode one. As such, I felt that even the keyword 'Ecchi' was unwarranted here. In fact, for a show which I had expected to be pretty sleazy, surprisingly few thoughts came to mind; I didn't like it but wasn't really offended by it either. The jokes were very weak and obviously the fanservice was what was supposed to attract viewers. Due to a distinct shortage of fresh, good anime this season I later watched episode two as well. Two more girls join Key's party, but as before each has a distinct flaw which renders her near useless. One is just plain lazy while the other behaves as if she were drunk when fighting most fiercely. It's sort of disturbing that each girl is seriously flawed while Key has no major faults. Anyway, about the greatest compliment I can pay this show is that it isn't a complete waste of effort.

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