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Futoku no Guild
Unevaluated After two years as a Hunter and a Guard who protects the people of a city from the monsters that lurk outside, Kikuru 'Key' Madan has had enough. He trained incessantly as a teenager and wants to enjoy his youth a little before it is gone. But he does feel a vague obligation to train at least one competent fighter to replace himself before leaving. But that will not be easy, given the laughably inexperienced newcomers (all girls) that his Guild offers him as candidates.

Healer Girl
Unevaluated It turns out that songs can cure illnesses and injuries, and people who employ this new form of medicine (which now rivals both the Western and Eastern forms of it) are known as 'Healers'. Kana Fujii is an apprentice Healer, along with her friends Reimi and Hibiki, and together they hone their skills.
ヒーラー・ガール Unevaluated See Healer Girl
不徳のギルド Unevaluated See Futoku no Guild

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