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Title Rating Synopsis
A Couple of Cuckoos Unevaluated See Kakkou no Iinazuke
Battle Game in 5 Seconds Unevaluated See Deatte 5-byou de Battle

Cross Game
Buy The story revolves around Koh Kitamura, a grade-school boy whose family runs the Kitamura Sports store. He gets to know the four daughters of the family who runs the nearby Tsukishima Batting Center, thanks to the store's business and his own batting practice at the center. Aside from playful bantering between Koh and the Tsukishima daughters, all is peaceful in their lives until a tragedy strikes their world. Four years later, Koh continues his baseball training, despite not playing a single game since the tragedy. The manga follows Koh's gradual full return to the sport he loves, and his coming-of-age surrounded by the Tsukishima daughters and their other friends.

Deatte 5-byou de Battle
Unevaluated Akira Shiroyanagi is a habitual video gamer who uses the games to escape from his frustrating reality. As such, he's seen as a 'total weirdo' by some of his classmates (though his grades are actually quite good). He'd like a game that he can truly become 'immersed' in. What he definitely wasn't expecting and didn't want was to be drafted to take part in an 'ability focus group' which apparently uses people who have been wiped from public records to test bizarre fighting skills. Akira's philosophy that life itself is a sort of a game, and that with sufficient planning and preparation any game can be beaten, will now be put to the ultimate test.
Initial D - Stage 5 Unevaluated See Initial D Fifth Stage

Initial D Fifth Stage
Unevaluated And Takumi's street racing story continues.... Having bested all of the street teams in the Gunma area, the Project D team heads off to the Tokyo area to challenge the local teams on their own turf. And Takumi chances to meet a cute young golfer, who seems to take a fancy for him.

Kakkou no Iinazuke
Unevaluated 16 years ago, two newborn infants were accidentally switched in a hospital. Now, the biological parents of Erika Amano and Nagi Umino have been identified and they are about to meet them for the first time. But they find that their two sets of parents have come up with a convenient solution to the problem: if the two would just marry each other, everything would be fine.

Kawaisugi Crisis
Unevaluated The research spaceship Thrale of the Asatoth Empire has arrived at planet Earth, and head researcher Liza Luna is not impressed. It seems like a 'glorified dump' to her, and might as well be obliterated. But a fellow crewmember convinces her to take a closer look. While posing as a human, Liza makes a remarkable discovery: this planet in fact has 'the most spectacular organisms' she has ever seen: cats and dogs.

Major 4th Season
Rent After the final game of his Seishuu team against the goal he set himself, Kaidou - the team he left to play against, Gorou has no feelings of remorse anymore. Again he decides to take a step forward and challenge himself.

Major 5th Season
Rent Goro returns home just in time to find out that Japan will be participating in the Baseball World Cup to be held in the US. It so happens that his stepfather is also a member of the coaching staff for the national team. Confident in the abilities he gained in the minor league, Goro hopes to weasel himself into the team ...

Major 6th Season
Unevaluated Yet another season of the wonderboy pitcher GORO and his quest to become the best pitcher in Japan. The 6th season will start airing in March 2010.

Okashi na Tensei
Unevaluated After being killed in a bizarre accident, a patissier who had seemed on track to be the world's best finds himself reincarnated as Pastry Mille Morteln, the son of a minor nobleman in an alternate world. While his father, Casserole (!) hopes Pastry will be a strong leader who will turn Morteln into a rich land with a large army, Pastry only wants to create 'a land full of all the sweets you can eat'.
Sweet Reincarnation Unevaluated See Okashi na Tensei
Taisho Otome Fairy Tale Watch See Taisho Otome Otogi Banashi

Taisho Otome Otogi Banashi
Watch A century ago, Tamahiko Shima lost his mother and the use of his right hand in an auto accident. His heartless father cannot tolerate a less than perfect heir and disowns him. Tamahiko is banished to a remote family villa where he lives alone and sinks into depression and pessimism. Then, one day, Yuzuki Tachibana shows up. She is the daughter of a man who cannot pay off a debt to Tamahiko's father, and a deal has been struck that Yuzuki will marry Tamahiko instead.
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