Deatte 5-byou de Battle

Title:Deatte 5-byou de Battle
Battle Game in 5 Seconds
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Akira Shiroyanagi is a habitual video gamer who uses the games to escape from his frustrating reality. As such, he's seen as a 'total weirdo' by some of his classmates (though his grades are actually quite good). He'd like a game that he can truly become 'immersed' in. What he definitely wasn't expecting and didn't want was to be drafted to take part in an 'ability focus group' which apparently uses people who have been wiped from public records to test bizarre fighting skills. Akira's philosophy that life itself as a sort of a game, and that with sufficient planning and preparation any game can be beaten, will now be put to the ultimate test.

12 episodes.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4350#628]
(One episode watched):

After Akira is assaulted by a muscle man dressed as a mummy, I was sure that the whole experience would turn out to be either a joke or a dream. It was so outlandish, it came so out of left field, that I couldn't take it seriously. But no, it is supposed to be perfectly real. It quickly became clear that this show would have a pretty generic premise: the old 'protagonist is forced to take part in deadly fighting competitions against outlandish opponents' one, much like, say, Darwin's Game. Each fighter has a odd and unique ability; Akira's is that whatever ability his opponent thinks he has becomes real. As of the end of episode one no explanation is offered regarding who's behind this, how supernatural things have become possible, why there's a need for such a 'focus group', what the exact status of the players is, if a person can leave this game alive, why the magician Mion has a cat-like tail, or anything else. It looks like this show will be all about the fighting. This show never really excited me or left me eager to learn more, but Akira's ability is sort of interesting and I thought about watching episode two to see if the show gets any better. But ultimately I didn't.

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