CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan

Title:CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan
Clamp Campus Detective
CLAMP School Detectives
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Notables: Music - Ali Project
Original Concept - CLAMP
R1 License - Bandai (Defunct)
The CLAMP school is the size of a small city, and offers its students a first class education from kindergarten to college. Nokoru Imonoyama, the restless and brilliant Student Council President of the Elementary School Division is quick to drag Souh, his treasurer and Akira, his secretary into his private hobby of running a detective service willing to provide assistance to any damsel in distress. With the extensive resources of the school at their disposal, they are willing to take on any mystery or crime, great or small.

26 episodes, aired on Japanese TV in 1997.
Produced by Studio Pierrot.
Licensed for R1 by (VHS only)
Relicensed by Bandai (DVD subtitled only)

1:35min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Watch 6 6 7 6 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:45#1552]
CLAMP School Detectives would be a good series for children to see if you are a parent of any. The series is an episodic mystery series focused around Nokoru and his two friends solving various mysteries for any female client seeking their help. The boys are extraordinarily talented in some way with Nokoru being a genius, Suoh being a ninja/ martial arts expert and Akira being a professional thief. Some episodes feature focus on the three boys and their two occasional kindergarten assistants, Nagisa and Utako. As one would expect from CLAMP works, you can expect adorable-looking character designs of many of the various characters seen throughout this series and the group's typical age-gap relationships being teased in the form of Suoh/ Nagisa and Akira/ Utako. The series is mostly light-hearted up until the later episodes when the plot gets more serious and threatening for the trio of boys when dealing with an expert hacker hijacking any computer-controlled devices on the school campus in a quest of revenge. Beyond children, I don't see much from CLAMP School Detectives that would appeal to older anime fans unless they're diehard fans of all things CLAMP.

Last updated Monday, November 28 2011. Created Monday, November 28 2011.
Watch Jan-Chan [series:45#967]
This is definitely an early CLAMP story with a bunch of very cute (bishonen) and very capable Elementary school students out to help others by solving mysteries. Their ‘girl friends’ are the executive committee of the kindergarten division, which makes everything even more kawaii.

But this series is something for all ages.

Last updated Sunday, July 05 2009. Created Monday, May 30 2005.

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